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Megan Hammer Aug 5
The River Seine, I remember well
And his bedroom window just above the stream
The gleam of a basement bar in Bruges
Blue eyes he poured out of over a mug

All I can think of is laughing and stumbling in the street
The cathedral as I sat in his lap, soft as the hour passed
Laughing at boys who were drunker than us
Asking each other which way the hotel was

Kissing in the dark in the back of the pub
Just look at him - how the eyes pour out
Pouring the most important thing into me,
Words I keep scrawled on a note in my pocket

Because he’s not here to tell me anymore
Doesn’t mean I can’t go back to the River Seine
Or a cathedral or the bar or the square

I can still hear it, the eyes pouring out
Tiananmen Square is a clean place today.
Everything is swept before it can
***** in the history of place.

No sign exists of the tanks that rolled,
the man in front of them,
the blood that flowed
like red sorghum seeds.

The cracked bricks
have been replaced
with new tera cotta tiles.

The first  memorial plaque
is invisible until you are
standing on top of it,
located at the Great Court
at the University of Queensland
4500 miles away.

its three lines read,
using the Aussie spelling.

In San Francisco  a 9.5 foot statue
modeled after the original
Goddess of Democracy
is located at the edges of
Chinatown in a park of
concrete and manicured trees.

On the anniversary Chinese police
put out temporary signs in  
in the center of the Square warning

Banner displayers, victory gesturers,
those doing solitary hunger strikes,
are detained, questioned, disappear.

On the Party web the students are scrubbed.
The only sign of blood that lingered
in the summer air that June morning
is a  photo of the lone soldier who died
in the “counter revolutionary turmoil”.

The plugged in young are unaware.
They only know that the Party
reserves the right of your total erasure.

Just as the memories of Hiroshima/Nagasaki
are vanishing horrors in the Japanese soul,
Tiananmen is not worthy of ghostly echoes,
or even the lies printed in every official history.

Truth is the secret kept dark by the victors,
it’s locked in prisons and dark closets,
it speaks with the voice of exile

In the dark light and smoggy air,
only dogs and the grieving blind
know the true scent of Tiananmen
hidden under the shiny tera cotta.
Casey Rodger Apr 3
How easy it can be to regress back to square one.
Back in that square where you did everything wrong.
Back in that place you worked so hard from.
Back in that square where you belong.
All this time i thought i could be strong.
Feeling so old even when i am young.
Grinding my teeth as i bite through my tongue.
I'm right back here.. Back in square ******* one.
Maxim Keyfman Dec 2018
next to the totem I'm standing
make a square make
numbers and runners ran
down your sweet ice
and I'm standing with a totem make
square number of knowledge of the way

red stripes and green
wild huge sharp eyes
big long bright tongue
like my late friend
like a friend of my past winters
oh I will never see him again

squares like circle circles like rhombuses
oh yeah i know what a circle is i know
what is square and know what is
rhombus red and green yellow
colors i know i'm near orange
desert and no this is my bag of light

Daniel eason Dec 2018
As time go's by i wonder why
Did i do this for a reason
Stop acting like theres no change of season

Mystical borderlines which separate the unconcious and reailty
Might just be what we need to grasp you see

Visualisations of landscapes
Sat in one place but i feel the escape

Codes, manuscripts and hidden information
Might make more sense
Once the creation
Has been done correctly
The only way it can be

Trial and error
Everyday is its own
First or last
Present and past

This train ride has never been so fast
I want it to last
But it doesnt
I feel like the tracks are broken beyond repair
All i wish is to be back to square
A poem about my life
The square
keep inside or be cast aside
your now afloat on lost tides
for daring to seek outside the weak minds of people trapped inside a box of the majority.
Fighting for a voice amongst the singular "bah" of all the sheep.
A new view a different crew, opinions changed looking out for yourself instead being another parrot on the shelf.
We looked outside the box
only to be thrown away like rocks
fit the the four walls or don't fit at all
a world with so much potential yet we cant stop fighting and destroying each other and mother nature
maybe we need to have a look at the view
The square
First poem in months, reflecting on the inability for our "advanced" race to solve simple issues that have continued for ever. War, hate and misuse, individually we all know what is right and wrong but when the majority follow each other as we do, we appear to loose that moral compass and just agree with the bigger agenda.
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2018
Without a rope but
squaring the circle
the giant man gives it a try
takes a flight off to the sky
only to fall flat on the ground.

She turns around
gives the circle her pi.
He bounces back
and retakes the flight
Que Sera, Sera on the way!
Sam Jul 2018
We started in one point,
until we flew our way into a straight line.
We hold hands and joined,
like stars in the sky
that just aligned.
But things came to disjoint,
after we realized we're choked when twined.
This must be the endpoint,
of our spiraling world that once shined.
My heart was destroyed,
and left there hanging on a thick brown vine.
But I hope you enjoyed,
the matter of time that you become mine.
So now,
I'll wish on a coin,
and throw it upon a
fountain of signs.
hoping we could go back together even in a square one.

