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Chris Nov 2019
As I leave, to you I bequest,
All my sadness and unrest.
As I go on burning low,
Noone sees how fire glows.

Noone sees and noone cares,
What happens behind those eyes.
But if one so much as dares,
The light will leave him dumb and blind.

I struck a deal that pulled me down,
I was dealt the poorest hand,
As I turn and look around,
It's hard as hell to love a man.

I gave because I didn't know,
I took because I didn't care.
I wrote but there's no one to show
to, only damp and empty air.

As I leave to you I say,
Don't go crying on my grave,
I knew I went the wrong old way,
But I loved to misbehave.
This is a difficult poem for me to write. (I'll cry myself to sleep tonight) feelings are for ******* I am one I don't have one, Rammstein is awesome and I don't care much for football, **** me!
Chris Aug 2019
I am never gonna change.
I don't need to.
I'm already everyhing.
I am what you call deranged.
People see that.
I'm already dead.
Far away and out of range.
I don't want to.
I don't need friends.
I am never gonna change.
Just so you would.
Start to like me.
I am not controlled or stopped.
Say goodnight to niceties.
Goodbye to free will.
Hello misery.
If you ever cross me.
I'm sorry doctor.
There's nothing to cure.
I just hurt because I can.
******* a thousand times world :)
Chris Jul 2019
I fell asleep on ocean shore,
Sharp rocks as my bed,
I don't feel them anymore,
I don't feel cold I must be dead.

The sky split clouds of eden's door,
The stars shine as my eyes,
I lay low strecthed on the floor,
With the silence deep inside.

As the heavens keep on burning,
The machines of men are turning.

Valhalla, how I waited to arrive!
Your ravens and your anger,
Were always in my mind!
Valhalla, realm beyond the world of known,
I am among the dead, I am among my own!

I fell asleep on dragon's tail,
With arrows in my side,
The last of them already sailed,
Leave my lying with a smile.

The rain washes the salty air,
And through tears wind blows,
My fingers ran through golden hair,
Valkyrie please fly me home.

As the world just keeps on turning,
And the human hate is burning.

Valhalla, how I waited for your light!
Your splendor and salvation,
Father Odin in his right!
Valhalla, land of gods, for evermore,
I found my peace in your everlasting war!
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  I hope I don't rest in peace, that I think would be the dullest, most boring death/afterlifeof all possible or impossible afterlives.
Chris Jul 2019
Have you ever wondered, where it all began,
Have you ever pondered on where it may go?
Time has one and final, direction of arrival,
And it won’t stop nor change it’s sliding ebon flow.

We have oh so hoped for more and there we strive,
Seems that we were ordered by our genetic code
The wishes have a way, to hurt and betray,
Just as hope climbs atop and threatens to explode.

They say a lot of things to console a child,
They say a lot of things, and most of them lies,
Life has paired with death to teach and correct,
To crush our infant souls but sanctify our minds.

In my final hours when The Silence calls,
I will be the one that’s leaving, not my childish hope,
Those that haven’t passed yet, say that hope dies last,
But I left mine somewhere by the hanging rope.

Great evils have sprung out of the Pandora’s box,
None as vile as last one that posed as a sign,
That one, to this day has filled more empty graves,
Than Satan could’ve dreamed of ‘till the end of time.

Have you ever wondered, where we go from here?
Have you ever questioned the merits of fate?
I have seen and I am smiling, If there aren’t worse things than dying,
How come many chose Valhalla over pain and hate?
Hope is just about the worse thing to grace our psyche.
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Chris Jul 2019
Admire them from afar,
Things without wings, not destined to fly,
For once you chose, and got to close,
You WILL burn alive.
Stars- it's a pun, a wordplay figure it out
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Chris Jul 2019
Sitting still upon the throne,
Beauty never fades away,
But the utter dark can leave a mark,
That calls chaos back to play.

Rotting one, the one below,
reflects the unseen side of glowing,
And the eternal snake is ever awake,
On the burnt side of that coin.

We know the price of death so far,
As the ferry man is rowing,
But not as much as a glimpse to nature of simpler things
The future, and the price of knowing.
Basically, to know that much and be praised as she is, you gotta be rotten.
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Chris Jul 2019
The chains of life slowly drifting,
As the spirit melts away,
As the tide is ever shifting,
Swallowing the light of day.

Rigor of the body swaying,
To a tune that Hades hums,
Two coins, and no more pain,
River Styx will fill my lungs.

Horror of rejection fading,
As my past loves turn to dust,
I'll go with you, silent, praying,
I will forego earthly lust.

Sanity completely leaving,
Echoes call me to the void,
Things are seldom worth believing,
I'm so sorry doctor Freud.
A quick note on how male genitalia is a faster way to the other side of the veil.
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