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july hearne Jan 10
big mike sent them after us,

he reminds me of jezabel,
thankfully, jezabel was thrown out of a window
and eaten by wild dogs

can't wait for that happen to big mike,
hopefully any day now since the cup of iniquity is quite full
then big mike can finally feel like the woman he will never be

i wonder if big mike will finally be proud of our country
as we watch his corpse being eaten by wild dogs on bitchute
since youtube will ban it.
  Jan 6 july hearne
Darkness slays the sun. Descending, he dies.
To hide his glowing countenance and wait;
Until his resurrection flood our skies
With promise of a greater solar state

Oh mourn and weep, ye gaining shades of night;
An orange sunset lingers in the west.
The trumpet sobs a reveille; the light
Is dwindling on the presidential fest.
And cypresses are sighing in their shame
For Orange Man has forfeited his game.

The technocrats and leftists, as a mass
Opposed his righteous reign with godless spite.
Not once did they relent, but dogged his ***
In jackal-packs still slavering to bite.
And yet he is deplorably adored,
Nor friend nor foe politically bored.

Vile virtue-signalers (with none to show),
Despised all those who dared support his plan;
And prideful with each whining coward blow
Confirmed themselves inferiors to the man.
Pink feminists, at odds with all that's right
Displayed themselves as ******* in the fight.

They could not stand the mention of his name.
The Globalists and other Euro-trash,
With Luciferian bankers, void of shame,
Resume their one-world plotting in a flash;
Preparing for re-set. (We wish they would
Let God reset them for their own **** good.)

So DRUMPF's Fifth ***** must sadly reach its end,
And Jared's **** wife return her shoes.
His Völkisch warriors shall no more defend
Republics that weak RINOs all refuse;
And Milquetoast Mitt, and Bush, his parting hail
Grown tired of winning, longing yet to fail.

My Einsatzgruppen uniform: no more
To wear the holy garment in my pride.
My shimmering hood and robe I now must store;
Well-pressed, I lay them tearfully aside.
My lynching rope I coil with loving care,
My Ku-Klux armband nevermore to wear.

Alas, the fascist father-figure goes;
His bigot minions, all my own, lament.
Misogynists and racists at the close
Have lost their weary way and all is spent.
He wasn't dictatorial enough;
We all grew tired of winning. It was tough.

But wait; a zephyr stirs the orange grove.
The dusk has not yet sighed its final breath:
Once more a scent of citrus wafts above . . .
Twas' premature, their festival of death.
Then TRUMP arises, grinning, from the bier
And all who who wished him gone recoil in fear.

Fresh horror now the adversaries sweeps;
The trembling crypts foreshadow his rebirth.
Progressive politics despairs and weeps
While liberal dread supplants their vengeful mirth.
Then Donald rises, leering like a ghost
To fill with panic every heartless host.

Mere hopium, this horror-movie plot.
It looked like he might pull it off— but no.
Now darkness teaches light what it is not
And half the nation jeers at him to go.
Healing urged—but fake. Polarization
Shall characterize our waning nation.

Hopes of resurrection vanish with night. 
The scapegoat's legions waken from the dream
To seek nocturnal solace from the fight:
The tepid normie water's middle stream.
And Q-**** numerologists learn code.
(The rest of us just wonder what we're owed.)

Saint Orange must diminish. He's impeached;
And sunset velvet now becomes his hue.
The ballot urns of Georgia never reached;
Our judges sat to stifle what we knew.
The monoparty's monkeys steal the show;
His puppet masters hiss him. Let him go.

