Emerald Jan 3

persistently the next half hour you descry
a physical ripe sombre of theraphy
almost parallel to the velleity black box which rests in
the corner of
a cleansed embouchure
while in this moment I reflect (an undoing)
to the puzzling collections of vulnerability with frail
strangers but
i'm dreaming of another anatomy "detachment voicemails for the 200th time enthralling
parllor doubt of our eventuate catharsis"
headaches rapt speaking softer, perhaps it's a scarlet crushed
rivive creaping
by to heal the burns

- G

happy 2018
Emerald Dec 2017

recalcitrant west coast say my name
where I'll see vespertine synthetic privation,
annihilating the bystander of a detoured contemplation
with wildflowers
although it's not getting any easier "anemic deception in misguided memory"
inebriations equal to thoughts "where do I place my glass
myopic innocence forged to let me fall asleep
denying the chrysalis"
neutral len highway lane then rouge "because in four minutes there
will be tongue tenure pale waterfalls"
which decompose  proclaimed recovery
yet you mention the emergency of
an empty late night love

- G

glass crimes
blank conversations
2 cups of black coffee
Emerald Nov 2017

eviscerated winter the snowflakes are
peculator seraph with tragic vanilla cartridge
a plump bitterness deprived of repentance fractures
never noticing the damage morbid or rebirth to nature frivolity 'sugar starved volatile
third-degree pollen chronicled to crucible
arbitray's appanage
dandelion parentheses' that acrylic paints
delicate delusional myriads by red runes
inside a seashell purlieu to pixilated caverns
lesioned for red gauzes that live within
an exploitation of continental cadre
and pandemoniums

- G

"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity." - Edgar Allen Poe
Emerald Nov 2017

cataclysm ineffectual 'existing fears are
dreadwater quench
hauled glitches of cigarette greys with yes or no
putative self restoration from southern shores
of Italy'
but there is an addiction preparing to defy
that pause for claustrophobic atheroma autoimmune
linguine prélude carnality
although there is a self portrait unfulfilled
once the third hour of the night is departed into
rosary paradigms "I'm elegant inevitably"
agitation vulgar
and mercurial, perhaps the opposite
without listening to an autobiography
even though I can hear myself between every

- G

breathe 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Emerald Nov 2017

posterior opulence (you assume you can't know
about primary discussions)
sterile plexus into subordinated capacity
adequate convention "purée"
deficiency pursuits preliminary
a paradox throughout miserable riveting dialogue
shrill "crippled inquiry in blood "rosa laevigata"
which originally never met half way"
clairvoyance ripen culvert that I am
a seeker with nerves in ephemera
then pneumonia terrifying as you don't return the
receiver however recall the one day
peppermint militant "I am the windowsill transparently
bare as a weakness"
impoverished chapped and (please get me out
of this coma)

Emerald Nov 2017

the peignoir sepulchre
with cherries disregard arduous
exigency, my thoughts of how to credence an unperplex
collage of bronze stones
that write proportions on 'grief winter branches
edged with ice roses'
apple cider physicality "brooklyn deadening
pursuit oak" amnesia raincoat
discipline (because my shoulders are burnt from
softest horrors) obligingly a savioir beneath
subordinate clauses or may be malted custard french
toast(downtown) will be your next favorite breakfest in bed
perhaps you should know
I'm weighing possiblities 'curator headline

- G

"There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love"
- Bryant H. McGill

Emerald Nov 2017

exothermic breathing
on braille (you can't resist to bathe in blood
where lime daiquiri is another crusade to
windowsill lacquer)
polaroids prorogue in granted barriers,
perhaps volcanic suitably isn't a style "however
bare lips with metallic electric blue eyelids
is how I express my seasonal hollows eastbound"
but nothing is evenly cinquefoil
toast to the ghost imprecise mouths that can't
take intraocular radiolucence '6.5 billion drafts'
ruderal corpus and aluminum campfires
counseling flowerpots
yet above there was a town who
dreaded sundown at gorse retrospect because I'm
gripping the steering wheel
wanting to be understood in this
ordereth blood-clot

- G

I still apply the same lotion I told you about
I still apply lipstick to my lips and imagine you watching with your intense green eyes
I still pray and worry
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