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Marri Nov 2019
I claw at my skin,
The blood seeps out,
And it feels good.

I claw at my arms,
The blood creeps out,
And it feels sweet.

I claw at my chest,
The heart beats out,
And it feels alive.

The blood seems to wash away the pain.
The blood seems to leave a different stain.

I long to feel.
I want to feel.

Not sadness,
Not happiness,
Just feel.

The torn skin understands me.
The broken heart listens to me.
The blood is there for me.

And it feels beautiful.

It feels destined:
My pain and I.
The blood mixed with the tears I cry.

It's love at first sight,
That first draw of blood.
The skin under my nails,
The blissful feeling of release.

Only you can make me feel like this,
And I love it.
At all
Like the Christ
I expected
Like waiting for Harry
To come save
Me when my
Hero was always Neville
From the get go
Why didn't she tell me though?
My guess is she
Had her
Long Bottoms
Anne J May 2019
Claw my big heart out
String my organs to a big tree
Break my ripped neck out
The second haiku for my project
Osiria Melody Mar 2019
he was quite the talker, words flowing like alcohol.
his words were always blurred, indecipherable.
could never consistently express coherent thoughts,
for his silence always spoke louder than the words
he intended to say.

he slipped through Support's embrace and poured
his troubles out of a bottle of wine.
glass after glass, a crowd of the only visitors that
come by.
submerged his soul in Despair night after night.

his loved ones assume that he's tired and hates
company, but never see the cave of darkness
through his eyes.
in this cave of darkness lies a stash of bottled wine,
inconspicuously hidden in his abode.
as his heart overflows with wine's toxic kiss, the
life within him drains to Death.

The most painful thing is regret over not saying the words that you wanted to say, so say what's on your mind before it's too late.
Osiria Melody Mar 2019
You’re an extension of me, little lion
Voice, soft and ever-flowing like your
frizzy, unkempt mane
You once had trouble roaring like I do,
when you were a cub
Heard a fragile roar, one that
broke my heart into happy tears

You’re an extension of me, little lion
Character, resilient and galvanizing like
your aspirations, never-ending
You once had trouble staying strong with
your claws of positive voices,
when you were a cub
Heard a decree of triumph, one
that lifted my spirits beyond happy tears

You’re an extension of me, little lion
Voice, impactful and ever-confident
like your beautiful, voluminous mane

We are the physical embodiments of our parents.
s Willow Feb 2019
Red rose
in the dragon
once was
before contact
with this gothic.
Cat Lynn Jan 2019
•///• CLAWING •///•
Or Cutting All The Time, Either one works
Gotta sharpen those claws.
Abby M Dec 2018
Is a common turtle really different from a crab?
They both make their ways slowly, across the dirt and sand.
The mouth and claw don't differ much in ways they're used to grab.
Could a common turtle really be a green-shelled crab?
Amanda Apr 2018
Quivering, afraid of the pain,
A stalking predator ready to tear me apart,
I cannot control my emotional beasts,
They continue to claw their way through my heart
Sometimes i feel like my crazy feelings are tangible living creatures. I know that sounds nutty but in a metaphorical sense. I am hunted by fear and frustration.
chloe Mar 2018
∞ ∞ ∞

everyone despises of
the ******* cat, as it yells
across the forest as a 3 year
old would do.

he writes his stories on stolen
leaves of the lonely pine tree.
shaking awake the jungle as it
sleeps into the whispering wind.

he struts down the moss carpet
as no one else would do
the trees even give a glare
as sharp as his claws.

everyone despises of the ******* cat

∞ ∞ ∞
i created him for your inner soul. love him tenderly
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