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Greatness isn't for those,
Who gets satisfied merely by seeing their old work
And think 'This is it!'
But instead for those who observe their own work,
And think 'I wonder how I can top this'.
Being a born genius would have been great, life would have been somewhat simpler - maybe, who knows?

But since it is not, we might as well learn and improve ourselves on this journey - the payoff would be much better. Maybe, who knows?
Andrea Nov 2019
If no one comes from the future
To stop you from doing it
Then how bad of a decision
Can it really be
If you believe in it, just do it.
Chris Feb 2019
While standing I'm up so high
After so long it feels right
You don't even have to try
You'll be soaring, like a kite.

Standing beats laying down
Would you rather
Stand and walk around town
Or laze around.

But don't stand too long
Or else you might fall
So try to stay strong
Move past this life's wall.
Make of it what you will.
Shawn Callahan Oct 2018
I've fallen in love with Self-Deprecation.
I found her teetering the edge
of Self-Destruction

Testing Her limits with every acquaintance.

She lets Her life hang in the doorframe
either land on her feet
or the knot takes Her name

Teasing bad decisions with Svedka soaked sexts.

I've fallen in love with inception.
I left Self in an echo of a room
against cement bricks of incarceration.
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
You asked me about my homeland,
But I refused to tell you.
The confinement of words is not enough to express the tangible freedom this city radiates.
You know what they say, seeing is believing.
So accompany to Devil's Peak where the smoke of perseverance will fill our lungs and clear our heads.
Let me take you to the beach where the smell of inequality and segregation still lingers in the air.
Let us stand atop Lion's Head, listening to the long forgotten roars of triumph from moments passed.
We'll take the Red Bus and discover so many wonderfull places.
You wouldn't be able to resist falling in love with this city.
Let us stand atop Table Mountain, taking in the beauty this city has to offer, breathing in the smell of fynbos.
We'll leap with the springboks,
Hunt with the lions,
And paint the sky with the Blue Cranes.
We'll look back on 1994 and relish in the improvement this city has undergone.
The lights of the city burn bright when the sun sets.
It will always lead us back home.
Lastly, come with me to District Six, where the houses represents just how much of a Rainbow nation we are.

This is South Africa.
This is Cape Town.
This is freedom.
This poem was written about my home, Cape Town, South Africa, for Heritage Day.
Savannah Muller Jan 2018
As I stand and look at the mirror, I wonder, what challenges life will throw at me. I think on what danger could happen . With my mind at peace and my heart at rest, I take each day step by step. I know that one day I will be rid of my nightmares and know that it can be possible for me to change something fantastic in life. but for now, I just keep looking in the mirror and wondering.
ever thought about what could happen.... ever Wondered how you could change something... take the time to look at a mirror and wonder....
Neex Oct 2015
When I'm home,
I have an apple every night,
It makes me feel good.

When I'm in school,
I don't even have an apple everyday.

I spend more time in school,
Than I do at home,
It's torture,
And home;
Home doesn't leave me feeling so dandy either,
The apples help me.

I guess that partially explains,
Why this sea of depression,
Is only getting deeper,
And I still don't know how to swim,
In a pool.
Been drowning for ages
Dana Kathleen Dec 2014
I heard in a song
that you’re only
as good as your
last mistake.

And I’ve never been
more thankful for
humans ability
to make millions.

So you’ll never
be my last,
because I’m better
than that.

Burning toast
and eating it anyway.

Buying shampoo
when I actually
needed conditioner.

Showing up late
to a meeting.

Missing the first
day of class.

Studying for an exam
two hours before it starts.

Not turning in an
assignment because
I just simply didn’t
want to do it.

Not leaving my pajamas or
bed when there’s
so much to do.

Apologizing when they
bumped into me.

Lying to people
who care, I’m okay.

Not locking my door.

Walking alone at night.

I’d rather be
defined by all
of these things
than you.
Listen to the song Last Mistake by Augustana

— The End —