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Jan 2020
Stolen in the night
Children hushed of fright
Lullaby sung
Bow strung
Arrow nocked and ready
Hands once shaking, now steady

Hush, dear ones
The mortal shuns
What they do not understand
Beatings, mockery, barely able to withstand
What they throw at us
The things they discuss

We are different
Unique, standing out in the crowd
Going against the current
In mystery, we are shroud

Ravens caw
Tales of woe
Mortals gape in awe
Yet that was a time ago
Now they point fingers
And the terror lingers

Hush, children of night
They understand not our plight
So spread your wings
Take flight
Do not accept their rings
Do not be bound to them
It is us they condemn

Show them no mercy
For never did they show any
An age old controversy
Stealing the lives of many
For a pretty penny

Rest now, children of mine
You are safe and sound
Rest those heads of thine
They lay in their caskets in the ground
Worry not my darlings; hush now
Close your eyes, and drift off
They are gone, it matters not how
Just rest now, hush
There is no rush
Hush, children, hush

- Jay M
January 4th, 2020
Inspired by Lullaby of Woe by Ashley Serena.
Jay M
Written by
Jay M  16/F/California, USA
(16/F/California, USA)   
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