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Perri Jul 2019
Holy ****
I love you
I want to scream it
From earths peaks
A buffet of love
eating it makes me weak
From the hot summer breeze
naked in the sheets
I love you cold as winter
And sweaty from the heat
Two years ago
today we meet
Our journey has been
cheap bourbon
First bitter, now sweet.
Perri Jun 2019
Ying and yang
Wild and tame
Desert and rain
Curvy and framed
but I'll always
love you
the same
Perri May 2019
The air is so thick
the intensity and despair
like swimming in soup
this feeling is not rare

It sensed my new comfort
feeling of fresh and bare
vulnerable and excited
I start to repair
while in the shadows
was waiting a scare
a toxic energy
prepared to impair
with one negative tear
my fair skin
and red hair
I beg
I swear
don't drag me down there
I thought I escaped
my mind was aware
now it's pulling me back
I refuse this nightmare
I pray
I plead
trying to end the affair
As warmth turns to cold
I take a last breath of..
Perri Mar 2019
See, it's just the sudden realization
That I am powerfully
More excited
Beyond curious
And spontaneously
different than you.

It's not that I don't love you, boy.
It's that I am beyond it all.
I starve for my independence.
Perri Feb 2019
I only love you when I'm manic
All those other times?
You're just tolerable.
Perri Jan 2019
I miss being cold from my head to my soul;
I want to be ****** back in to the dark hole
I found comfort in for years.
I long for the feeling of lack of touch; hungry for the deprevation of human contact.
So please listen when
I wish to be ignored,
I pray to be unloved
and I beg to be forgotten.
Because that's where I feel
most at home.
  Jan 2019 Perri
Joseph Schneider
We fight day in and day out
Filling voids we fail to understand
Yet nothing changes
We remain a record on repeat
Like an echo
Nourishing every last emotional strand
Thoughts turn into dreams
Dreams turn into dust
We craft days into a delusion
A delusional repetition
For all the wrong reasons
Not knowing what we have done
We obey
Why do we have no guidance
Through ruins we make home
We become truly alone
An echo isn't as beautiful as it seems
An echo is a lie

-Joseph B Schneider
© Joseph B Schneider. All rights reserved
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