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Luna May 2020
Being in constant fear of losing
At some point......
We loose the fear of loosing.
Somewhatdamaged Dec 2019
Everyday the new stuff is here
And I'm loosing myself in fear!
Can't see myself anywhere,
been tormented with none of my share.
Its beyond me, can't help myself
What they shoved to my face
I cannot repair.

In all this disarray
the fragments I'm loosing of myself.
Everybody keeps on pushing forward,
but it drags behind me, in the back!
Sometimes what you cling to most
Is the one to hurt you most!

The whole world finds it easy
Am I the only one suffering?
Viktoria Dec 2019
Without you, the world is only a planet perishing anyway.
Stars are just little dots which don’t even exist anymore.
The sun is a burning ball blinding me.
Raindrops are small bullets pattering down to the ground.
The heat is the enemy trying to melt every single atom of my body
And the cold is the one trying to freeze my blood.
You are part of my heart, my inspiration, my soulmate.
Without you, I am just a machine working day by day until my engine is broken.
Sneha Thakur Aug 2019
Now that I have  been thinking about it over my sleep,
I think you are kinda like ice cream,
you are like ice cream on a very hot summer day.
you keep melting away,
but I keep taking you back,
putting you back up in the freezer.
Trying to make you like before,
at least I think I do,
but I keep losing parts of you,

Some parts of you that I love,
So tell me should I stop freezing you back
Taking you back?
Mister J Mar 2019
I once found a rose
That drew me to it's beauty
I knew I had to take it for my own
I yearned to possess it earnestly

Without hesitation I jumped in
I grabbed it with all I have
Wanting it truly with all my heart
Praying sincerely to own it wholly

I held on to it vigourously
So that no one can steal it from me
Tightening my grasp onto it
As if I could never want anything more

I didn't mind holding on to it
I wouldn't exchange it for anything in the world
And yet others kept telling me to let go
As they saw my hands bleeding badly

I saw it before it even bled this badly
I knew that things would turn for the worst
And yet my desire took over my reason
And wounded myself from the thorns it has

As I contemplated my own pain
I saw the pain I was causing this rose
She suffocated under my grasp
She was dying under my care

I knew what I have to do
And yet I held on to it tight
Thinking that it was mine
And yet my hands said otherwise

Now I'm stuck in a dilemma
Should I still hold on and both get hurt
Or do I let go and let it grow on its own?
Do I say goodbye and just give up on it?

No matter how much I love it
If I continue this, I'll continue bleeding
And she'll continue suffocating
How do I let her go?
Hey. It's been a while..

Hope you like this piece..
An analogy of a rose and love..


Senna-Mia Rahner Feb 2019
The stars twinkled so loudly
And you left so quietly
I didn't hear you go
Even the constellations had no clue.
And I know its wrong
But sometimes I feel low
And blue
Without you.
And you'll never know
But the stars still shine
For you.
They wish you where mine
But don't worry
I'll wait till the end of time
I'll watch a billion stars die
Just for you.
And sometimes I wonder
Out of all the goodbyes
You said
If mine was the one
That stuck in you head.
memoona kazmi Jan 2019
everyone is afraid,
afraid of loosing something,
some of money,
other of pride,
some of fame,
some of beauty,
but i am afraid,
of loosing the most
precious thing
of my life,
i am afraid
of loosing
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