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from the day I was born
I wasn't meant to belong to myself
a cursed being without any power of control

my fate was written
in a lazy handwriting
on a wrinkled piece of paper

very early in life I learned so
that I had strings tied to my limbs
and I'd never be able to walk alone

any glance of freedom
where I dared to dream
was followed by a unwanted label

I've always been
someone's sister
someone's youngest child
someone's crush
someone's heartbreak
but never
in the purest
the freest
I often lose myself because of other's expectations and labels
Cattatonicat Jun 2020
There she goes, with a young heart in a ****** world. She’s so young and she could be so gullible. Love sounds like a dream but feels like trickery to her heart. To have power over her young heart, that would be the dream for the ****** in the ****** world. She’s so young, it would be so easy to lie to her. She’s so young, it would be so easy to take advantage of her. She’s so young, it would be so easy to manipulate her.

She feels every time she is lied to, taken advantage of, and manipulated, and she knows what’s happened to her. She doesn’t want to say anything about it, because she knows only the ****** would do such a thing. The ****** weren’t always the ******, and she could be one of them any day, and she knows.

At some point, however, she feels the need to say something as a preventative measure. She has a young heart and so many of the ****** want to **** it. The ****** world doesn’t feel safe to her. She wants all the ****** in the ****** world to stay away from her until they are no longer the ******. However, she is scared that everyone in the ****** world, including her, is the ******. She is scared that there will be no one left in her refuge once all the ****** are gone. She has to risk her fear because she believes her heart is young and she wants to keep it that way.
Artem Mars Mar 2020
Waiting for a sign of freedom
Waiting for someone to see me
Nothing I do is good enough
all I do is full of love
What if I said you were too much
It’s a lie,
But I’m a heartless being
I want to see what would happen
I wish that I could care
And I kinda do, I swear
And If I were to stay
There would be no other way
If I could say,
What I really thought
You’d know for sure, that I am a bad person
And I wish it was so easy
As for you to say you love me
But my internal organs say you hate me
I know you say,
“It isn’t true”
But what do you think I am? Sane?
Well, you were wrong
I’ve been with me my whole life
I’d trust myself, on a rare occasion at least
Because I’m a special case
One that’s about to break
And I know you can’t take
Any more of this, And that’s my fault,
I’m sure but what makes you
So sure?
That I would save me if I could
I’m a domino effect
So how about let’s go a set
A knife right onto my open arms
Ready to erase me and
Ready to embrace you
I don’t know what I’m seeing
All I can tell you is that
I’m a heartless being
-heartless (hidden poem)-
nothing i do is good enough
i said im a heartless being
i wish that i could care
i kinda do
you know for sure that im a bad person
say you love me
my internal organs say you hate me
"it isn't true"
you think i am sane?
im one that's about to break
you can't take anymore of this
but what makes you so sure?
i would save me
set a knife right onto my arms
erase me
i don't tell you that Iḿ a heartless being
Elizabeth Zenk Jun 2019
dandelion seeds
sprout bad memories
unwanted by wind
heightened downward spin
time again will show
how earth tends to sow
under leaves of weeds
unholy misdeeds
grow into mistrust
deflowered by lust
he deceives quiet well
broken petal hell
and self-degraded
deep roots anchor tight
they cling onto fright
weeds want affection
willing infection
tainted damaged hearts
ransacked for their parts
left with only roots,
terror of disputes,
and alcohol now
so alas they vow
never, never again
they’ll forget the pen
that cleared the mind of
   their godforsaken love
strong weeds grow in the cities,
to be tainted by those who see
how broken they are.
But desperate for love they fall,
they don’t care about it all
not the pain, not the manipulation,
even if they see it, they just want to be loved

their dandelion fluff
turned to unwanted ****.
Caitlin Mar 2019
All your fears come true,
  you were just there in lieu.
A body to warm his bed,
  a soundboard to ease his head.
You always were a placeholder,
  again forced to grow colder.
Soon there will be nothing there,
  no words or love to show you care
I actually can’t do this anymore. Sorry it was you I had to cut out but I can’t do this again.
MaKenzie Unser Dec 2018
no matter how many times
your thorns rip through my flesh
i will still look into your eyes
and only see the beautiful rose petals
Calliope Dec 2018
I didn’t realize you used it against me.
When day 4 was erased and turned into another day 1,
I still thought it was all my fault, that I didn’t give you enough.

Now though, I see you are a monster.
I refuse to blame myself for being naïve.
I’m no stranger to abuse, but your method will haunt me for years.
While wielding the sword of my own horrors, you whispered the vows that would save your reputation and keep my loyalty even when I’m empty and broken.
You soothed the old wound and turned my wildfire into a flickering candle. But my wax turned cold on impact when you tried to slice my flesh when I was most vulnerable.

I let you draw blood, numbed by your manipulation.
But now you are gone, and your anesthesia wore off.
I see you now.
You are not my friend.
You are not my enemy.
You are just a terrible young man who’s name I will eventually forget.
Because you are nothing to me anymore.
mae Nov 2018
i gave into your words,
allowed myself to believe in you,
became vulnerable in your arms,
naked under your touch.

i wanted to give myself to you,
thinking you were worthy of it,
that we were in love,
and this was another level of connection.

you liked spending time with me,
which made it harder for you to move,
i thought it was sweet,
until i realized it was said right after ***,
and timing is everything.

you refused to leave my side when i cried,
even when i asked you to,
making me think you were amazing,
until you asked to have ***,
and timing is everything.

you were listening to me
open up about my feelings for you,
intensified with love,
until you said you were too ***** to talk,
and timing is everything.

i ignored all those times,
wanting so desperately
to believe you were genuine,
that what we felt was real,
and it was not an unrequited love.

until you left,
after promising to keep in touch,
and I never heard from you again,
so I caved,
finally understanding,
you were using me for ***.
for when you ask to get back together
Calliope Nov 2018
I really want to believe you.
I want to believe in the fact that you are done exploiting me.
I want us to not have an expiration date.
And even though you comfort me like warm milk on a cold night,
I think it will eventually spoil.

It’s hard not to feel used.
Friends don’t treat friends like this.
I can see why people think I’m being manipulated.
I probably am being manipulated.
But I’ll savor it until you decide you’ve had enough.
Araoluwa Jacob Nov 2018
Why lie to me?
Instead of crying to me,
and saying that you was not right to me?
Don't think you can just buy me,
I ain't no chicken you can't just fry me.
I can't be manipulated except by God.
you see,
You were not my everything, you were just a part of me
Now I let you go because you weren't rhyming with my beat.
You were on another different flow, You weren't on my team.
Well, you thought you was "the GOAT" But you were just another boy that lost that girl that gave you so much love.
But, you gonna know what you lost when your friend are crying on the low.
They couldn't get me when I was once your own
Now that I left you, they out here creeping on the low.
Saying that they love me and I'm there only hope.
You should also use this opportunity to figure out who's the real bro...
or the one that will go behind your back to get your ex that they once called a ***.
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