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Olivia Sep 9
I can’t breathe
You kiss me good bye and I whisper
I love you
You hug me tight & I close my eyes
Tears stroll down my face
As I wake
It aches me to know you aren’t there.
I knew this day would come
I didn’t want it to end
Please don’t leave
Farewell my lover & friend.
Olivia Sep 9
It hurts,
thinking about you,
Smelling your scent on your t-shirt,
Knowing you aren’t around anymore,
It hurts.
Olivia Jan 7
I thank God for another year of life, for keeping you here longer each day.

I remember as a child I would pray my heart out to keep you safe forever, “God don’t take her away from me,” I’d say.

You told me at age 50 you prayed the same “God keep me alive till she’s grown,” you’d say.

28 years later and he hasn’t let us down.

It hasn’t been the easiest of years but God please forgive me of my sins.

Not today she’d say, not today.
Olivia Sep 2018
I dreamt of you lastnight

It was one of those dreams you know?

The ones you never want to wake up from
Olivia Aug 2018
You may not be with someone at this moment in time but suddenly you realise that at one point you were, and that in itself is a testament, although it didn’t last indefinitely they were there and they cared! and you cared genuinely! and just knowing that, that someone at one point in time felt something a little close to love for me, well that, that fills me up immensely.
It’s been a few months since Iv’ve posted. Anything new. The one thing I love about reading my poems is that you can look back on days that you were the most lonely and think to yourself “wow! I’ve really come a long way”.
Olivia Apr 2018
My Heart has a mind of its own
Always ignoring my head
and every chance of pain
When it decides to feel again
it revives every emotion within me
It’s like a prison but a prison
that I choose to be in

- The heart wins every time.
Olivia Mar 2018
Poetry is a place of sanity
where we happily revive the pain
leading our hearts and minds valiantly
again and again..
Happy World Poetry day
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