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basil Oct 21
sunflowers seeping into her skin like rot
an uncontrollable summer cancer
bones breaking ahead of time
a tombstone blissfully cool
come back to me sweater weather.
annh Oct 13
My tongue is tethered to the words which have failed me.
‘There's really no such thing as the 'voiceless'. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.’
- Arundhati Roy
Brewomble Sep 4
I can’t sleep at night
I’ve got elements I’m facing
And in my dreams I need it most to see this vision that I’m chasing
And if I wander deeper against this grain
Will I split this earth in two,
Maybe I was born in cycle, maybe I am recycled youth
I can’t sleep at night
That’s when the lost come knocking
Sleep is what is needed most
A rest from a view that I am blocking
Resist the temptation to be tired
Because it comes and goes throughout the day -
Sleepless nights, up late wondering when I will stop standing in my own way
But still
Sleepless nights
I can’t sleep
Sleepless nights
Set me free
Sleepless nights
Lie a-wake
Sleepless nights
Stand in my-way
And tomorrow is here but for the moment so I get up to live the day
Another round of forgotten souls harvest the moon’s decay
And these sleepless night keep me from seeing a life from a brighter point of view-
I can’t sleep at night
So the next day is never new.
~Bre Womble
Nik Bland Jul 29
There’s gotta be something wrong with me
Where I fail to begin to see
Where you left and what’s in front of me
And how to keep walking when you’re gone
Pray, God, how do I go on?
I don’t want to go on
When kiss and hands held are shelved
Right next to my self-respect
View of me and you in kissing booths
That my mind cruelly projects
As I watch in horror
At things that keep saying goodbye
And yet they stay
And get their way
In my dismay, oh Lord, I cry
How do I go on?
Silence, darkness, no reply
Silence, darkness, no reply
Silence screaming thoughts, I try
Thoughts of only cloudy skies
No reply
You have dialed an incorrect number
Please hang up and try again
So we may test the other ways
Your faith in love can bend
I’m broken
As I found out 7 minutes ago the line was cut
The killer’s in the house, dear sir
I let her in, but now it’s shut
No hope for me in misery
I’m standing here, yet gone
These constants scenes in front of me
How do I go on?
Natalia May 3
It's certainly harder,
To try and get by.
Speaking aloud with less ardour.

One hour into the next.
Time ticks by,
I begin to feel vexed.

The days are long,
the weeks are short,
I keep moving along

Determined to stay alive,
In these low moments,
Where I feel deprived.
This lockdown got to me a bit this week. For a moment it just felt like life as it is now isn't enough, being restricted to where we can go is hard but I can only keep moving on through.

When I am deprived of your smile,
I lose mine too.

When I don't see your eyes,
I lose my sight.

When I don't hear your laugh,
I lose my hearing.

When I don't feel your touch,
my blood stops flowing.

Don't you understand,
without you,
I simply can't?

My life becomes a
lifeless place,

there is no difference between
minutes or days.

I cannot function
when I am deprived

of the only thing
that made me

Very lovesick
Brittany Nov 2019
I know you wish I was skinny
I can feel it in my bones
The girls you’ve touched were pretty
Trophies you could bring home

I’ll never be ****
Just cute for what I am
My hair is always messy
At least it matches what’s within

I crave to feel desired
I just want to drive you crazy
I know that you’re tired
But I need to be your baby

Love me, kiss me, sink your teeth into my skin
**** me, need me , show me where you’ve been

    Please don’t leave me alone in this bed
Allyssa Oct 2019
It’s 2 a.m. and you sleep peacefully.
While you dream I stay awake.
I stay in the still of the night watching,
I see the demons that walk during the night,
The fleeting glimpses of the tall man,
The one on stilts with the fedora,
The hanging lady by the tree.
I hear their whispers in the soft wind that blows,
Goose bumps trailing my skin with the presence of them all around me.
It is a warm night yet I feel cold.
A sniffle here,
A giggle there,
Voices in the back of my mind.
Am I hallucinating?
Am I crazy?
I need sleep
Anastasia Sep 2019
dark purple
under my eyes
not a surprise
i wish i was warm
i'll get swallowed by the swarm
i've been deprived
of sleep at night
i've been deprived
of you holding me tight
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