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Nayana Nair Sep 2018
The moon shines in my tear lined eyes.
On the edges of my nails that have lost their color.
Tonight once again
light falls on only on those bits of me
that are in no need for the love of a neutral god.
K Balachandran Aug 2018
water body bobs,
with hidden intentions;
good, bad, neutral..what?
Alice Lovey Jun 2018
It's rained every day this week.
I don't have what I did the last,
I'm not the same.
I think this may be another world;
It enveloped me, incautiously.
I did not see it coming--
Cool arms blurred my view and embraced me.
I opened.
My reflections are silvery, but I am not.
Everything is gray.
I don't hate it.
The sky's breath is cold
And I feel it soak through my clothes.
I set my umbrella down today and
I stood there. I closed my eyes.
I don't know who I am in this place,
But I feel okay.
I've lost, am lost, but little has changed.
I have not washed away.
Like storm clouds, I hold onto what's gathered around me.
I want to feel this ambivalent nothingness.

The rain brings new beginnings,
But now I must play the storyteller.
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Devin Lawrence May 2018
Stuck in a flat-line
With nothing but a heartbeat to keep me going.
But I can't stop looking in the mirror.

The grey looms over the horizon;
what a treacherous fantasy
to chase the stars.
The music doesn't sound the same
and this dingy road continues on and on.

That plateau fading from view
seems to call to me,
begging me to reminisce
and accept that the view may never get any better.

Stuck in a flat-line
but my heart isn't in it anymore.
A labor of love becomes an ordinary labor
once the passion slips away.
Jolan Lade May 2018
I am a neutral
I write popetry, supposedly
My note
I would probably write my own quote, but I’m a neutral, I don’t vote.
Called popetry
Mary Frances Jan 2018
Love is gentle. Love is quite,
Like any distant star.
Love is beauty. Love is music,
Soothing as night winds are.

Love is patient and unselfish
Divine, true, neutral, fair
Love is ageless and immortal
Lost love is just somewhere.

And the heart that love abandoned
Nurses a tender scar
Softly stabbing, and yet still sweetly soothing
Just like the night winds are.
It is not always easy to express one's self
When his artistic creations are never placed in galleries
They are often forgotten of
Sitting there gathering dust on a storage shelf.
It seems as if ten more people are at the same task
As which you create with
Comparing their outcomes to your own
Your light of hope fails to light
Due to many missing you that must express
such visions
A dog starved to the bone.
Eyes meet the other exhibits
As your kiosk is primarily never sought for business
The confidence of challenge is there, however, it soon melts away
When all of the hard work which you have placed
in expressions for the world to see
Fade to darkness like the "dark side of the moon"
As night simply ends the days.
Questions remain about what you are truly "gifted"
at or "ahead" of other game pieces on the board game of life.
When so many are inventive such as you
One too many is a crowd.
You pull down a fake smile. A fake shrowd.
Now the net is neutral
Damaging my once vibrant flow
As my hands are now tied to how I can grow
The rules of the game are now many and harder to get around
Like a roadblock in your sight of your future
The air begins to become too thin and your mind weighs heavy
As the cut in your creative inventiveness
Bleeds too heavy and needs a "miraculous" suture.
Needing others on my team
Every time  I seek out such
I'm the "driver x" at the "speed races"
and the "forced gun" to bear uninspiring
and lonely expressive paces.
Is their justice to the laws limiting one's freedom of expression
just to protect those in the "top few?"
When the own half of the platform on which you try and "compete"
However, you are too small to be seen as "you."
This poem is concerning Net Neutrality. It shall place too many restrictions upon our freedom of expression. As it needs not to be limited enough to cruel competitiveness and other hefty charges to earn the privilege to post that in which you create, the government hits the final blow. They are slowly suffocating us artistic souls and silencing true brilliant voices. Bringing forth needed information to the world.
Mary Frances Dec 2017
He was positive.
He brought out the best in me.
He made me realize things with wisdom and clarity.
He erased all insecurities.
He made me see the other side of the world with glee.

He was negative.
He brought out the worst in me.
He made me angry and mad with so much ingenuity.
He wounded my pride and distorted my complexity.
He burnt my patience until it was gone entirely.

He was neutral.
He never put blame on anyone or anything.
He stayed silent during the times my mind was on chaos.
He never took any sides though it was obvious I was at fault.
He remained to be a listener and gave judgment by default.

But in everything he was,
in everything he is,
he would still remain to be my "once twisted dream".
Bella Dec 2017
Her Earth tone's rest in Beauty
draping across her skin,
as nothing more than skin.
clothes captured in  neutral colors
connecting her to the world,
like a tree or a daisy.
roots deep in the soil,
in the earth

She sits with her Moonstone rings,
daisies on her ankles
spirals on her hands.
amber and honey dripping from her head,
shining in the sunlight.
much like the sun shining through her skin,
the world glimmering through her eyes
hands soft and innocent as a child's.
the bits of copper and iron laced to her skin lay softly like her
softly shining undisturbed
Scarlet Keiller Jan 2017
A balanced boy he was,
the equal of all neutrality,
yet she was enough to make him wild.
~~ Let me turn you to stone. ~~
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