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Zack Ripley Jun 2020
life is full of ups and downs.
But we've been down so long,
I can't help but wonder...
When the time comes,
Can we even remember HOW
To get up?
And when will that time come?
When someone has the courage
To scream one word.
Enough kneeling.
It's time to stand and start healing.
But it's all or no one. So...
Have you had enough?"
m X c May 2019
gabing hindi mapakali,
gustong humagolgol, ngunit walang luhang pumapatak,
sikip ng dibdib ay hindi maintindihan,
ilang kilometro na ang takbo ng isip,
ngunit ikaw lamang ang iniisip,
Papalayain na ba ang sarili?
o hahayaan nalang na magkusang mawala,
dahil nagmimistulang bangkay na at hindi na maramdaman ang muling umibig.
ang makita kang masaya na, ay akin ding kasiyahan,
mga katanungan ko'y hangang tanong nalang.
sinusubukang ngumiti tumawa ngunit, aking lamang pinaglalaruan ang aking sarili, dahil sa halip tuwa at saya ang aking maramdaman ay parang normal lang.
sa nakaraan nating ako lang ang nakakalam, na parang ako lang ang nakakaalala.
ito na nakakaramdam na pala ako ulit.
SAKIT pala ang aking nararamdaman, na ako'y napag iwanan na, na ako nalang ang nabubuhay sating nakaraan. TAKOT, na ako'y tuluyan mo na palang nakalimutan, TUWA na ikaw ay masayang masaya na, ngunit sana ang mga tanong gustong itanong saiyo, matuldukan na, pangamba ko lang ay hindi nanaman ito sagutin. pangamba ko din ay baka hindi mo na ako ituring na kahit parang kapatid lang, yon ay aking tanging hiling.
ngayon ay siguro panahon na para,
Palayain na aking SARILI,
ngayon luha na ngay bumuhos sa umagang gansa ng sikat ng araw,
at ngayon sa huling pagkakataon ipapadama sayo,
K. ikaw lang, mahal kita, minahal kita, at kung baliktarin man ang mundo at kung saan pwede na ang TAYO, K. mamahalain parin kita.
mahirap man sakin ngunit siguro ngay ito rin ang iyong inaantay ang,
Palayain na aking SARILI.
there's always someone who will never be YOURS, iloveyou more than anyone knows.
thanks, and i will always be your MACy.
Put down your podcasts, pause all your shows
You've gained all the info you can from the pros
While Oprah is smart, and Jordan is wise
The words that they share are but words, not the prize
You can't be successful, or all that you dream
If you can't overlook all opinions mainstream
Some people will curse you, while others cast doubt
To be all you can be, you've got to crank out
Ignore all the fluff, get down to the work
Rise above all the slime and the dark muddy murk
First set the intention and just go from there
Your mind is a blessing with thoughts rather rare
To be all you can be, there is no more try
The doers will do and the others will sigh
You're destined for more, now this much I know
Just put in the time and you'll reap what you sow
ryn Dec 2017
To forget what sand had stirred
in the dark of night.

To empty the dregs left stagnant
of yesterday’s wine.

To see as though through lenses
brand new.

To discard the tethers that had
bound us tight, skin to spine.
AJ Fredrickson Apr 2016
I looked into your eyes and I knew that it was time.
I reached out to touch your heart but found it was missing.
It was time for me to say goodbye.
I knew I needed to let you go.
I needed to walk out with my head held high.
I had been chasing your for miles and miles, with no respite.
And when I looked into your eyes, I could no longer see that light.
I am scared to let you go but deep down I do know that it’s time.
Isn’t it?
I fear there is nothing I can do to change your habits of flight.
And I know that to ask you to stay is not right.
Deep down I know I cannot keep you, for you are not mine.
I lost your heart long ago, but I ignored every sign.
There’s nothing I can do to change your mind.
I fear that it is time, my dear…
I wish I was the one who held your heart.
I wish I’d loved you better.
I wish I could have kept us from drifting apart.
I will love you my whole life.
I will search for you again.
But the life we have now is filled with strife.
I fear it has come to an end.
I think we could make it, if we both tried.
But your heart belongs to her.
I am not the one whom you want by your side.
So how do you move on when you don’t want to let go?
How do you cope with what you already know?
How do you say goodbye…when you only ever want to say hello?
What if we could actually make it and I gave up too soon?
What if I needed to wait till midnight…but it was only noon?
A love that started so feverishly is ending in lackluster.
One last I love you is all that I can muster.
I’m giving up what hurts me the most and brought me so much joy.
But I cannot fight this battle.
I have nothing left to deploy.
I cannot fight a battle that I know that I will lose.
I know I’m not the one you want.
I know if given the choice I would not be the one that you will choose.
Em Aug 2015
I deleted your number the other day. It occurred to me after you forgot my birthday that you really had forgotten about me. You've been a complete **** to me for the past six years, I'm just now coming to get the fact that you were no good for me. So, I deleted your number, as if that mere act would delete you from my memory. I don't know what we had, maybe contains no definition. But I felt something when I was with you and I just can't take it anymore.  You've moved on, and so should I. I began, by deleting your number.
Written 8.20.15

It's time I move on.
Tempted to get up
Even though it's only six
I'm ready to go
And I think that it is time
Yes, I think that it is time.

— The End —