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Cedric Chin Oct 2023
You seemed to bear a grudge against
Every paper crane that left my hands.

Reverse origami, you said,
Gleefully unfolding my creations.

"An examination of purpose —
An exercise in deconstruction!"

Big words, I thought, casually refolding.

Small man.
Part of my book, The Good Knight & His Sore Rose.
My Dear Poet Jan 2022
I create a giraffe
from a paper craft
green was its colour
“Nice dinosaur”, they said
should’ve chosen red
or tan tinted paper

So I flip in half,
squash fold to a calf
It’s simply done with ease
“Nice baboon”, they said
I change again instead
to an island and palm trees

with mountain and valley folds
we unfold what creation holds
and recreate a world from disaster
we make a judgment fold
from the view they hold
if only change is as simple as folding paper
Origami - a Japanese word meaning 'folding paper'.
The two most important folds and the simplest are the valley fold and the mountain fold. They form the foundation of all origami models.

There is also a Judgement fold where an exact location point does not exist, and so you locate the fold by eye alone
I fold myself
Into beautiful shapes
And when I can't
Seem to unfurl
I tear myself apart

Sometimes it's just easier
To pick up a new piece of paper
White as freshly fallen snow
Something else to bend

FC Azaele May 2021

There's crumpled papers, ripped apart
teared to shreds
lying scattered on the floor

I've been here all day
trying to fold and fold
paper, over and over by itself
My hands are starting to get sore

Floating paper mache's
near the water, too been there all day.
Paper crane, where are you going?
don't leave me here in this disarray

Paper icicles, piercing as it might.
all paper
the village, the people, the cars
So lovely.

A land of peace.
Dare be no fright

I loom over the sight
I shaped this all! Might i be pleased

oh this feels so right

A paper village
I created, oh what a sight! -
Paper faces, wearing a mask
on a parade

don't leave me now
not ever
as you go on and celebrate today
your lands will only grow bigger

All will be okay.

So long you don't wash away,
nor flee the village
i'd shaped
in the center of this disarray

jigyasa Apr 2021
creases streak the mandarin squares
cool crisp paper that reminds me of
the way
you fold your collars right out of the dryer
the way
you tuck loose strands behind my left ear when I'm not looking

"when will you stop folding origami, silly goose,
the window sills are full of these little birds you make."

your inquiry about my little ritual
makes me beam as I know in my heart

I will fold a crane
with the glimmery glory of each sunrise,
the light being as constant in my life
as your love

900 little cranes smile back at me
Origami paper boy
Your paper is pulled too thin,
I see the cracks and creases
They let the darkness in.
Don't you fear the rainy days,
And the wind that pulls your heart?
Do you fear the idea
That your paper days won't last?
Jay M Mar 2020
My pigeon army
Made of paper
Some big
Some small
You'll never count them all

I make them when I'm empty
I make them when I'm weak
I make them when I'm running on little sleep for a week
I make them when I'm unhappy
I make them when I can't feel
Anything good or real

Blank or lined
I use what paper I can find
Then I fold
Then; behold!
A pigeon of paper
Some big
Some small
You'll never count them all

I fold and fold
My arms are filled as I hold
My little creations
Bringing me a slight smile
But they just sit with me for a while

So, I do what makes me truly happy;
I give them away
To others who could use something to brighten their day
And what better way
Than a gift
Of a small, little pigeon

How many I've made,
I'll never know
All I know is
This pigeon army will grow
And spread a smile
All the while
I still make more
And I never bore.

- Jay M
March 10, 2020
Whenever I'm not doing so great, I fold origami pigeons and give them away to people. Whoever seems like they could use something to brighten their day.
Hang me
Like a Dali painting.
Oil on canvas,
Blood on skin.
No one understands me

Drape me
Like foreign fabric.
Silk on bedsheets,
Clothing to vessel.
No one feels my softness

Fold me
Like intricate origami.
Paper to paper,
Chest to chest.
No one feels the heartbeat
LC Sep 2019
whenever she sees him,
the corners of her eyes
crinkle into intricate origami.
if anyone looks closely,
they'll see a soft glow
and maybe even folded hearts.
that's her love for him.
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