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IncholPoem Jan 2019
Run  with
wearing  a  belt
while   running
runners     do  not
belt   on  waist
for    the  slow   down  of
blood  pressure.

      Run  with
  a  systematic  met­hod
to  reach  on  moon.

  The   path  is  nano  path
on  which   your   body
would  be  a  particle.

     Run  with
non-systematic  way
to  achieve  a
Golden Globe
          without  doing  a  
single   short  movie
Amanda Powell Jan 2018
When people call me fun sized I don't know what to say.
Like if I was another size the fun would go away?

Some of my friends call me Nano, meaning very very small
A name I got in middle school and actually don’t mind at all

But this is because I own it and find it quite original
Unlike the normal comments that really aren’t forgivable

They say good things come in small packages but how can I know that’s true
When the world is full of big macs, and supersized taboos

Small things are always quiet, in corners or on display
I don’t want that fate for me, I’d rather be in the way

Making change is hard to do when adorable is your namesake
I’m activating feminist mode and trying to make an earthquake

No I don’t want to be your armrest, yes I’m tall enough for that ride
I’ll kick your *** at limbo, just watch me and abide

I used to wear high heels, to fit in with the crowd
Until a friend my size told me to embrace it and be proud

Now I wear flat shoes and am comfortable all the time
So when I’m kicking *** I can pivot on a dime

Sometimes my legs are tired from the height I’m trying to personify
So if you ask if I want a piggy back…that’s actually one thing I won’t deny

I like seeing it from your point of view even if it’s jaded
I do wish you could see it from mine though and find why my ideals have faded

“You’re cute when you're angry” they say, just like it's a compliment
But how would you feel if your emotions were reduced to words that aren't dominant?

When you grow up in a world where cute is your middle name
You don’t trust the ones that call you beautiful but who really is to blame?

Let alone if you ever hear “****” being said in your direction
Have you ever heard of a man getting a cute *******?

I’m ready for a shift and I can feel it in my bones
They’re aching to dance a new routine, with Beyonce in my headphones

Maybe that means they’re catching up, it’s about time for my growth spurt
After a life of half pint, shrimp and short stuff, watch as I convert

12/01/2016 Amanda Powell
Macy Opsima Apr 2017
the smell of this place
will soon fade at the back of our minds
each thought & memory
will soon be broken into uncompleted lines

one day we will find our feet back
walking the ground where you first fell in love
touching the halls that are now a different hue
to see if they've forgotten you

tales of fairy & lore
will soon be covered with dust
your firsts and lasts
will soon all be eaten by rust

the place of our childhood
though many years have grown
its ceilings may decay
but it will always love to be your home

the trees may bend and left forgotten
hidden behind tall buildings & lampposts
most of what you left behind
will soon all be ghosts

familiar faces with unfamiliar scents
they wont expect you to stay same
tight bonds will melt into loose ends
and they will forget your name

my name isn't carved into something historical
all of this will be washed by the rain
how bittersweet it is
to travel down memory lane
Aparna Mar 2013
Well- bread horses and golden corn.
Freshly rained upon, scissor cut green fields,
Dew settling on stained pink roses.

Ribbons entangled behind the blueberry bushes,
Where boys and girls share their first kisses,
Shaming Nano Nagle, her statue.
Nandini Jul 2014
Your heart brought with Amnesia.
To study it ,
I slid into your heart ,
making way through your tears
it was dark.
Placing a candle at the grave of your sorrows,
I stitched up your battered ,bleeding heart.
Tendering to the grave turned gardens,
I smuggled sunlight to your dandelion soul.
Drugging you 3 times daily with comfort,
was what I prescribed.
Nothing stays forever , so didn't your illness
and you don't remember me any-longer.
Happy laughter of love echoed ,
in the skies of your fist sized heart.
Wished you a healthy heart ahead,
only with the desire to treat it again .
Nandini Jul 2014
today words don't play
the hearts game .
feelings my ace
to play blackjack..
they say words
and words are all the same
you gambled
I'm dealing my broken heart

playing a Switch
you emptied my hand
foolish ! merely did I
trusting my cards
that's how you won
leaving the game bland
you gambled
making me your trump card .
Ah! I remember you played
Blackjack the player must compete with the dealer .
life's not a game , loves not a card.
just thought of the game and penned it.
Nandini Jul 2014
Youve been my most impossible possibility
Jeopardy of my accused love

You've been etched into my palm lines
But lost on the crossroads of dilemma

You've been whispering in steamed voices from my coffee
Just to be an unknown visibility

Love ,
Just be back before today settles
As forever into my wrinkles

Before I lay into satan's darkest cloak
Be back love ,
before the stars tear away
from the skies of my eyes.
Just be back .....

Love is a masked demon...
Sacrifice is one of its faces!
Nandini Jul 2014
If someday the world is turned upside down !
Would you care
To be my companion ?

The sky will be an endless pool,
We'll dive into the blue and drink of it.
I'll plant a tree at its shore ,
A tree of our hopes,
Watered with our deepest desires.
I'll tie a swing of our dreams on its branches,
And we'll soar higher into heavens.

If someday the world is turned upside down ,
Would you care
To be my companion ?

We'll kiss the suns sprouting ray
of crimson hue,
And the moon would sing us
Sweet lullabies by night
Trust me ! We'll ride the winged breeze
And write our adventures on earth's *****.

If someday the world is turned upside down ,
Would you care
To be my companion ?
Would you ?
When Life is all about possibilities .... Why be the one to make it impossible??
Nandini Jul 2014
Always holding a pen even when I don't know what to write
It's like a habit now I guess more of an addiction
Some call me crazy while others admire and some ? ...never mind !
But yes maybe for a person who writes it's like
A whiff of fresh air ,
Like the first snow of the season
Like the chirping of the birds  or maybe falling in love once again !
I write about pain , love , eyes and everything you want to imagine .
Many a times me and my coffee are best company ,
We sometimes come up with the best lines .
Ha! But I got adopted recently , mamma HP did .
Few know me , few follow while I follow many every where
We share , we like and best part ?
Yeah right we inspire each other ...!!
I'm kinda the new kid on the block .. ;)
I guess I'll stick around a bit longer
So to say it in 3w

Thank you HP ! I love this site , you've given me new hope and been my mamma all the while ... I can say it the way I want ... Just to you !
I love the family :)
Nandini Jun 2014
They slumber in the deepest of the minds,
they battle conquer lose even die as time unwinds
our lives their playground , its always been.
once they decided to hide and seek,
madness was counting while wanting to break free,
Lie hide like  it always  , behind  the  most beautiful tree.
love with no place to hide but a rose bush,
Everyone was caught except love hiding in ambush.
Envy revealed  loves hideout  to madness with jealousy,
madness jumped in and dragged love carelessly.
Fate blinded love as it lost its eyes to the thorns,
Now God  thundered a curse for madness to adorn.
That madness to be around  love till end of time ,
this  pushes me to wonder
maybe thats how loves called blind while madness always accompanies it !
My friend read this to me ..... ive laid it down in my words giving it a face of a story.
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