The woods ring out

For the songs
Echoing around

Of #unabashed song birds
That throat their love
Brooding of vast uncertainty
Inked Quill Dec 1
How you became
When you wanted
To hurt me
The souvenirs
On my skin
Red, purple
And black
The truth is
I would have
Worn the bruises
As a jewel
Gifted by you
But not anymore
As I pulled out
All the stuffing
From inside of you
Like a rag doll
And rested you
Inked Quill Oct 13
I feel nothing now
My feelings are trapped inside
A machine called heart
Inked Quill Oct 13
It’s encroaching
Stifling my breath
Like cold gates
At the mouth
That vicarious grip
Of distorted desires
Trapped inside
Playing hide & seek
Like a childhood friend
Or am I just having
A fever dream…
Inked Quill Oct 12
Every time
I’m asked
To obey you
I do
‘Cz obedience makes me
Feel more
& more pleasure
In the games
We play
& the blindfold
Sets in me
Nervous expectations
Of the sweet sparks
Sending through my body
When you birch me...
...Your Girl
Inked Quill Aug 25
Your chiseled body
With skin
So delectable
My fangs
At your neck
I taste on you
Sweet serotonin
Setting me high
Catch me
If you can
For I’m falling
In love
With the sweet throbs
Of passionate burst
When your fingers
Draw your desires
On my petals
Inked Quill Aug 9
Dear Darling
What turns me on
Isn’t the thought of you
On that date
That you held me
At my waist
Pulling me to you
What turns me on
Is what your tongue
Can do to the moist heat
Between my legs
And I look forward
To a sensuous serendipity
When it’s least expected of you
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