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Penmann 4h
I finally got the pony my father deserved
He wanted one so bad
But it's a big red ****** pony
Sorry dad.
With eyes shooting lasers in the sky,
An animal from hell
Screaming a thousand goodbyes
To the quiet sheeple standing by

Its my inert decision to have a horse
A horse from hell instead of a friendly one
Because i got vile, sick, venomous, scarred
A horse bathed in divorce

For there is no ******* remorse
For little horseys you keep thrusting
The carriage of a thousand ponys
Little blind dumb fat *****, pulling a string to a storyless thread

All you need is one
A monster

Let's speak horoscope you little *****
What sign are you, oh thats so nice
My sign reads terror your eats spice
I'm a doberman, the stars spoke now
Born under a sign of dog, A killer  

I rise as you plummet kid
I burn flames when you're just a little spit
Penmann 2d
Don't name the baby Arya.
It's such a lie to do that now.
Name her after pornstars.
Name your daughter Stoya.
That's named after a real influencer
Named after a somebody
Glittered name of shiny bodies
Named after the highest view count online and off.
A muse name, someone everybody wants.

Let us not let **** names die.
It's ok to breed a Rocco
A name that wears a jive
Keeps art of namegiving alive

Just dont name them after politicians
Prostitutes and Liars
Dont name your kid after journalists
Drug dealers or musicians.

Let's stop those names popping up
George, Michael, Paul.
Quit the whole Beatles charade
Never were someone to look up to afterall.

Stop this rain of assh**e names
Like Boris, Donald, David, Ian.
Give the kids a wider range.
Penmann 3d
There are million reasons why you should hate me from above, mom.
But right now i can't think of one.
I call evil upon myself everyday since you left,
for what is evil is pure,
evil is profit
and catharsis.

How do i know when to smile dad?
If the default life is a disaster,
all the happenings went vile.

But sometimes i wonder,
do you quarrel up there with god?
Did you tell him what he did wrong?
I know my dad would smash his head against the wall,
tear his ligaments apart.
Shut up, be smart!
You're not a kid anymore, grow up.
Penmann 3d
Me, 3.14
Barely out of this terrible dream,
Writing a poem on how i beat death.

Just writing lines.
The world is mine.
And no regret.
best **** time i ever had.
I was writing about this dream i had, for an hour now or more and  i wrote these lines just to keep me occupied in between. Me 3.14
Penmann 4d
A girl once told me
I should come over
to the sunny side of the moon
once in a while.

But the moon is not lit up by suns.
It's lit up by earth mostly.
We make it shine.

I light up moons and satellites.
And Elon Musk. How the f**k can one be so dumb
To send a car in outer space,
instead of words and letters? What a pun.

In space we can feel no pain, it gets better everyday
We can challenge steel horses and vast spaces
We can forget races, catch furthest bases.

I could challenge earth
all at once...

I'd like to crowdfund for fun
her first moon library
be lunar writer no. 1
Penmann 6d
Kids playing, guys chatting, cars running.
There she goes.
An infinite scroll, it could last forever.
Who knows where the data heads?
CIA? China? Pentagon?
Your mom?

Flood of notifications on how pretty you are,
When not on the phone.
Penmann 7d
I am just like Robin Hood
Shooting an impossible shot
When everything is lost

To sling that arrow straight
through the arrow of opponent
in my own bullseye.

Kick inside the hornets nest.
Wave to the pretty heiress on the stool next by,
Knowing i'll never get her,
Still the greatest in her life.
Somebody stop me.
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