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"And We're Burning All the Bridges."

she listens to the lyrics and thinks of what her mother had told her:

"You are their bridge"

*they must be burning me now
First Quote from the song Bridges by The Broods
Why did you eat that?
Don't you know
You're already fat?

Everyone is staring,
At the way your skin
Is swelled and sagging.

No one wants you,
With all that extra cargo
You look 200 pounds.

Put the food down
And go for a run --
You look disgusting.

Why did you eat that?
Don't you know
You're already fat?
I need to start using my head...
I might have gotten myself into another attraction that could never work, but at least I think I'm really done with you. Maybe circumstances and time have twisted chance out of my hands, but at least my hands don't reach for the empty air where you were anymore when I'm trapped in my own darkness. Even though my luck is crumpled this time, as it always is, at least I don't feel my lungs crumpling and collapsing into themselves the way I used to, every time I heard your name. At least.
I feel empty as if someone dearly close to me died every time I finish reading a book or series. I am often sadder that the story finished than when characters die. It is a really lonely few minutes. Then I read the book again.
Idk just a random thought.
I want go to an airport with a whole truck load of lotion, bags of water and scissors all packed in suitcases.

Just to see securities hilarious reaction
Check out ember evanescent a spontaneous thoughts series and add on. Just write what ever your thinking ( I think weird stuff) and title it spontaneous thoughts (series)
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