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Jade Dec 2023
When I uproot the hairs sprouting from the glabella
and strip my cupid’s bow of its wildflowers,
Frida Kahlo writhes in her grave.

She haunts me.

“You are beautiful.”
[unibrow and all]

“You are beautiful.”
[moustache and all]

“You are beautiful.”
[sadness and all]
topacio Nov 2023
Your child floats
above you like a kite,
umbilical cord string chaos
like the wing that you are.

I want to reel them in for you,
to fight the wind
and collapse them in
like stacked dominos,
perfect circles
that never topple over.

Your innards are desperate
for your attention,
they say as they dangle
above you like
a fickle skyscraper.

and you find a way to
skydive off of them
into yourself,
your parachute
falling short each time
to start the process
all over again.
DG Dec 2018
Love is like a Frida Kahlo painting
It doesn’t make sense
It’s a bit absurd
Vibrant, definitely
And leaves you wanting more
Older than ourselves
Yet with a spirit younger than anything else
little crow Aug 2018
Look at your face and your hair's small curls
you may not be a stick,
but you have the whole world
in your hands, between your shoulders, and even in your thighs.
Who cares what you look like when you open your eyes?

Little girl, why do spend your nights filled with cries?
You are so strong and elegant, no need to demonize
your looks are nothing, it is your inside that is a prize.
you mustn't forget, you have wings-- so fly.

Who cares about the size of your belly or your *******?
Little girl, believe in your mind and it'll take care of the rest.
Look, its much easier said than done- but you must always give it your best run

You might fall in mud and feel very stuck, and cause all your actions and thoughts to go amuck
but you'll find the way, life isn't a maze, you'll make it through even your hardest of days.

You might find yourself even drowning in fear, but remember little girl, i am always here
to clean your tears, boogers, and sweat,
to help you every single time you forget,
that you have wings to fly.

No matter what words are thrown at your face,
those words come from people filled with disgrace.
They know only to speak with sharp knives,
but remember, they too, have sorrow-filled nights--
they must have forgotten their ability to fly.

Little girl, please never forget how beautiful you are,
even when you feel you're only filled with scars.
You never got to where you now are
by cowering and not listening to your beating heart.

To fly you must have wings, and that, you do
little girl you mustn't forget, it's beautiful to be you.

Inspired by both Maya Angelou and Frida Kahlo
Giraluna Gil Jun 2016
I am the artist of the painting I call my life.
And every now and then,
the man I love  makes surprise appearances
in which, he sheds vivid colors of pain, love, lust and hate
on my bland misused body.
He does this passionately with his own
blood, sweat and tears
Creating between my love and his, colors that don’t exist
It is a thing of beauty, truly.
But at the end he always leaves
and then it becomes my vigorous displeasure
to blend the colors he leaves behind.
Turning back to simpler colors of life
Inspired by Frida Kahlo's love for Diego and to my own Diego you are still a revolution in my heart.
Liz Jan 2015
Her thick brow,
Is only her choice.
A stance against norms.
2. Ribbons and flowers,
All tangled in her hair.
A decorative crown,
But beauty is not defined here.
3. She had many lovers,
Of many kinds.
But promiscuity,
Does not define worth.
4. Drink more than the men.
To dance with a love,
They can never have.
5. Politics are unimportant,
Only the ideas in your mind.
Of equality and charity,
But it will leave somebody dead.
6. Be bold and smart.
Follow your own direction,
Maybe dress like a man
7. When a trolley crashes,
Leaving you wishing for death,
Draw on your bandage.
Don’t let your broken column
Break your strength.
8. Don’t fall in love with artists,
They drink too much,
Cheat too much.
And will break your heart
9. Fall in love with artists,
A musician, maybe a painter.
You’ll never be bored,
You’ll always be drunk.
10. Just don’t let them break you,
Don’t stop painting because you’re hurt.
Don’t give them the satisfaction,
Of breaking your wings.
11. You don’t need anyone,
When you have wigs to fly.
Don’t need feet,
Or anyone else.
12. You probably feel like a freak,
Like the weirdest person you’ve ever known.
But as long as you’re weird with me,
You’ll never be weird alone.
13. Make friends with the past,
With people you’ve never known.
It’ll always be a source of security,
No one can leave that’s already gone.

I look at Frida through her paint, through her words, through the story of her life she has taught me not to be afraid.

— The End —