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Amanda Feb 2019
I do not know how to live without you
Can't breathe since you left it's true
Everything tinted a sad shade of blue
How do I go on when I'm broken in two?
You keep pushing through
No matter what you say or do
Dust yourself off and start over new
Don't give up until you are whole again too
mint Feb 2018
the world doesn’t feel the same anymore
these past few years the air has slowly been tinted black
thickening, viscous and sour around our bones
breaking the ones below and leaving some of us to watch helpless
waiting for the air to rise
although somehow
coming from above
bullets shot in the dark didn’t make much sound
until finally youthful
tear stained faces
pulled the bullets up into clear air in their grasps and observed what we’ve become
with a clarity none of us knew
a clarity none of those people know
them with the black tinted air flowing from their mouths
becoming more sour, and more heavy with each breath, each utterance
each denial
they make
youthful faces with words far stronger than bullets

aimed at those who exhale black

the world is different now
we all felt like dissolving in the despair
fortified by it

i join hands with my peers and we climb up above the earth
fight our way up
to the artificial atmosphere
and we throw our fists at the oppressive black film surrounding the earth
we hurl our bodies into it
we scream
we cry

we cra c k it open

one inch at a time
this is me just expressing how i feel about being an american today *sigh*
Äŧül Dec 2017
_       _
\/\/\/\/\/      \/\/\/\/\/
This festival      of our love
It'll never ever end my dear
Never will I make you feel
Tumultuous, sad or blue
End this'll ne'er o lover
Dissident I'll never be

So beautiful is your ❤
My HP Poem #1689
©Atul Kaushal
Nicole Dawn May 2015
I am the one who
Watches life fly by
Through tinted glass windows,
And wishes she could join in.

Through tinted glass windows,
You can see all,
But none can see in.

Through tinted glass windows,
You can scream till your voice breaks,
But none will ever hear.

Through tinted glass windows,
You can learn to play the games,
But never actually join in.

Through tinted glass windows,
You can fall in love,
But none will ever fall for you.

I used to love my
Tinted glass silence,
Tinted glass safety,
Tinted glass simplicity,

But now all I see is,
Tinted glass loneliness
Tinted glass sadness
Tinted glass boredom

This is what it is like
To watch life fly by
Through tinted glass windows,
While wishing you could join in.
This is a mix of two poems
Rockie May 2015
When your true soul mate is near,
The world becomes more beautiful,
The colours more vibrant,
And it seems that everything will be ok.

When your true soul mate strays afar,
The world becomes more ugly,
The colours more dull,
And it seems that everything will be different.

When your true soul mate has passed away,
The world becomes more depressing,
The colours more black and white,
And it seems that everything will be breaking.

When your true soul mate comes back to keep you company,
The world becomes more manageable,
The colours more tinted and full of life,
And it seems that everything will be alright once more.
He cradled her hand--
A heavy gray stone.
Her life was slipping,
Her past flowing like a river from her eyes.
His future ran out of his eyes,
In raindrops from a cloud,
A torturing storm where
Damage is unprecedented.

And yet--
His love was torched by every
Drop of that storm.
Her memories that were once happy
Now tinted by the last memory
She would have--
There was an anger she had never seen.

And as the beeps got slower,
Drawing out longer as she took her last breath,
Those few words
Were not "I love you" but
"May God save you."
Decurrent: Running downwards.
statictitanic Nov 2014
I want you
to rip every vein from my skin
pull them out like worms from the ground
touch my blood
and **** in the pure guilt
I have drowned myself in
pull my teeth out
and drag them along my naked body
carve shapes into this dead, papery flesh
don't forget the ruby red lipstick
cake it onto my betraying, seductive lips
let your arms travel everywhere it pleases
yank my hair
grab the strands and brush them over my face
my finger nails, paint them white like purity
wrapped in the ****** Mary
Last, don't forget my
Rip it from the connecting arteries
and let me feel the sting
and watch your hands too, tinted in my beautiful red

I am your canvas
I am your doll
I am your **** that
Nobody will ever know
Because under all this...
I'm dead.

— The End —