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The world has stopped spinning.
God is going to toss a stone,
And it is going to change everything.
Change does not wait for anyone,
And it is not going to wait for you.
God is going to toss a stone,
Watch it crush your bones.

Feed us to the maggot queen.
We will carry her eggs,
And when they hatch,
They will eat the nest.
There will be nothing left

The beasts of the forests,
And the fowls of the air.
Shall devour us.

The ***** of the earth,
Shall be burnt in a devouring fire,
And swallowed up by the earth's crust.

There will be nothing left of us.

If we continue to live like this,
Then we are going to die like this!
If you ask me, he lit the match that set the Moon on fire
It’s not a myth; I was there, when I had no home
And I walked in Saturn’s ring rain for so long it sloughed off my skin
I marched, trying to flatten the crater I’d made
Because I was ashamed of it
I was the last meteor to hit his heart; the loudest
But that was so long ago
The quietest revolutions are usually the most violent
If you ask him, I smelled like Genesis and Revelation from the inside
******* insatiable
I slathered honey on my cheeks and boiled my blood
so hot until my arteries turned charred black
I licked my wounds from the impact and discovered just what the hell was poisoning me

If you ask me, I didn’t know him last night and I won’t know him on the last night
But my God, he inspires me
Arianna Jan 11
From the vastness of
The Night, a starry angel
Fell into my palm.
I saw a shooting star tonight on the way home from work. It descended so suddenly, in a ball of strange green light, plummeting straight from the heavens to the earth...
Billy Sep 2018
I am a meteor
Not for you to enjoy
Because you are the atmosphere
And I would burn up for getting too close

As I pass by
I see you smile deep in your sleep
A smile that lights the canyon lines
And I wonder who you are dreaming of

As I pass by the second time
You are on your porch, glass of wine at hand
I had to hold back every desire
And not to race to the front of your door

As I pass by the last time
You are in someone's arms
I wonder if I have to dive down to earth
Burning up doesn't seem so bad now
She Writes Apr 2018
On most nights the sky is my sanctuary
I feel safe and still
Laying under the stars

Meteor showers
Leave me refreshed; inspired
Engulfed in the beauty of our universe

Not tonight

I feel intimidated
By the empty spaces
Between the stars

It reminds me
Of the empty spaces
In my heart

I look to the sky
To find peace of mind
My celestial sanctuary

Not tonight

All I see is chaos
As streaks of light
Chase each other through the sky

My mind is crumbling
Bit by bit
With each falling star
She Writes Apr 2018
Watching meteors
Streak across the sky
Sparks the realization
Even things falling apart
And combusting all around you
Can be beautiful
Asonna Feb 2018
Tell me that it's love that i'm feeling.
if it's not I fear my heart can't take much more.
I can't take my eyes off you,
yet i know the reason I won't leave is in your eyes.

I know it's love that I'm feeling,
even though we haven't been together in so long.
Your eyes still sparkle the same,
like watching a meteor shower

I'm caught in awe.

I swear you've never looked so good
so much better than anyone should,
after they tore away my heart.
I can't take my eyes away from you still.

If I survive another night,
I know that I can get over you.
I once had that lovin' feeling from you,
but now I'm gone still dreaming...

still dreaming of those meteor showers.
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