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angele Feb 2019
i am powerless in the way of your pain-
which drives me to a place of insanity.
since i am impotent-i will promise you instead.

i promise to help you smile on your darkest days.
i promise to be your light where all the goodness has vanished.
i promise to find the words when your tongue has been removed.
i promise to stand when your knees give out.
i promise to be your music when your fingers break.
i promise to be the warm body holding you during a nightmare.
i promise to be your heart when yours is shattered.
i promise to be yours.
i promise.
well i tried to write something happy.
how’d it go?
thehiddenwriter May 2016
She asked in a serious tone " won't you ever get bored of me, I talk a lot, I don't look that good either, I just love you for some strange reason that I don't even know of "

I said " bodies get bored - soul does not,
About your talking you don't know how much I adore our talks,
About love - I don't have to answer that question"

She asks me this questions daily and I always
Answer the same

— The End —