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Shevek Appleyard Dec 2022
the city is pink
the clouds are close
the sun will sink
pubs will flood
pavement splattered
with tipsy chatter
from ****** clubs
glass shattered
and mornings knackered

the strangers that find me strange
The heave of an alleyway in a drunken sway
drunken wails
pool cues
ques for loos
beer gardens
feeling disheartened

potions creating feeling
to disobey trust
emotions blinded
by unnecessary lust

addictive needs
swift gulps of a remedy
morning bleeds
and my head is the enemy

delaying the night to be over
as i wander slow pace
the thought of being sober
the people and the look of my face

the clouds cry as I stare at the sky
I turn down to the puddles to untangle my troubles
the endless struggle to this puzzle

the sky is grey
I run to the train
panting in dismay
at a city full of pain
in a happiness debt
that the journey might reset

I blink

I missed my train
but the city is in pink
I live to love it
I make myself think
so I head to the bar
and I buy a drink
a rose tinted city at sunset

another old old poem I dug up recently :)
muteD Dec 2020
do you believe in haunted dreams?
not nightmares
but haunted dreams..
because I do.
and that’s because you haunt mine.
every moment of them.

and you haunt my reality.
every waking second is filled with the need to reminisce.
even when I run your scent just seems to follow.
to escape into any type of solitude would grant my unspoken wish.

so I sleep.

but even then my dreams are tinted with
the feeling of nostalgia.
yet it is not from anything I can recall..
to be missing something I never had at all
is a special kind of hell.
you’ve tainted my dreams
as though you’ve put me under a spell.
and it’s weakened me.
leaving me
screaming upon deaf ears
I wonder if my voice will make it out of this fog
you’ve brought.

everything is clouded with
the abyss of you.

you’ve tinted my dreams
in the color
of you.
drugged me and got me hooked.
now if my dreams aren’t tinted with you,
they’re nothing
but bare black walls.
“ That was insane how you ended it 🤯 from start to finish I was intrigued and steady wanting to read more, although the person was expressing themselves, the vivid imagery you presented through your careful choice and placement of words painted a clear motion picture I could truly get lost in, hella deep and very impressive no bap, you snapped...”
- a response to my poem..
Shilpa Harilal Aug 2020
A black dot at a distance, going up and down with the waves
appearing and disappearing, in the dancing rays;

I lie at the seashore, with my darkly tinted glasses on;
shaded by the brightly coloured umbrella above

Basking in the cool shade, and loving the fresh air
I see the black dot; such tininess, against the blue backdrop

Huge ships and jet boats, swoosh the waters;
creating white rush; glamorous, in the mid-afternoon spell

Time ticked off its way to dusk; growing the dot;
giving it body and life; and before I knew more,

Men with galloping energy, stood there at the shore;
Their muscle flexed and zeal pulsated through the air

I searched for the disappearing dot through my tinted eyes;
emptiness of the sea, stared back, from the dusking sky

As the crowd swallowed me to follow the thrilled voices,
of the rugged men of the sea, standing tall, on their fishing boat

I stood there; a disappearing dot in the crowd;
discerning more than my tinted eyes could see.
'Everybody is genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid' - Albert Einstein
The grey tint of the world washes away to a vibrant, sharp, colorful mess.

I have only now begun to realize there's been a change in the way I've seen for years.

The love I've kept hidden somewhere inside of me has poured from my heart and colored in the grey.

The blues, greens, and yellows all contrast more than they use to.

They had all been tugged down by baggage I've been trying so hard to unpack.

Now that I have seen the beauty,
I'm not sure I ever want to pack my bags again.
Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2019
I do not know how to live without you
Can't breathe since you left it's true
Everything tinted a sad shade of blue
How do I go on when I'm broken in two?
You keep pushing through
No matter what you say or do
Dust yourself off and start over new
Don't give up until you are whole again too
English Jam Jun 2018
The air is perfumed with fresh rosemary's
And the wild springs with lush berries
Their presence colours the nursery with a sweet loom
It bleeds into the forecast for tomorrow's gloom
Nostalgia hits hard, heartbreaking and eerie
For a day when I wasn't paranoid and weary
Well, I'll be down by the Brighton pier
Watching birds float past in lonely fear
I'd love to turn away

The pristine sun shines like Hades
The outside scent is yellow, maybe
Little daises laugh in the foreground
Gardens sow a loving sound
Once I could see hope in the trees
And the love that whispered on the breeze
Now the trees foreshadow longing
And the gale howls with wronging
I'd love to turn away

The intimacy in my yellow tinted flowers seems to have faded
And the soft orchards have been invaded
My words burnt in a smouldering pile of dust
And steaming with the heat of my lust
I told a crowd I had something to say
But the people turned away
mint Feb 2018
the world doesn’t feel the same anymore
these past few years the air has slowly been tinted black
thickening, viscous and sour around our bones
breaking the ones below and leaving some of us to watch helpless
waiting for the air to rise
although somehow
coming from above
bullets shot in the dark didn’t make much sound
until finally youthful
tear stained faces
pulled the bullets up into clear air in their grasps and observed what we’ve become
with a clarity none of us knew
a clarity none of those people know
them with the black tinted air flowing from their mouths
becoming more sour, and more heavy with each breath, each utterance
each denial
they make
youthful faces with words far stronger than bullets

aimed at those who exhale black

the world is different now
we all felt like dissolving in the despair
fortified by it

i join hands with my peers and we climb up above the earth
fight our way up
to the artificial atmosphere
and we throw our fists at the oppressive black film surrounding the earth
we hurl our bodies into it
we scream
we cry

we cra c k it open

one inch at a time
this is me just expressing how i feel about being an american today *sigh*
Àŧùl Dec 2017
_       _
\/\/\/\/\/      \/\/\/\/\/
This festival      of our love
It'll never ever end my dear
Never will I make you feel
Tumultuous, sad or blue
End this'll ne'er o lover
Dissident I'll never be

So beautiful is your ❤
My HP Poem #1689
©Atul Kaushal
Nicole Dawn May 2015
I am the one who
Watches life fly by
Through tinted glass windows,
And wishes she could join in.

Through tinted glass windows,
You can see all,
But none can see in.

Through tinted glass windows,
You can scream till your voice breaks,
But none will ever hear.

Through tinted glass windows,
You can learn to play the games,
But never actually join in.

Through tinted glass windows,
You can fall in love,
But none will ever fall for you.

I used to love my
Tinted glass silence,
Tinted glass safety,
Tinted glass simplicity,

But now all I see is,
Tinted glass loneliness
Tinted glass sadness
Tinted glass boredom

This is what it is like
To watch life fly by
Through tinted glass windows,
While wishing you could join in.
This is a mix of two poems
Rockie May 2015
When your true soul mate is near,
The world becomes more beautiful,
The colours more vibrant,
And it seems that everything will be ok.

When your true soul mate strays afar,
The world becomes more ugly,
The colours more dull,
And it seems that everything will be different.

When your true soul mate has passed away,
The world becomes more depressing,
The colours more black and white,
And it seems that everything will be breaking.

When your true soul mate comes back to keep you company,
The world becomes more manageable,
The colours more tinted and full of life,
And it seems that everything will be alright once more.
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