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Emily Wang May 6
If the galaxy came down in a tempest
And all the stars fell in the rain
I’d bottle up a supernova
And send it off your way.
Every morning during breakfast
I’d drink the Milky Way
And if ever the galaxy falls anew
We can barricade the storm drains.
An old piece
Van Xuan Apr 22
When we talk about meteor shower
There are so many perspectives to look unto
But there is one perspective that I really like
And that is showing its brilliance
In a very short time
Yet it lingers to our hearts
Jumping our souls up
Deeply appreciating how beautiful night is

Be that kind of meteor shower in other people's lives
Give a tiny spark in their lives
In anyway you want
And I assure you
That person,
Will appreciate how beautiful life is
Just a quick realization while watching meteor shower
Mitch Prax Jan 28
Baby, we're a meteor
and we killed the dinosaurs.
We scorched the Earth and
turned all that was
into ash.
Time has passed,
and not much has changed.
To this day,
I find myself
studying the fossils
and wandering
what could have been
if we had landed smoothly.
Mitch Prax Nov 2019
I soar
like a meteor
directly into your heart
but the closer I get,
the more I begin to crumble
and lose myself to you.
Smaller and smaller
until I'm but a pebble
barely making a noise
upon your window.
Dana Aug 2019
It was the middle of the night when the power went out.
My body
accustomed to an ambient electrical hum
refused sleep.
I got up, and you followed
just like always.
We walked to the top of the hill where we lived
at the time
We've moved four times since that night.
We walked,
your collar's gentle sonance
conflicting with the silence.
When we reached the peak
we stood,
our small world lit only by the moon.
We beheld the great expanse
of the shy quiet stars
that usually hid behind the light pollution.
The milky spill of a spiral galaxy,
where we lay spinning on its periphery,
backlit the countless trails of fire courtesy of the Perseids.
And I thought
there have been more nights without street lights
than nights of human history.
These flaming trails of ice and dust,
these remnants of comets,
would exist despite those of us lucky enough
to bear witness
that night the power went out.
To that time my dog and I watched the meteors alone in the middle of the night because all the lights were out.
MisfitOfSociety Jul 2019
The world has stopped spinning.
God is going to toss a stone,
And it is going to change everything.
Change does not wait for anyone,
And it is not going to wait for you.
God is going to toss a stone,
Watch it crush your bones.

Feed us to the maggot queen.
We will carry her eggs,
And when they hatch,
They will eat the nest.
There will be nothing left

The beasts of the forests,
And the fowls of the air.
Shall devour us.

The ***** of the earth,
Shall be burnt in a devouring fire,
And swallowed up by the earth's crust.

There will be nothing left of us.

If we continue to live like this,
Then we are going to die like this!
Jalisa Allycia May 2019
If you ask me, he lit the match that set the Moon on fire
It’s not a myth; I was there, when I had no home
And I walked in Saturn’s ring rain for so long it sloughed off my skin
I marched, trying to flatten the crater I’d made
Because I was ashamed of it
I was the last meteor to hit his heart; the loudest
But that was so long ago
The quietest revolutions are usually the most violent
If you ask him, I smelled like Genesis and Revelation from the inside
******* insatiable
I slathered honey on my cheeks and boiled my blood
so hot until my arteries turned charred black
I licked my wounds from the impact and discovered just what the hell was poisoning me

If you ask me, I didn’t know him last night and I won’t know him on the last night
But my God, he inspires me
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