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Tell me now
I’m broken
Please explain
The unspoken
In your arms
I’m hoping

To die in vain
Yours I remain

Doors to your heart
Left open
All those harsh words
Softly spoken
I’m drowning now
Slowly choking

To die in vain
Yours I remain
Mark Toney Nov 2019
Puberty arrives
With it's accompanying drives
Plus the scourge of teenage acne.
Most remedies would fail
Nothing ever worked well
While my face continued to attack me.

Father scoffed "Son I implore
If you scrub your face more
Then your acne will soon disappear."
Scrubbed as hard as I could
But it still did no good
Further proof that my case was severe.

Unsightly, painful and embarrassing...
By adulthood it stopped its harassing.
6/17/2019 - Poetry form: Rhyme - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Daisy Thompson Apr 2018
I’ve been thinking of all the methodical remedies
Blank spaces
What’s left of my memories
Drugs in my head and I swear some are a mystery
I can’t feel my face maybe it’s all the ketamine
Ameer Mikhail Nov 2017
Am I just chasing the clouds?
Or shall it be like Napoleon's love,
Tried everything I did,
Unsure I am due to my confidence,
Still she refuses to take me in.

I'm changing faces everyday,
Lucky I am for not being Picasso,
As he would have spread tantalizing colours for his love,
Moving on I'm unsure,
Hoping on I'm starting to lose it,
Destined to be doomed and deserted,
I still can't seem to comprehend.

Life's a wheel,
Only mine's stopped rolling,
Once it was at the bottom.
I feel you.
inggo Jun 2015
Treasure every happy details
Forget all the bad memories
Stand up from all of your fails
Stay focused on the remedies
Invocation Apr 2014
I wish I was in Connecticut
I want to hold something close
and feel


for once i feel stable in my life
but these bricks shoes are entirely too heavy
I don't mind the feeling
of floating
the breeze may batter and abuse me
but someday my seed will root
maybe Connecticut
is fertile

We laugh and sleep and zone into our screens
someday we will do this again
my perspective can change
I'll look over your shoulder
you can kiss mine
I'll stop reading you memes you can't see

Your height is a number
I want you to surpass my idea of you

Can we get married yet?
I want to show you all the things I create
Let's create something small and full of
our eyes
our hearts
our bodies
we can blend
i really need some quality time with my pizza and pillow

— The End —