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Megan Oct 14
Witness wont you, pray for me
After seeing what I have seen
Dark shadows live among us
I prayed for them to be free

His words were something like “Pray for me”
But these, he did not say
“Get God on the phone!”
I begged inside my brain
But divinity, never received my calling
It was a lesson, i had to earn.

So now i say “Pray for me”
I pray, I pray, I pray for me
Written about my emotional struggle, after a past trauma.
Megan Oct 5
In a splash of sunlight through window panes,
we watch in grace together
Bright green eyes, light up my mind
I wish to gaze upon them

I watch her walk around me
Everything, she appreciates
I admire her world of wisdom
Teaching me to have space
Written about Aggi, a beautiful angel of a cat. Teaching me every day to appreciate what I've got.
Megan Sep 30
Hidden in the center
Whole black flies
Their trembles linger
Until I cry
Megan Sep 25
Poisoned eyes, mesmerized
By broken lies
Capitalized, magnified
In order to poison, eyes
We compromise, all this time
Repeating broken lies
Capitalized, magnified
In order to poison, eyes
Inspired by Guns 'n' Roses song called 'Civil War'
"History hides the lies of our civil wars"
Megan Sep 22
Breathe me out slowly  
In your silhouette, I fall
Like your disciple
I’m not me at all
Words pull the trigger
To them, I’ll surrender
Begging for my mercy
Watch me at my feet
Surrendering to my ego
Megan Sep 22
Many moments pass me
And in a blitz I crave
Masking up the signals
In attempts to never change
But will it always serve me?
Only I'm to blame
Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it?
That, they will keep saying

— The End —