Arcassin B Sep 2017

by Arcassin Burnham

The flowers and the trees,
from the ground to a branch as it swings with a beautiful gust
of wind,
And as it blows,
The feels come rushing through like the hypothesis of everything
created when it comes to an beginning era..
it nearly is when diamond valley makes you see the light,
too bright for the likes of your eyes like goodbyes of friends you knew before,
brain cells carry memories of lust and death like flies carry diseases,
remembering the last time you pivoted into oblivion with materialistic things
in life,
uploading a post on your samsung,
pacing back and forth with the same song,
and this song is so beautiful and lucid like ambiance
that it would be impossible to stop singing in an awe moment,
your brain caught it.

Poemasabi Jul 2017

There are few things more satisfying
than watching a lone mosquito
furiously trying to drill
baby, drill
circling the drill site
pushing and pushing
Do mosquitos sweat?
on the roof
of your car.

I slept with Depression

It started off w a break up
I was feeling lonely
You told me that you were
the only one who wanted to know me

I took you to my house but I didn't show my parents
Because they wouldn't like you and wouldn't understand

I took you to my room so that we could be alone
You started undressing and
showed me everything I could unfold

Started kissing on your lips of sadness

Rubbing on your body of confusion

Moved my hand down to your universe

I licked your stars and
Felt your gravitational pull

I tasted your black hole until
you finally came upon me and I fell into oblivion

When you finished I was under your control

I was stuck, Trapped
I was never good enough
My friends would ask
But talking about you was so tough

You made me look at life and question
Sent me in the wrong direction
You watched me self loathing
but always gave me your affection

You said you would be there for me and
told me what drugs to keep you near
You took advantage of my sorrows and
capitalized on my fear

I couldn't figure out how to please you
I always wanted to get out

I started to try to receive you
But you always showed some doubt

And as the skies turned dark
And then nights turned cold

I would sit with you in awe
Because u would never let me go.

JustJay Oct 2015

Sometimes I walk alone,
with all my dreams
and the saddest thing.

I never took your hand,
you never knew,
I illegitimately liked you.

Klara Dec 2014

I don’t write the things I write because they sound beautiful, I write them because I actually feel and think them and this is my way of getting my thoughts out. 
I am so sick of people glorifying selfharm and eating disorders… Honestly this site disgusts me at times, girls thinking they need to be troubled to fit in, that it is cool to stick your fingers in your throat and hug the toilet daily…
no no no

Having your thighs touch does not mean you are fat, it means that your hip structure is wider than others’. 
Having scars does not mean you are mysterious and interesting, it means you have secrets, struggles you wanted to get out but couldn’t. Scars are nothing to be proud of, you may be proud of the fact that they are scars and not wounds anymore, but showing them off is just sick. 
Please believe me that having a bigger size than your friend doesn’t make you fat, it makes you different. Which is good. There is no such thing as ugly or fat, there is only beauty which has a very wide definition. But the bigger part of that definition goes back to one thing; happiness.
stop glorifying troubles and making it seem cool to have them, you are not a freak if you feel happy, for one, you are lucky. Go ahead and feel happy. Let it scare you, smile so wide your cheeks hurt. That’s what it’s all about.

I wrote this on tumblr but it's really about any site in general gloryfying sadness...

— The End —