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Lu Aug 4
I want to be with the person,
who always comes through to me,
the person who somehow,
against all odds,
makes a miracle.
Lu Aug 3
Being in love with someone you can't have,
And not just moving on,
Thats crazy! There is no other word for that.

     There is a word for that-
If you're looking for the word,
That means caring about someone,
Beyond all rationality
And wanting them to have everything they want,
No matter how much it destroys you-
It's love!
And when you love someone,
You just.. you.. you don't stop-
Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy,
Even then-
Especially then!!
You just.. you don't give up!
Because if I could give up,
If I could take the whole worlds advice
And move on and find someone else,
That wouldn't be love..
That would be some other disposable thing, that is not worth fighting for,
But that is not what this is.
Keiri Jul 29
Captured in an empty forrest.
My mind has left me today.
Ran away on it's own, alone.
He has fled me, when the sky got grey.

My body, alone soulles.
Never to be found, here in the ground.
But he's off to a better place, my mind.
And I have gotten used to it, the sound.

It's the noise of madness that keeps pesting me.
Silence is lonely, but can ease me at times.
My mind now in a lush pink cloud.
While my body is stuck with self influenced mimes.

But when he got back, my mind.
He was in for quite a shock.
He would never have expected.
Chaos, disaster, as timed by a ticking clock.

Being back to reality as if awaking from a dream.
But the dream not ending but becoming a nightmare.
And your life is filled with monsters.
The judgement, the dissapointment, the deadstare.

As if everybody can live your life better than you.
Yet they still prefere to live their own lives.
And my mind being numb, not knowing were to start.
While others are still on a pink cloud, thinking of their strives.

If there was a better way to live my life.
Don't you think, I'd live it that way?
I'm not as masochistic as I seem, you know.
I do not prefere things this grey.

I know what I'm doing, and know much is wrong.
But many of the thing I do, the things I've done.
Where only when I got pushed against a wall.
Or do you think I did it all for fun?

Captured in an empty forrest.
My mind will leave me tomorrow
Run away on it's own, alone.
Leave me again with my own sorrow.
It's the middle of the night, I won't be surprised by type-o's... feel free to appoint them, but don't shame me for it pls.
Alexis Jul 14
believe me,
i've tried to sleep .

i long for that nothingness
i'm allowed to feel .

but every night
my mind betrays me .
just want to close my eyes,
and feel alright.
Tyler Jul 13
At night, I get scared
The fairy lights on my walls turn dark
Leaving only a gloomy haze behind
Darkness, yes, that’s what it is
At night, I get lost
Nausea dripping down my cheeks
The trembling of my face
Fear in new ways
And the total distortion of my vision
Makes me wonder, makes me ponder
Makes me wish I had a shell
A shell to hold me down, don’t want to fall
Don’t want to call
Upon your name
But arms over legs - I fall, after all
Not to a bottom, not quite there
Although not quite here
Not sure where
But it is night
And now I’m scared.
Zia Jul 1
I live in a body that’s no longer mine
You shouldn’t stress, you look fine
Friends tell me from time to time
I add to my water half a lime
I look for weight busters online
My hips still choke my waistline
It costs me a pretty dime
every day when I’m on lunchtime
Riding farther from my knees is my hemline
Surely there’s another way to cloud nine?
Sylph Jun 26
Theres so many walls
to overcome
in order for it to stay strong
Differences are always the biggest

You dont want to change
Who you know you are
or want them to
Because it would be a lie
And it would hurt

There are so many walls

You shouldnt let differences
change you
change them
nor keep them between you both

so they say

and i agree
but there are certain walls

i will never know how to meet in the middle with

drilling a hole through it
will take more than time
it would take change

certain changes im not willing to make
not even for you

It would all
A Lie

Because i cant change that much
not without losing who i think i am
Relationships are so complicated
These are walls i dont know how to break through without breaking us

Title suggestions are welcome
DG Jun 8
I pace back and forth
I beg to get support
I'm screaming, watery eyes.
They assure, "It's alright, child. Smile."

I climb the Mount Everest
Apathy is all there ever is.
I shout "We're running out of time!"
They sing, "Don't worry, child. Smile!"

Policies have wreaked havoc
But 'I don't know what I'm talking about.'
People getting killed in front of my eyes.
But okay yes I'm a child I should smile.

From your smiles what did you gain?
That from justice I have to abstain?
You place your hand on my shoulder.
STOP. I don't want to hear those words again.

The world is on fire behind me now.
But never mind, look at me now.
They are crying, they are dying.
But never mind, I'm smiling.
If we can scrutinise and manipulate teachings to make them about violence, why can’t we scrutinise and manipulate them to make them about love just as easily? Maybe, in the future, I will not be strong enough to fight and maybe I will become the person who says ‘Smile’.
Asunna May 31
I Love You. The scariest words to
yet even scarier to hear.
Chris May 31
Nero is bald,
He's also fat,
He's **** and devilishly fast.

Nero's a killer,
Nero is here,
He's **** and his voice is clear.

Nero is angry,
He's madly mad,
He's **** and so, so sad.

Nero is real,
He's truly true,
He's **** and he lives in you.
stop me
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