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  May 24 Inked Quill
Styles 12
The world is melting all around me
sip deep breaths of air
taste ice


branches shaking
an early morning wake up call
new courage flares up
flickers like ****** smiles

new growth promise
Conifers nicked
deep gouged scars
carved from distant blades

still standing Captain Strong
like protective Kings
crowned by age

my hand runs over them
dripping on me
from high above

glittery cold drops
not one dime I could offer it
to show appreciation

webs of luminescent silk
threading distance or aches

what can I offer you
my burning hands

deep prayers pounding at mysteries door
new liquid light
gushing from chambers unspoken?

circling your massive trunk
my invsible halo
lucid and sincere

my own melting glacier
full of drips
my tangled tongue
cannot unwrap

some distant hawk screech
burning with river cry

I will not forget
every scar and name is mine.
Inked Quill Apr 2019
In a world of music
And images
In her mind
She sleepwalked
Through life
Watering the roses
With her blood
Looking through
The mirrors
The cellar dwellers
Waited for her
To be one of their own…
Inked Quill Apr 2019
Dreams float on oceans
The different shades of blue
Of future and past
Inked Quill Apr 2019
His blue eyes
Burning embers
As blue ocean
Different shades
Of the sky
His hands
Smoldering my skin
Carving our story
Warm & soft words
His voice like music
Cooed in my ears
Pulling me under
The dark covers
I’m falling hard
For Lucifer’s charms…
Inked Quill Apr 2019
I could’ve woken you
In the morning
And kissed you warm
On your lips
I could’ve hold
Your hands in mine
While strolling
In the morning light
I could’ve kissed you
Under the mistletoe
Crooning the carols right
But I didn’t do any
Just because
I was in love with you
But you weren’t
In love with me
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