Now Dixie's juiceless orchards sing his dirge.
The willows hang their boughs in leafless grief . . .
Disgust for all the traitors starts to surge;
And clown-world tries but cannot bring relief.
Orange Savior's promise: undelivered;
The funeral expires—and all is withered.
Thanks to my muse for alternate stanzas !
july hearne Dec 2020
Lie very stiff and still
In the fields the dumb and dangerous flowers fill

Die away, be no more,
Do not be found

Tell your master he can’t whip me
Next time he comes around
Unwavering in certainty
Sweet spot for his sucker punch
Good and ready for his licking
Tell your master he can’t whip me

His debt clock has been ticking
It is time for picture picking

In my pick
Of the picture
Devil has a sidekick
With a heart as light as a feather
Devil and sidekick together
Never take away half way
The taken have been taken all the way
In my pick of the picture

See to it the luxuriant native tree
Flourishes to decay
The way ungiven desires of a heart wither away
When the wicked steal what they borrow and do not repay

Die away, be no more,
Do not be found

Lie very stiff and still
In the fields the dumb and dangerous flowers fill
Get there early, before they are consumed
The taken will be taken and not returned
july hearne Nov 2020
kandis never raised her little girl voice
and was such a good person,
she had no use for evil people
who spoke their minds
kandis was so good, she didn't have unkind
words to say about ed murray

so good in fact, that she once escorted someone
out of a bar in bellevue, wa for talking about
what a ******* ed murray was and still is to this day
kandis did NOT want the world to be polluted by people
who called child rapists pieces of ****

eric didn't like his right arm or his left leg,
he would weep quietly into his lonely pillow
at night until the day kandis softly encouraged
him to cut off both

eric felt a sense of relief wash over him
when kandis suggested that,
so he proceeded to have his right arm amputated at the shoulder
and his left leg amputated mid-thigh

this did nothing to make eric feel whole,
when he confided in kandis that the amputation
had done nothing to relieve him of disphoria,

kandis would have none of it
and softly encouraged him to cut off his left arm
and his right leg,

which eric proceeded to do.

eric lies in bed with two nubs where his arms used to be
and two stumps where his legs used to be
each nub and each stub are beginning to rot,
blackly rot,
but he receives a lot of validation on twitter
because there are such good people in this world
and aren't you one of them?
july hearne Nov 2020
she was a good person
who had nothing to do
with the transphobic,

in fact, she had encouraged her coworker eric
to become erica,

when erica was having doubts about having her ****
fashioned into a ****** that would grow hair on the inside
she encouraged erica to go through with the surgery
so erica could finally be who she was meant to be

she wound up pregnant, though not by pre-op erica
and though she have would have  consented to lesbian *** with erica
because every good person knows that you should never
discriminate against trans erica's.

she met a guy named kyle, it was kyle who impregnated her.
a one night stand. kyle thought pregnant women were gross
and disgusting and would frequently say so in the work place
at the telecom company he worked for.

when kyle wasn't working at the telecom company, he was cutting in line at the grocery store, then filming all the women behind him who said anything about it. he would laugh at them and call them karens. "you're going to end up on youtube, karen", he would tell them.

she was grateful that they had magically found all those missing biden votes. 100% for biden. she thought of how wonderful it was that president harris cared so much for women's rights.

she considered an abortion, but kept on putting it off. as she was giving birth, she finally decided on an abortion. immediately after the cluster of cells was removed from her vaginal canal, she requested one. the doctors felt good about obliging, since they were honoring the sanctity of a woman's right to choose.

the little cluster of cells was no more.

proudly, she tweeted about the wonderful experience and had many likes. she included a picture of the before and after of the cluster of cells, which went over really well. she knew she had made the right decision when she got all those likes. a few people even retweeted. things were going to be good now. for everyone.
july hearne Nov 2020
eric is a fat pasty faced white man
who votes for joe biden
eric is a closet racist
but wants everyone to wear a mask
he wants to shut down the economy
so he gets a free pass

the last person i felt this way about
was named ed murray

sarah jeong is an ugly person
who doesn't belong to womanhood
except there are so many ***** just like her

sarah jeong is asian and unattractive
she writes about the racist white
but is only attracted to white men

i don't think eric is gay
because the women at work hate him

eric probably vacations in thailand
eric's mother did a terrible job raising him
  Oct 2020 july hearne
Chantell Wild
They played the odds
against their Gods
and watched the cards fall
Babylon was tall
but God was taller
than them all.
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