Noises in Mind, Copyright © 2014
Sam N. de la Rosa
All rights reserved.
Breaking up has to conclusions. First, it is the endpoint. Second, it can still be fix.
Robin Carretti Jun 2018
I was circling seeing the symbol at
the square like great ***** of fire
Making his move the checkmate
The overcrowded City all sharked Inn
Persian cats  the parade of top hats
The women with her furry-coat
She has some woofing bark
The time to be happy but sulking

Dark, what? (Dr. Seuss Square Hats)
what happens when no one listens

Eyes far away masquerade to glisten
Holy water so purified  this earthly planet
A give or take got terrified all flatten
linked face and body invasion of the body
snatchers those crazy cats like a
A boy to the crunch snicker
were squeaking someone saw
something squealing card dealing

What the (Bobcats) cat napping
Stray cats ***** pack City rats
Were stinking up the alleyway
The whole nightclub was a square
the Disco ball have it your way
What time is it anyway 
 his hangover jerky

  Eggs Benedict Times Square the
formula of love project what did I do
for the next subject

What I did_ go daddy so diddy I was his lady
And he was so
square toast Arnold
So  dorm dorky was a big ball Porky
Pig glob New York Times all I read was What I did
The girl has to have ***** but the Victorian doll face
Christmas red glitter ***** came to be a disgrace

He's such firecracker handball the soccer ball he wasn't
showing up and what I did I met the Canadian Cups
I met someone else named  Rob what a dip drip dribble

He was fixated on the TV square rabbit ear antennas
Feeling like a round bubble brain chit chat yentas
In his RV square cell phone apps laying their sedated
Twins overlapped taking naps

Archer Ball hotel Archie what a "Bunkbed"
  outside in the lobby 'Talking heads' group,
they could see you talking in your sleep
that sleepytime tea Vampy crime
with his beat-up square chair
the doorknob speckled all dotted polka dot 
 Magnifying glass ball someone will fall

Itzy ritzy French bikini he fantasized
Into her curves, he needed
better ***** going firm up
The New Year was germ cup
To many Apple computers like
Jumping Jack more apple phones
it's the New Year you hear
So many serial murderers here's
(Jumping Jack)
he got trashed
Such a comic Jughead so bushed
He was outdated so Square he didn't
have one square in his head I was in the mood
making  round's
With celebration drinks ball twister looking
inside my crystal ball

New light counting 1-2-3-4 waiting without a
care 5-6-7-8 my head is pounding for the
New Year, everything is a number
People are like lemons
square cakes
All we do is have a fight to
the nearest rounding
A perfect round stone
Diamond why exchange silly name
Diamond Exchange
You know what I did for
Times Square right?
Don't go back tumbling in the past
Tumblr no one has time to check
your pictures all science and physics

Why does everyone want your birth number
Getting dimmer adding right dress
The ball did go up or what I did put a lid on it
  Holy hot tamales stick to the
new year priorities
Did I have a kiss or another year to miss?

The ball going down I need him to get up
Basket-Ball Hoop Snoop Dog
The concert felt like Ms. Betty Boop
New York necklace of fruit loops
  Please allow me to introduce
myself symphony
of the devil
I am a man I will do anything for my lover
When our time is right I will just leave her
Foreign Cat tongue milking let's be personal
Times Square New York New York
The Billboards and mural "Marilyn Monroe"
names of Doe look at her new legs
Her white dress flew away
with her money
gold bonds
She's the love talker he's savvy
(New Yorker)
New day, every hour, every time
Times Square
Jailbird meeting the blue square tie bird boss
He was the show wicked crime light cross
Is it really such a waste of time?
College teens of frats scholars

No one cared to have principles
What will I do for twin double
Eyes coupled
What I saw multiple personalities
what will be the resolution?

Singing in the New Year
he takes a New Year ***** Diva
her one of a kind glass
Someone threw it in the grass
Hum, Hum, Hum singing
He's downtown going forty-second street
Are you kidding me this is
Times Square
Do you have square curved
into your bone body
Go home and get some sleep
on your *****
This squares it up no extra rounds
That's what I did 4 Times Square
No love circles just being
you Square
Married diamonds square
shape worth it.
Kiss the whole earth lit
Time is many things we hold a moment and we watch the ball celebration or see all the killings we live in warfare no one, unfortunately, cares let us be the change and rearrange our hearts leave them close to our family and loved ones
Pao Jun 2018

i try to make amends with myself
but i keep falling back to square one
i don't know where to go
i don't know where i'm headed
but it all leads back to:

one house

one rule

one boy

one school

one touch

one promise

i keep falling back to square one
who am i to judge
the way you choose to be alive
we are all sick of the same rules
being alive is keeping your heart pumping  

my heart keeps beating, but  
i keep falling back to square one
drawing out a map and route it blind
i don't know where to go
i don't know where i'm headed
but it all leads back to:

one stare

one house

one rule

one boy

one school

one promise

we keep chasing ourselves in circles
falling short and feeling empty
drowning ourselves in self-fulfilling prophecies
not giving in
to letting all our pain sink us down
in the middle where we can watch ourselves drown
because we are never picture perfect like Hollywood movie screens  
sometimes it needs to hurt before we catch ourselves in the pit fall  

we always fall back to square one
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