Glass 3d

oxygen are you emotionless
soliloquies from the decrease
dianthus and reactant, infinitesimally
patios in boulevard spiders
which confess across my
arrhythmia mining
mahogany that is a reaper hyena,
portraiture dark wood credulous
consistency because I am quantum
“scientifically ransom involved in
intrigued glasses clinking”
like rhythmic orgasmic relief
for his imperfect aeviternal are
locale right before my
spine even I thought
I could stay impassive
but these envelopes
are pendulum lamp quartz
critters mid session spades
intimate to counsel

- G

counsel my arteries
Glass 4d

The subclavian enaid
has spurted lip prints into
exhilaration where odes to
finesse friction
resemblance elapse of vaudeville
expletives in excess
where "I have my denim jeans
stitched with a swan
that the urgency to feel
unattainable is ricocheting equate"
that I am clinched &
folded under sacrilegious
cerulean posture, likewise
he is witnessing summer frantically
disbelieving eyelids of pyre" because
tonight "I am a frolic
exemplary opium"

- G

Glass 7d

It's a five hour drive to prosaic
patriarchy, that I have sacrificed
my own anatomy affiliated thrones of bones
& francais sun burnt
senility with your ephemeral trepidation
like "no one saw the moon
pheromones in apologies”
and the alley knew “stone perception
in indignant rasps” even though
April is not wearing a yellow raincoat,
but a dark red one
with a pendant of your loss hung against
my cold skin

- G

Glass Apr 17

aubade the maneuver
perspiration of lilies
epithet to physique precise scarlet throat
like thawed undulant
droughts are bouquets of roses and
"I am the danger
by the tidal of jackals,
there is where I preach
my sadness with evangelical dismay
recapturing the sleep of wolves"
that absinthe aeolus
know I am naive to crystal
scratched veins with croaky curious
deception of unclouded corners
and thirstiness
but dolor are embroidering
tentative sapphire
insinuate bones
splintering disdainful  
cathartic butterscotch palimpsest
Onto perennial faculae
seraphic vinyls

- G

dedicated to Gabriel Burns
Glass Apr 13

interim renascence
(it's a late Sunday afternoon,
while I rapture
dismantle ecstatic from
the Ophelia requiem realm)
like the numerology
is a nautical throat,
astride to veer ovule
that excruciating frolic
pores are phantasmal
fervent because your
palms are tight
against my hip bones,
for I have asthma
vendor predominant
traumatic absurd
spinal exodus
anthrax and nostalgia
is uniquely incinerating pale
austere hyacinth
labyrinths, even though
I am the  suicide grave
imploring aleutians
strangers as you remember
"Delirious sexual desire
can be found in
the unexplained"

- G

I crave the demons in your mind
Glass Apr 3

I wrote a biography about the rib - cage prisoner
but not about the phrase of exposure or wildflower excerpts
perhaps in a way that "blood oranges
were cardinal raspberry ivory ribs"
like skeleton paper crane throats are
curvature nonpareil siege, diaspora adamantine psyche - delicate
crimson because I am opaquely asphyxiate to
unorthodox relativity , despite the pastry butter cream
merciful to "nightingales blooming texture in the rain"
as if cumulus is a third chance recurrent
14 seconds away from

- G
I will feel every inch of you, despite the fact that at times I may be blind
Glass Mar 20

Cocoon this is reality
in an empty space
unlocked & flawed
like bleach is increasingly scenic
diluting with calamity,
revolving on arthritis
reticent jaws
like the phlegmatic ambiance
is brusque
it's vast unblemished didactic
sincerity because
" I am a cognizance
of petrified mimetic landscapes"
that I slammed the car door
resonating indulgent concrete
even though I might not be
venturing my hips
in an alluring angle or
softly sighing
"why are the rims of my eyes not

- G
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