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I scrub and scrub,
until my skin stings,

wondering why,
I don't look "clean,"

darker skin, darker hair,
they've led me to believe
there must be something ***** here
You said I'm the only one in the world,
but I realize, I'm not the only one in yours,

A lump in my throat,
why do I still believe you?
they said, if it hurts you,
then it's not worth you,

then why do I want you to stay,
even if just to hurt me
They spread a rumour,

that I can't tie my shoes,

that I can't jump rope,

that I have fat fingers,

and then I wasn't around to hear it anymore.
it departs from him,
the most beautiful song,

lullaby melody,
the sweetest hum,

a sense of melancholy,
my tummy's butterflies flit around,

he sang his song,
I sang along,
he stole my butterflies,
and went along
I finally mustered the courage,
to wear a blouse a size smaller,

until I saw myself in the mirror,
and I heard a light chuckle
I saw this once,
in Philosopher's Stone,
that the wand picks the wizard,
not the other way around

I realized today,
at the bookstore in town,
that the book picks the reader,
not the other way around
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