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Johnny walker Mar 2019
Something life doesn't always turn out the way you expect It to many things can go
just as they did with mine struggle most of my life
through each every day
then out of the
this pretty girl she came my way when I saw I knew
I loved her right there and then first time In my life I really
had something that was
right through all my struggles
In life, I finally had something In life to believe and really want so badly I would have died for
The first time In my life I had found something I so badly wanted the love of this pretty girl who had come my way
out of the blue my friend
Sarah Salako Feb 2019
now that i am older,
i am faster,
now that i am older,
i am wittier,

i can help it now i am older,
i will continue to get older,
till i am frail,
made obsolete,
they just want to press delete,
i am a burden to the nation of youths,
so wide-eyed and bushy tailed with determination,
endless possibilities,
that will come to an end,
like me,
you will get older,
i promise like me,
pale and meek and obsolete,
someone somewhere,
will press delete.
we all get older in the end
Marie Feb 2019
“She wanted this
And he wanted that
And they need this
But what about what I want
And what about what I need” she said
All we ever needed was to feel wanted
And all we ever wanted was to feel needed....
I’ve written words needed but unwanted,
As one who fights a war of last resort,
Disrespecting heartbreaks that I flaunted
While shaping memories I could distort.

Those unwanted poems that I needed,
All written in defiance of my nerve,
Every one of them should be deleted—
I still don’t know what purpose that they serve.

I cursed my hand so it would write no more,
But the words fought battles of attrition,
Oozing out as if from an open sore,
To heal the despair of my condition.

I’ve no desire to ever return to
The places my words so often bring me.
But it seems writing them I learn to
Appreciate the gift of being me.
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Johnny walker Dec 2018
Notes on the door
saying I'll pay you
double next week
then Helen and I to
the train station
we would
There to board a train
to the seaside for that
how we were back then
a time when we were so much
Everything done on the spare of the moment
not a care in the world
did we
For we had each other and that's all we needed back then for we were young and In love thats all that
Notes on the door pay next week  of to seaside we'd go for we young and very much In love that's all that mattered   then
Damaris ZA Sep 2018
a soft look, was drawn to my direction
blushed cheeks, came towards me; that filled my madness
a single touch, in every part that i could handle from you
letting, every part of you in me..
just to repeat the moment
and again.
It's something I find myself doing; is letting everything happen now so that in the future I repeat the memory again and again
DarkSkyesRising Aug 2018
Her soul is prettier than the stars in the sky
Yet you still think it's ok to make her cry
What did she ever do to you?
Look at what you've put her through

She's crumbling like aging stone
Yet you decide to not come home
Again and again you play tricks on her mind
Making her think you're there, but leaving her behind

Her heart is prettier than the dark ocean water
But the tide is just as strong, maybe stronger
The longer your gone, the longer she's alone
The sooner her ocean will be as dry as a bone

Her mind is as beautiful as a sunset through the trees
Pink and purple sky and warm scented breeze
She is everything that means "safe and love"
Yet you put her on a cliff and give her a shove

You think she doesnt know, but she does
You think she's still at home, well she was
Now she's physically there, but her minds disappeared
Lost in the stars wishing she wasn't scared

She wants her soul to be prettier than the stars in the sky
Too bad you never look up there to compare
Your eyes are set on your other highs
So you've never really seen her soul bared
Seanathon May 2018
Press the sound into your ears
Until the commotion is but a whisper
And then look at me so you might see
Exactly what this song mean
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