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Megan Oct 2022
We are all serving something
Be it external, emotional
We are all serving time, thus temporary

Eating away at our identity
These garments we call self
They’re nothing but illusory

I am born to serve
I am, Sat chit ananda
And the Lord’s arms is where i reside
For i am anything..
Anything but, temporary
Megan Oct 2022
does it feel like a remedy, living without me?
or a constant reminder that you’re just like me
Megan Oct 2022
i wish i never let you leave me
i wish i talked you into staying
i wish i wasn’t so courteous
i wish i confessed my love like i had planned
instead i held my tongue
i knew you had made that decision
i knew i had done you wrong
i knew i wasn’t deserving of your kindness
i knew i wasn’t strong
Megan Jun 2022
love gives life meaning
without love, who am i?
i saved a space for my heavy heart
but when will this heart lighten?
i’ve become weak
i saved that space in maya
Nature is built on love so do not fear love. Refrain from taking shelter in material love.
Megan Jun 2022
is the decision mine or yours? because i’m unsure
bound by your expectation whilst trying to honour my own, its harder than it sounds
i feel the weight in my bones
what do i do?
what do i do, now
Megan May 2022
something is missing
i can’t quite adapt
it feels as if i’m already dead just trapped loneliness kills but i think i was destined for loneliness
i don’t want you here
for a good time nor long
i want to go home
where home is though, i couldn’t tell you
Megan Mar 2022
I don’t know
Hidden in the darkest ignorance
Lord help me
Chant your holy name
Point me in the right direction
Chant your holy name
Establish a robust connection

I feel your love again
Hare Krsna
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