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Adrian Feb 2020
From the heart
To another
Will create a route
From zip code to zip code,
And from address to address,

Until the destination
Receives the envelope,
Opens the packet,
Views the letter,
Reads thoughts, and
Ok, so here is a lesson on IT. There’s a networking transmission model called the OSI model. It has seven layers on either side of a communication. Here they are:

1. Application (creates data to send)
2. Presentation (translates data into sendable data)
3. Session (establishes and terminates communication sessions)
4. Transport (identifies what is being transported (how to handle it))
5. Network (creates a path across networks)
6. Data link (creates a path across the local network)
7. Physical (cables and stuff)

That’s the sending end. The receiving end is the inverse. I formatted each line to each process in the layer, and used the layer number to define how many syllables in the corresponding line. I honestly find IT networking communications a really intriguing subject. The best way to explain the OSI model is by using the mail system and letters as an example.
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2018
She started
Learning what is in front


She learned a lot
Beyond my understanding


She talks about


All complex  
To my understanding
Easy for her learner’s brain.
Theme: Child on network
Genre: Observational
Surya Teja M Oct 2017
O friend!
Without a face
You’ve come like a tide
Touched me with your warmth,
Soothed my heart with words.

O friend!
Without a sound
You’ve gone too like a tide
Leaving my eyes wet
Yearning my heart to meet
Throwing me back to hell again.

O friend!
Without a wait
Come to me and
Sing for me
I love to dance with you
I want to live with you
O friend!
Come back again                                        
Say, ‘I don’t go back again’.
The way online chatting starts also ends and leave people wait for their social networking friends to come back and soothe them again which can't they get from real time friends
Justin Lai Apr 2017
They built me, standard-grade,
But with one crucial chip missing.
While other models are made
Programmed for social networking.

Laughter and jibes, except
This variant groping in the dark.
Much signs to intercept,
Machine simmers, overheats, sparks.

Every version upgrade,
Alas, still just one step behind.
Patience in every trade;
Stranger, if you could be so kind...
I've ran out of computer metaphors xD
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