She Writes Apr 23
On most nights the sky is my sanctuary
I feel safe and still
Laying under the stars

Meteor showers
Leave me refreshed; inspired
Engulfed in the beauty of our universe

Not tonight

I feel intimidated
By the empty spaces
Between the stars

It reminds me
Of the empty spaces
In my heart

I look to the sky
To find peace of mind
My celestial sanctuary

Not tonight

All I see is chaos
As streaks of light
Chase each other through the sky

My mind is crumbling
Bit by bit
With each falling star
She Writes Apr 23
Watching meteors
Streak across the sky
Sparks the realization
Even things falling apart
And combusting all around you
Can be beautiful
Let's burn down the bridges
and shootup the stars
wondering if, we'll ever get far

Dragging our tails
our feet through the mud
washing our hands, covered in blood

The world trying to kill us
Hawking told us too leave
this is something, I truly believe

Ever the end is nigh and near
comet, pandemic return
bacterial death or simply, too burn

Pack up your bags
search all that you know
no way to get there, nowhere to go
Maybe the aliens will help? Yeah, right ;/
I'll have the dbl Martian margarita please Muriel! ;D
Asonna Feb 26
Tell me that it's love that i'm feeling.
if it's not I fear my heart can't take much more.
I can't take my eyes off you,
yet i know the reason I won't leave is in your eyes.

I know it's love that I'm feeling,
even though we haven't been together in so long.
Your eyes still sparkle the same,
like watching a meteor shower

I'm caught in awe.

I swear you've never looked so good
so much better than anyone should,
after they tore away my heart.
I can't take my eyes away from you still.

If I survive another night,
I know that I can get over you.
I once had that lovin' feeling from you,
but now I'm gone still dreaming...

still dreaming of those meteor showers.
Rocks go by
they bounce, and fly

In and out
of atmosphere

Larger stones
that think us home

Crash, and burn
and die

Every day, adventure
as another whizzes past

May not know, when, or where
but blast it all to hell

You can be damn sure
we'll all know

Just what happens
It seems there is a story every day about a NEO (Near Earth Object)
Tell ya what, please advise me 2 days before the killer one eradicates the earth, so I can get so drunk, it won't matter :D~
We burn like meteors:
Hot, fast, and bright
Screaming through the atmosphere
Hearts afire, souls alight
Each trip
One small skip for heart,
One giant leap for meteorite.

But there are two inevitabilities:
Time, and with it, gravity.

We break apart
Losing light
We extinguish
Losing sight
But after it's over -
After you're gone
I'm still

Replays shooting through my mind -
I'm starting to suffocate on oxygen.

Then I desperately search
For a laugh, or a sound,
Hoping a new voyage
Soon will be found
Grasping at wind
All the way down
Just a stone in thin air
Plummeting to the ground.
10/28 Inktober prompt: Fall
No edits allowed.
Dawn Aug 2017
a roadtrip to somewhere,
just so we could watch a meteor shower.

we didn't even know exactly where to go,
only that we wanted to watch the shooting stars without the city's glow.

at first adrenaline filled our somber and tired selves;
we were all fueled with the idea of seeing something magical at twelve.

then came the rush of being lost in lonely, secluded roads.
suddenly we realized, this trip, to our parents we should've told.

whose is that car parked at the other side of the highway?
were they here even before we stopped to look at the meteors fall away?
should we flee or should we stay?
i don't want this to be our last day.

oh god please help us
we're running out of gas

and just as we are consumed with panic,
and fear of strangers in places, dark and exotic
we drive back to the city,
where the people are awake and much less creepy.

when the lamposts became brighter,
and the surroundings no longer sinister,
where the stars we so longed for became much hazier,
we simply laughed at our cowardice,
and at our overly-hightened suspiciousness.

as dull, yet terrifying the world can be,
even with rare astronomical phenomenas that are oh so sightly,
adventures are really, no less scary.
yet everything can still feel mesmerizing,
and even reassuring,
so long as you are able to find just the right company.
081217. A late night roadtrip with my friends turned into cinematic adventures. I'm glad we're all safe now.
i left the party.
everything felt better when i got some
running water underneath my feet
and felt the brisk winds kiss my rosy cheeks,
the only thing i need brushing up against me.
looking down i found
the riverbeds and arches were laced
with fleeting reflections of fireflies.
i'm missing the meteor shower tonight
sitting in the village square i come to
when i'm sick to my stomach of staring up
and not seeing a single twinkling light.
because pollution has plucked the stars
from my city's night skies.
there's a street corner over a city or two
where we could see falling stars perfectly
in the graveyard or by the nelson monument.
somewhere much more romantic.
yuki motokane Dec 2016
like a meteor
that falls to the earth
she fell for him

like a meteor
and it's small pieces
that scatter when it crashes

like the broken pieces
that lay on the ground
she was lost
she was broken.
but the feeling of falling was all worth it.
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