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vikas chauhan Jun 16
I want to indulge myself in a new color,
but the chosen color is not so colorful.
I want to go too long with my loneliness
but the path is not so wonderful.
I took a break, wait a moment, I thought, rethought
to again started my journey.
I found you there, with lots of happiness, elation.
Deep Breath, I filled up with energy.
I start my journey again, but it has not a destination.
my fantasy
Daniel Mar 19
Before the night comes cold and proper
When set against a fiery sky
The crooked limbs of a naked poplar
Have stirred a romance in my mind

And swaying with their kin and kind
My tavish heart asway in kind
Those wooden spines so hale and hearty
Like will-'o-wisps they'll soon depart me
Annatman Mar 18
Moved by plentiful blessings,
My ecstatic soul sings
To the pulse of your essence,
Strumming on my heart-strings
Burning at my mind
driven to frenzied action
by the need to find.

Harrowing the ground
exhausting every option
until it is found.

Healing an old wound
soaring heights of elation
finally unbound.
This was inspired by the time I lost this tiny book of poems that I wrote all of these poems in and it triggered one of those oh my gosh I have to turn my house upside down obsessively until I find it moments... I searched for about an hour finally found it thank goodness I hate that feeling of being stuck looking for something it plays into my stubbornness but it is inconvenient... although it is a great feeling when I finally find whatever I lost
Capriccio Dec 2019
My Motions are on E Again
No Ecstasy  
Free from Elation
End of Day
Bad Boss Back to Screaming

Loco is his Motion
on the count of three
we close our eyes
we hold out breath
we link our arms
and JUMP
into the sunshine
and the cold clear water
hannah Nov 2018
A light cloud
Rising up
Around you
So clean and pure
See the lack in your face
But I don't care
You are so vivid
Colour seeps into the world
Around you
Just from standing near you
I become colourful too
Like a clean breathe
Of fresh air you cleanse my lungs
Drift away my regrets and fears
Dare me to dream
And I dream
Endless skies and the scent of
Evergreen and the stars
Walk alone for miles
Live my life the way I want to
I want to be here again
He'll never see me the way I see him but that doesn't matter.
PoserPersona Jun 2018
Genius is forged by passion
It is this which never dies:
Transcendental elation.

So long as one creation
is moved to dance mesmerized,
genius is forged by passion.

Though stone hearts lack expression,
postmoderns aching to try
transcendental elation

Keeping "plebes" from their "mansions."
Speak this opaque truth as lies:
Genius is forged by passion.

The hive mind *******,
at shared expense they deny
transcendental elation.

Our yearning adoration
causes heaven's voice to cry,
Genius is forged by passion!
Transcendental elation.
Maaz Mar 2018
"To go high, you must first go low".
An element of truth is captured in this phrase,
For a man who walks a steady path,
shall experience neither pleasure nor grief,
But a man who sinks,
then proceeds to swim,
He is a man,
who will truly win,
the game of happiness,
in which we all play,
to feel elation,
until it all frays.
A subversive take on happiness
Zero Nine Nov 2017
I am thankful for the opportunity to feel.

To be here, as opposed to absence.

I am a statistical near impossibility.

Death missed me, as stars led me from nothingness

through time to landings where feet touched, and

breath breathed, and blood pumped.

I am fortunate for the blessing of clarity and thankful

of those moored in the void around me.

Is love? Is love, s/he said, (…) is love.
reuse, recycle
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