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I know you have a life
And i'll always respect your choices
But let me be
Let me be miserable in your absence,
Let me find happiness in your smile,
Let me drown in your thoughts,
Let me wait for the impossible.
So when the time comes to let you go,
I can say "i tried".
Just let me try to live with less regrets
What I feel for you is akin to how the floorboards hug the wall at the corner of the ballroom.
Smothered in gleaming tile, I lie beneath, fighting to breathe at the very seams, so close to you.
I am worn, and old, and my nails are ripped to shreds as I claw my way through the throng of porcelain pink people to you.
The touch of me against the very smallest part of you is enough for me to fall still and gaze not at the dancers in their gowns but the unassuming dark corner towards which I endlessly reach.
Xyns Oct 2017
Ugly and disappointing colors are what they're revealing
It's a challenge not to fall victim to the deceptive deceiving
This world in which all are tirelessly scheming

Corrupt messages intended to disillusion our modes of sensory
The laws of this dishonesty are rarely discriminant
The unlimited reach of the effects are constantly consistent
Putting current views and outlooks in legitimate jeopardy

Originality is one thing they've made a hobby of stealing
Dark, ***** secrets require intelligent attempts at concealing
This society in which all are tirelessly scheming

Naivity is an automatic assumption of all that is innocent
You can witness their successes expending minimal energy
The fraud is hazardous; failure is certainly imminent
One would desire that outcome sooner than later, as it leaves recipients feeling elderly
With any form of luck, more will come to share this sentiment

Endless efforts put toward developing façades generally appealing
Aiming to have candor and valor on the knees, kneeling
This reality in which all are tirelessly scheming

Sturdy quilts to shield clarity are woven most expertly
Time being tested passed slowly- increment by minute increment
Blueprints to fool the majority will be, expectedly, intricate
What was the original reality has been altered into a distant, doubted memory

Any and all accomplished legitimitacy sends them all reeling
There's always a "crisis" with which we should be dealing
*Our universe in which all are tirelessly scheming
Emily Von Shultz Dec 2011
Years have been passing by, my darling...

You are still the first thing that enters my mind when I wake up,
and it gives me a glimmer of hope
every time I hear my telephone ring,
even though I told you to never call again.

You dared to send me an apology letter and I considered setting it on fire because it made me think about you much more than I should have.
When I said “Forever,”
I meant it.*

Our last encounter has lingered in my mind like an ocean wave crashing onto the shore,
grasping for land in one last fleeting attempt to not be swept away with the rest of the tide.

Our love may have died,
but my memories of you and I are indefatigable.
"Indefatigable" means to persist tirelessly. It was the word he used to describe his feelings for me, but I should have known better.

— The End —