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Slime-God Oct 2020
Rain makes me feel safe.
I’ve long found home in the storm...
Why can’t it just stay?
I know it's selfish, but if I had my way, the rain would never stop.
Aparna Sep 2020
longing for summer;
just a note
     hoping for the better
U w U
Slime-God Sep 2020
I miss the rainfall
As these short days grow colder
I await my love
a lot of my haiku are metaphorical in some way but this one is literally just about rain
Nolan Willett Apr 2020
The road to heaven
Is paved with bad intentions.
My own proverb of hell for a favorite poet
Carlo C Gomez Jan 2020
Gift me with song
My darling flute-player
Gentle stirrings
Musical stimuli
Rouse the heavens
To extraordinary flight
Take me to the throes
Of immorality and back
The jetstream of which
Will glisten like gold
Upon your sacrificial lips
Malia Jun 2019
It is sunny out
But I know storms are coming
Where are the storm clouds?
This is literal and metaphorical. I live in Colorado, where the weather people are almost always wrong, and today there was supposed to be scattered thunderstorms. But, right now, it’s super sunny. I’m gonna let you guys decide the metaphor. Let me know down in the comments what you think the metaphor is.
Cana Dec 2018
It is, I tell you, I promise.
It sits on my right, open and barely touched.
Pure condensation glittering on the outside
Chemical intoxication squatting on the in.

Charmingly Silver and a splash of red
the colour of an impulsive clown.
"Diet" it says, Im not on one.
"Coke" it says, Im not on that either.

why are you even here?
bored shuffles of a crazy.
Emily Sep 2018
[How high is it?]

I’m not exactly sure—how tall are you?
[I’m about as tall as I’ll ever be—one day soon, I’ll probably start shrinking. I’ve heard that happens when you get older.]

[Well, you say? How deep is it?]

It’s hard to tell, since I never used it for water.
[Deep wells are best—why I still remember the drought of ‘34 and all the trips we made to the neighbor’s well after ours dried up.]

I’m sure those were quite the days, but how are you today?
[Today? Today I do as I long as I’m pleased to do as I’m suppos’d to.]

That sounds like a good strategy.
[Thanks. You’re welcome to adopt it—I won’t even charge you for it.]

How generous of you. Thanks. You have a good day now, ok?
[I hope to, because every day above ground is a good day.]
Inspired by and compiled from conversations with my Grandpa, who lived with my family during my formative years. He’s the first literalist I ever met and frequently said: “You talk so much, you talk so much, you worry me to death.”
aye Sep 2018
she won't stop crying
she says you did her wrong

she saw right through your lies
but she still chose to play along

now she is bruised
she sings an irregular song

now she is empty
because, with all her love, you have gone.
- a broken heart.
(c) ayesha. h [2o18]
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