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Afiqah Feb 8
and as we all shift,
and let go
and then slowly become,
always believe that
the world peculiarly
somehow still needs

Afiqah Jan 30
every cliche
about romance
came true
and in all of its brilliant,
diacritic forms,
my heart very much dearly
wants to share your heart’s smile

Afiqah Dec 2018
held me
through readily
with more colors
than I ever knew existed
and so I followed and followed
and pinned my utmost faith
across this delicate soul
until love somehow,
came by again
looking at its absolute best and
a whole **** lot like you

Afiqah Nov 2018
it still beats
it still feels
and *******,
does it still sits,
toughing itself out
even while coming in through
with half of the universe’s little splatters
of such unpleasantry settings
here and there,
all of that unbending,
dead set on hopes kept
this heart fearlessly still in love anyway

Afiqah Oct 2018
it can still epically hurt
to become
but sometimes,
you just got to have
to trust life
a little bit

Afiqah Oct 2018
I’ll meet you there,
I’ll meet you in your fragility
and all of your breakthroughs
you do not have to charm up so much
of your life to me
let me meet you there
and watch how I’ll let our scars
fall in love and rewilds itself
through all of our midnight escapades

Afiqah Sep 2018
I’m naming things like
hope and okay
and meeting courage
at its very edge
and that
every shade my scars
are being curtained and held through
each waking, purposeful day,
courts me to selflessly favor
every single
of my ******* pulse

Afiqah Sep 2018
honor every rise,
every fall of your feelings,
and all of the teachings of your yesterdays
you are still here,
you have carried
every single
******* pulse of yours
in all of its heartiest means
for throughout the universe’s wake,
the world still favorably believes
in your becoming

Afiqah Sep 2018
tomorrow will be
the softer part of the ache
you will slowly learn
to perfumely wear love
readily again,
and you will subtly bask in
with your innermost essency
back all over again

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