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Empire Aug 2019
Tired of feeling exhausted
All the **** time.

Done feeling numb, empty
Every heartbeat void.

Well, it's legal... accessible...
It tastes pleasant...
It'll do the trick...
The kind of acceptable addiction
No need to hide
Flaunt it a bit
See if they care
Play it up
Show them

But don't forget to enjoy it, dear.
Feel your pulse in your wrists
s                                u     r                    g    i              n    g
c-c-c-c-ccount the dosage
80 mg..... 120 mg.... 300 mg..... 400 mg............

Where's that laugh been all this time?
Full of... joy....?
That smile cannot possibly be your own....
It's so....... pure.

And again here I am
Crashing from the high
Mild headache
Numbness returning
Depression invading

And you.
My neurotic shadow.
You creep back into my mind.
I hear the whispers of your familiar voice.
It makes me want to chase a different high.
One that'll leave a mark.
Not my most eloquent work... perhaps that captures the concept better... I don't know...
Jade Apr 2019
Dear Reader,

I give you permission.

I give you permission
to scar the spine
of this book
from the countless
times you will
crack it open.  

I give you permission
to highlight
and underline
and doodle
and annotate
these pages
until they have
no room to breathe.

I give you permission
to accidentally
spill on-
the cover.

I give you permission
to dog-ear the corners
when you've lost
your bookmark
(and your way).

I give you permission
to break in these words
with the same
passion with which
I wrote them.

I give you permission
to make this
Poetry your home.
Don't be a stranger--check out my blog!

(P.S. Use a computer to ensure an optimal reading experience.)
david devine Mar 2019
When only your embrace quelled me
Only your words soothed me
Only your affection moved me.
I have these fantasies that keep me pacified like a child. Tales of ultimate romance. And the pages are torn away, the story is in pieces. The neurotic are the closest to a true understanding of god;
Flailing with emotions, coming and going, painting you like heaven, their canvass on fire. I'm glad you got out.
Ed C Mar 2019
In a winter reflection, through a cage of ice,
I watch a shadow of myself love you.
From a sunken place, I’m stuck,
Endlessly pacing within my head,
I’m stuck, a lonely, hungry tiger.
The coldness fills me slowly
as I watch you from my prison.
The bars to my cage pretend to bend,
but it is only a trick of the sun.
I refuse to leave the cage
even though I have the key,
for safety
for sanity
for selfishness
I swallow the key often.
The cage will melt eventually
so I will wait until then,
It is hard to hate for so long
in conditions like this
where every day the water freezes
and unfreezes and freezes.
It is hard to hate when her hands melt the ice.
Love freezes the pain and drips away everything else
Into the gutter, but the sun always falls, still.
Neurotic loneliness at it's finest
Becca Dec 2018
I tap my nails
Remembering what you said
Braxton Reid Oct 2017
I check my phone.
Its the same thing I saw 5 minutes ago.

I have no interest in my favorite things at this point in time. Even as I write this bit of prose I can feel that I'm not truly interested; I keep writing.

I check my phone.
20 minutes ago I zoned out while my favorite song was on and stopped singing.

When I was 16 I picked up guitar; my dream job was to be a musician, but then I turned 22. More recently my dream has been to find a dream in all the perfect chaos that is this world. "Are dreams a valid thought, or are we just told we should have them from a young age?", I ask myself.

I check my phone.
I should be leaving my car to go upstairs to my girlfriend and child.

I check my phone.
Why does my car feel like the safest place at times?

I check my phone.

I put my phone down.
Why am I not crying? Normal people cry.
Why would I be crying? I haven't lost anything worth mourning, right?

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

I check my phone.
TheRiverStyx Jul 2017
When the noise of exterior souls exceeds standards, I turn it off.

"Yo soy el rey"

My dominion stretches as far as my head to the soles of my feet.
And I'm walking the opposite way.

Like a genie who gets paid commission, you come to my space and exceed the noise standard.

"Yo soy el rey"

My dominion stretches as far as my head to the soles of my feet.
And I'm walking the opposite way.

They say I walk away half the time.
I get looked at funny.
I'm the local eyesore.
I swear, I'm not self-destructive.

When the moon turns crimson,
and the tide reaches the grass,
I'll say that I have the pizza you wanted.
The flavor is crowbar.
Your big head will be swollen.
God will **** you down to the flames.

"Yo soy el rey"

I swear I'm not self-destructive.
How's this for a first poem?
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