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eli Nov 2018
we were perfect for eachother
...or so i thought

we were the exact same
which was the problem

we liked the same things
loved the same movies
had the same hobbies
and had the same personality

it sounds perfect
but we were both awkward
nothing new to talk about once everything was said
and nothing new or exciting

this was never going to work out
too bad i just realized
eli Aug 2018
I know you can't promise to stay forever
but promise
you'll stay for a really long time?
eli Aug 2018
you are amazing
in every single way possible

you are different
and that's okay I like different
and I wouldn't like you if you were like the others

you are worth it
you are worth the work
you are worth the pain
you're worth it

you are enough
you don't have to try any harder than you already do
I know you’re trying your hardest
you're enough

you matter
and don't ever think you don't
you matter to me
your family and your friends
you matter so much

you make a difference
my life would be so much worse if it wasn't for you
you make me smile
you make me feel better when I'm not okay

you are not a burden
i enjoy talking to you
you've become a part of my day

can you please just trust me on this
you're amazing
worth it
you matter
and you make a difference
get it in your head
it hurts that you don't see yourself the way I see you
this ones for you, you know who you are <3
eli Aug 2018
you think you're not enough
but you're everything I'm looking for
eli Jul 2018
there's something about you
that I can't quite understand

I don't know if I love you
or even like you as more than a friend
but every time we talk I seem to smile
and you're the best part of my days

talking to you makes me feel happy
I feel something I've never felt before around you

I don't know what we are just yet
but I know I want you to stay
Ben Meraki Jan 2018
When we were walking late that night,
do you remember? We were hand-in-hand,
and we got talking for a while.
Do you remember? You said you could take me to the promised land,

and then I looked you in the eyes,
and I held you in my arms. (Yeah I held you in my arms so tight)
I said I promise you that until the day I die
I'll never let you come to harm! (No I'll never let you come to harm)

Darling, that night it felt so perfect.
Do you remember? like our love could never end.
Like all those years of pain were finally worth it.
But next time I saw you, you told me, let's just be friends.

- -
Those four words never hurt so much!
I'm still longing for your touch.
- -

I know you told me...
that you don't want me. (No you don't want me)
So why do you hold me...
when I see you in my dreams?

(When I see you in my dreams)
you've got me feeling like I'll never be alone.
Like you'll always be right here with me.
I'll always have you by my side.

But in the morning light when I wake up on my own
I realise that things aren't what they seem.
Why do we lead these double lives? (Ohh-oh)

I know you told me... (Ohh-ohh-ohh)
that you don't want me. (No you don't want me, no no no)
So why do you hold me in your arms so tight
when I see you in my dreams?

- -
(When I see you...)
it kills me to think how...
you don't remember.
(You don't remember.)

Tell me where do I go now?
I don't remember how it feels to be alive.
I don't remember.
Song lyrics for love ballad
Mr Uku Aug 2017
Four years is a very long time
To silence the sound of Big Ben’s chime

I thought about it for quite a bit
And realised I don’t give a ****

It’s just a ******* bell
Viseract Aug 2016
Wake me up I'm falling
Stuttering and stalling
With nowhere to run, and no place to hide
A beast deep inside,
Is rising

Rise, like a tidal wave
Rise, to every lie they gave
Rise, for it is your time,
To slay all these haters with power of rhyme

Freedom of expression helps fight depression...

Moment of silence
On an empty stomach
Then comes a rumble
At the smell of apple pie crumble

Moon is out of this world
Annie is our favourite girl
I hope no-one else sees this
And starts singing about my *****

****** mind in a slaughter house
Anti-Ducks about this life
But with a Kiwi accent if I may
Tis "Anti-Ducks about this life"

We went outside,
Still high
Decided to munch and play games
Forgot our phones outside

Smash the boundaries,
Tear down the walls
Won't stop tearing
Til' we seen Ben's *****

Break down barriers,
Smack 'em down
Walking past ducker-*******
Delirious like a clown

Smiling all the way
With a crazy little laugh
On this spectacular journey
Into the past

It's time to get to the end of this family rhyme
We all pitched in with whatever we could find
It's beautiful and grand, a real sight to see
This Mafia family of mine

It's our time our life
Crazy running red lights
Grand stand, stage band time to curtain call
But it never ends, we fam!


*Annie's the funniest girl
Her hair blazes like sunset
But she keeps talking about my *****
I mean seriously...
She done yet???
Poetic mafia family collab. Thanks all! This is the funny stuff we come up with. JOIN US, DUCK HATERS!!!
Travel, traveling Ben, travel to the stars,
See the world as it comes again, produced from afar,

Spirits of the Dawn make haste for Time is coming…
When the Sun will crest her waves, bringing forth the light of days,

Loose the moorings set your clock, burn incense for the Spirits,
Travel! Traveling Ben, you know the universe, is happening!

And all time will be told again, in a machine-space of stars,
Her oboe of horology, for the sailors tune –cosmology,

Loose the moorings set your clock, burn incense for the Spirits,
Sail your ship over the sun, the place of your appearance.

Travel traveling Ben, travel to those stars,
Your ship a cap, you ship captain, from a sandy field of ours.

I could not think what else to say to end this little ditty,
But thinking on my ancient Egypt makes me oh so giddy!

What has Ben, will be Ben again, for Ben plus Ben makes two,
And there you go, I’ve gone and done it, given you a clue…
"Ben," in Gaelic means mountain and in Egyptian means..."Mountain top."

So, "Ben-ben," means, "capstone." Get the riddle?
Sheikh Muizz Sep 2015
Ben stands deliberately imposing,
his arms crossed and his stern face
telling us we’re all five minutes late.

We are each a cell.
Circulating the city’s veins
by foot, tyre and train.

The city doesn’t die,
but it does grow old.
And when its veins tire from carrying its load
necessary roadworks interrupt its flow;

Like open wounds. Each yellow hardhat
a fingernail on the invisible hand
of an omnipotent surgeon.
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