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Bhill Jun 2020
are you open-minded
take theology out of creation
what caused it all
simple inquiry with enormous and somewhat confusing concepts
take theology out of the answer
the big bang might just be real....!

Brian Hill - 2020 # 169
Sheila Greene May 2020
Asked, questioned
can I love
My Amber

When, what
point I realized
I wanted

How, whence
genetic girl
so accepting be

Who, why
how could I not?

Judge, absolve
Don't cast stones
Everyone lives in glass houses.

© sd greene  7/6/17
We should all be so accepting of each other.
TS Nov 2019
You built me a casket that was too small and expected I would accept it quietly.

Ken Pepiton Aug 2019
Opposition research, programing overcomers of
Self-Generated Adversarial Nets

who opposes imeyou I me You we
twining entanglements

trippy y syn edoche cliche okie-dohkie

eh okeh, we flow, make me feel

youngagain moragain bis morgen jetst

finite form we have Gausian blurs
per ceiva -wait, Hay -

ible- I baled on spel-chick she got al

faithful to the meme team,
Them Me.

can't keep a secret, any more
or less

as secret keepingers go, both ways

truth, pa-tien, wait, watch, see

free-be, from your fiture.

Art. Call this that, say

This is that,
which to poets of old claimed ours

by right of use known
gk kg (y'know how t' vocalize those sounds, in y'mind?)
now n gnost
tic thirty three
degrees of separation twixt
this and that

comes being
we seeing we re
arrange perceptions from deceptions
during less patient proper
property, something to lean on,
itified for support, not to own,

they rod, the me-asurer and
they staff, i lean on for ward

setting the vector of now from now on

easy as that,
lean good, in any way, next

is never as predicted.
This is that.

This is how words live in readers of this book of
This life. and that,

more abundant.
A message to the world from some thoughts I caugt tempting me to dare say this is that aloud. If gay and may are mine to use, as I wish with no nevermind to otherwise. My side did win. I helped, that feels amazing, un-mazing in the local mind.
julianna Jul 2019
You claim to be open-minded, yet you set boundaries which uninspire
You’re judgmental and don’t love people who are different, you only love the “different” that you choose
Your life doesn’t allow for true freedom, only freedom within a limit of constraints that were set by others, a freedom that won’t last forever
Your alternative lifestyle is draining and anything conservative is to be shunned
There is no balance
And one day you’ll find that between the laughter, the celebration, and overall dulling of the senses, that you are unhappy
And tired of being free
A fool who failed to realize his flaws, flabbergasted at the thought how he has yet to reach fruition; can such fallacies formulate for this long?

Even foes forge wars against such fundamentalism. But you, a felonious man, has no fear of anyone at all.

It's futile to fight such a closed-mind fiend of a man, fraud and fictive thoughts has already permeated such a mind;  for his ways are fragile, fruitless and foul like a dead tree of figs.
Close minded people are hard to communicate with.
Colm Jul 2018
Fell beings are we
Who delicate our time
Not to those causes which are above us
But to the strength of arms
And the will of the mind
For our own success
Do we see it, whatever IT may be
What small recesses our minds have.
Celestite Jul 2018
We take the Sun for granted
Like she’ll always be here
As if she is filled with golden rays
That knock away our fears
But what if all that golden light
Doesn’t repel fear itself away
But she’s just too scared to admit
That all of her demons stay
And she relies on the moon to watch her back
But she too has problems of her own
Yeah the stars keep her company
But she still feels so alone.
These two wonders of the sky have so much beauty in common but still ignore each other, what for?
If you would just open your eyes, and open your mind
You two could be so much more.
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