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blackbox Dec 2018
I’m not saying I wasn’t a good person, but YOU bring out the best in me.
I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy me time, but sharing it with YOU is most fulfilling.
I’m not saying I was ever expressive, but YOU’re always the only one to know.
I’m not saying we never fought, but YOU are the first to make amends.
I’m not saying we were perfect, but WE are happier with every passing day.
So, how can you think that I don’t love you just cause I’M not saying it everyday?!
blackbox Dec 2018
It’s not the mountains you climb that will matter in the end.
It’s not the heights you reach that will matter in the end.
It’s not the hurdles you cross that will matter in the end.
What’ll matter, my love, is the real happiness within and around you.
blackbox Dec 2018
Another night savoring of loneliness,
when he stumbled upon a pretty countess.
Her gleaming eyes ready to cast a spell,
as she goes round and round on a carousel.
Galloping up on the wooden horse,
wishing to get ahead of time,
She couldn’t care less about the crowd
as she took off on cloud nine.
Enchanted with her grace and beauty galore,
He didn’t realize he was a mere paviour.
Expressing his love for her will be nothing but a crime,
When a voice interrupted his thoughts,
“Get off lady, you have no dime”.
Embarrassed and disheartened,
she ran off into the woods,
That moment it struck him,
she possesses no worldly goods.
In the hope to chase her through the blur,
the only fear in his heart was of losing her.
There she was sitting alone by the pond.
One gaze, and they instantly felt the bond.
She sobbed “I’m no princess”,
but he firmly said “will you be my bride?”,
And, this is how their love story began,
on a beautiful Carousel Ride!
blackbox Feb 2017
YOU are....
Everything to my Empty World,
Comfort to my Agony,
Strength to my Weaknesses,
Depth to my Shallowness,
Energy to my Laziness,
Encouragement to my Disappointments,
Hope to my Pessimism,
Fun to my Boredom,
A Friend to my Friends and
Most of all, the Missing Pieces to my Puzzle called Life!!
blackbox Aug 2014
One morning when you get up
with a heavy head,
Your heart seemed to have sunk,
You feel lonely and deserted,
Everything looks like a horrible
And, you believe you have
committed a crime!
It's no one but your conscience
telling you, that it's time.........
blackbox Jun 2014
The mysteries of those eyes still beckon me.
Wandering away, I seek a glance.
Wondering, would there be a second chance.
Wishing, to be touched again.
In those eyes I saw,
the answers to all my pains.
A world bereft of love,
I can't be sane.
Unless! I see you again
to look in your eyes and be born again.
blackbox Jun 2014
There are times, when you want to cut-off from the world.
And there are times, when no one's around you to hold.

There are times, when you've a lot to say but words fall short.
And there are times, when you've nothing at all but you still have to talk.

There are times, when you're strong enough but too scared to fight.
And there are times, when you're weak but you do what's right.

There are times, when you feel like crying but tears don't fall off your eyes,
And there are times, when you're happy but can't laugh as a friend next to you cries.

There are times, when you don't want to reveal the secrets buried in your heart,
And there are times, when you want to share but nobody's close enough to be a part.

All I want to say is, I could have lived through all those times,
If you had just said, "I'm with you sweetheart, so everything's gonna be fine".
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