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on the count of three
we close our eyes
we hold out breath
we link our arms
and JUMP
into the sunshine
and the cold clear water
hannah chose Nov 2018
A light cloud
Rising up
Around you
So clean and pure
See the lack in your face
But I don't care
You are so vivid
Colour seeps into the world
Around you
Just from standing near you
I become colourful too
Like a clean breathe
Of fresh air you cleanse my lungs
Drift away my regrets and fears
Dare me to dream
And I dream
Endless skies and the scent of
Evergreen and the stars
Walk alone for miles
Live my life the way I want to
I want to be here again
He'll never see me the way I see him but that doesn't matter.
PoserPersona Jun 2018
Genius is forged by passion
It is this which never dies:
Transcendental elation.

So long as one creation
is moved to dance mesmerized,
genius is forged by passion.

Though stone hearts lack expression,
postmoderns aching to try
transcendental elation

Keeping "plebes" from their "mansions."
Speak this opaque truth as lies:
Genius is forged by passion.

The hive mind *******,
at shared expense they deny
transcendental elation.

Our yearning adoration
causes heaven's voice to cry,
Genius is forged by passion!
Transcendental elation.
Maaz Mar 2018
"To go high, you must first go low".
An element of truth is captured in this phrase,
For a man who walks a steady path,
shall experience neither pleasure nor grief,
But a man who sinks,
then proceeds to swim,
He is a man,
who will truly win,
the game of happiness,
in which we all play,
to feel elation,
until it all frays.
A subversive take on happiness
Hillary Magee Nov 2017
What have you
Done to me
This morning?

The sun reflects
And I've found
Specks of
Fairy dust on
My coffee cup
In the light

Where will
You take me
Zero Nine Nov 2017
I am thankful for the opportunity to feel.

To be here, as opposed to absence.

I am a statistical near impossibility.

Death missed me, as stars led me from nothingness

through time to landings where feet touched, and

breath breathed, and blood pumped.

I am fortunate for the blessing of clarity and thankful

of those moored in the void around me.

Is love? Is love, s/he said, (…) is love.
reuse, recycle
Amanda S Jul 2017
whiskey stained lips
and dull grey eyes
make up a wonderful disguise
for the quicksand you're drowning in.

a four week old baby girl
lies in the sea known as your lap;
she's smiling,
but only because the innocence
entwined in the long brown locks of her hair
have yet to be revealed.

red notebooks and pink lemonade
envelop the darkness surrounding
your frail being,
not entirely acknowledging how
brittle your bones actually are.

trapped in trepidation,
you plummet into desolation,
pondering on the thought that
this could bring utter elation
and it did;
but it was only in your head.
for anyone struggling with some sort of mental illness; this is for you. sometimes it can seem like your world is being ripped apart, but it's not. it's merely preparing you for a new start.
Kelly Jun 2017
Elation with no regard to the reason. I just let it roll over me when it comes. Living in it because I know it’s fleeting and I am grasping at the rays of sunshine like they will dissipate any second. This feeling of pure joy and happiness. Oh, how I wish you could stay for just a moment longer.
My mind actively searches for intruders ready to wipe them away in an instant before they come to the forefront of my mind. How dare you try and ruin something so pure and full of joy. It's like you can’t allow yourself a glimpse of heaven. As if you have tasted the forbidden fruit and you are quickly trying to cover the evidence with despair.
Despair that you have already buried and mourned over, but you bring it to life again, like it secretly comforts you. How can despair be comforting? My mind decides at this instant my happiness can be ruined at any moment so why not on my terms?
Throwing at the forefront already buried land mines knowing exactly how they will explode. Now the fog rolls in, rays dissipate, warmth gone. I allowed it to leave, allowed it to no longer warm my face and thoughts. Oh well, until we met again sun, I will embrace the beauty of the fog
product endorsements
are what I like to do
and boy have I got
a good product for you
since I've been wearing
the EverFlex brand
of shoe
endorsing them is all
I like to do
they've a comfortable fit
and on the foot
they so nicely sit
EverFlex are the kings
in the shoe-making vocation
and should you not be
slipping into a pair
your feet won't be
sensing elation
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