Prologue (Dystopian): our protagonist continues his lifeless sleepwalk through the fiction that is A.D. 2017 America. We see the impact of assembly line culture on his mindset and in his words

Cadaver filets 
Hollow mornings/mournings
Gutted bodies
Synthetics pouring

The fanatics are gone, forever replaced
Different in all but mind and face 

It becomes so easy, remember complacency
The day to day, a weighted normalcy

This venom coagulated but it wasn't instantly 
Her bite cleavers that kiss of infamy

peruse pied pipers please pay your toll
a break from anything that makes me whole

After all, cadavers make great neighbors
Carry packages, return favors

Reprogrammed, released, back to civil society
Morality tempted, deviled sobriety
A summer vacuum, now coldness bask
In coded prayers and a fitting mask

Glass 6d

hydroxyzine queue
the "water is the excel
to draconian candela"
impavid reciprocated
that parlance condemned
is licentious promenade
which prior's similes
refutation "hazard
reiterate, there is a fountain
of my cinnamon
arid sovereign suave
- ice cones truffle devour -
- Lucifer/Master but
I can't resist the touch -
as I read Aristotle's
poetics and metaphysics
because I am not holy as
I once was even though I am
already dysfunctional
never giving back quarters
or dimes

- G

dedicated to Clark Davis Hitchens
Glass Jul 9

nocturnal (water critters anfractuous
nuisance unfortunates)
crimson mythic, disastrous insecurities
tongues disintegrating
with asthma idle,for there
is no return in
ivory exemplary render
although when equilibrium rapier is
adamant to our evenings
"bivouac carcanet daunt
that this is eaves", jacinth
loath in nightshade postern
plenilune rondured
psychosis, therefore
my love is enough
and you are too blind
to notice because my roses
are withered among
your grave, "airway under-
water, my lips a blood red
fruitless soft goodbye

- G

full moon
Glass Jul 4

cardiac operose there is a alcazar,
dariole deasil "morning star" argute deracinated
with perihelia previse lily emerging
into your phrases" urban nights "caffeine foyer"
11:00 waterfall, apex of palimpsest
dalliance conflate even when I am demure
but lithe panacea is pastiche emerald
chocolate raspberry, tea leaf canyon
extract (romantic)

- G

Glass Jun 29

éclat salvation guava gauzy
eloise, the deterrent erudite
in glassy margins with exoneration
(sonder) brumous cromulent "cataclysm"
can't you insight the skeletons
recurring dreary disregard,
couplets of valorous where
there are suburbs and sublimate
as my nightgown slips to stage three,
pursuing rainfall - labyrinth -
headline (our metallic sinew)
that thesis is chrysalis
prerequisite coin shards because
hemodynamics altering rare belie -
pulpous piquant {dactylic cleaved}
which are sallow sunlight ribbons tied
to plums, cherry wood deem to
raspy breaths "roseate cerulean
befall cairn cantillate eviternity" but
our orectic is thalassic, summer
blood and disquiet trellis
(addict) to my taste that
will never wash away

- G
-breathe - my - oxygen -
Glass Jun 27

vitriolic zenith "theorist 8 pm
belligerent byroad" Cleopatra the
ambedo monarchism
"la douleur exquise" aureate
dwale pyromania that
hiraeth was anecdoche
roman attentive threads
{sheer railings} Egyptian
cicurate a philonoist
and you culaccino mortar
grey stones, of sweet cherries
setting on your ferocity nerves
and gracious acatalepsy
satiation absentminded
innocence because I was a
naive numinous ondol moth
cataloged to prescient

- G

Glass Jun 26

dead dawn {sacrilegious define}
the ambrosia is pliant weltering
fuchsia esophagus
{unbearable eviscerate chameleon
confessing poise} that
"the longing in me
is to overcome a series of situations
excruciating brew awry
baluster carouse" although
in our caravan, there are
comely compasses conclave
descry but with a guerdon moss,
nethermost pinion
quail rue and this is
sojourn (succour reckoned)
drought errantry  
noisome and emaciated
cerulean // known
for colporteur ex-sanguine

- G

"you rather are brilliant, aren't you"
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