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"where night is...the integrity
of the voyaging star..."

will flowers blossom soon in this
nearby petal-edged spring? the day

is full of buds, the night carries its ghosts,
the night-lily singing of magnolia and cloud.

in the sweet-breathed sky
the silver stars are like tiny pins,

my love is carved in their reflections,
i see his face in their waters,

our love still lasts, scented like the spring,
promising each other the ghosts of forever,

i could never let him go and now he says
he wants to die by the sea, in my arms,

and we create a new dream, out of night's
shadows, a new beginning before the new end

for all our love and all our hate.
i lie numbed or over-joyed seeking

his tenderness in every crevis waiting
for the kind word, the gentle kiss.

sometimes he gives me love, sometimes his hate -
how tired the world, its hidden ghosts

soaking in the rain, the clouds subdued,
the poem built of the night's sweet edge

enamel-glazed, hypnotic like the stars.
how tired the world- how empty-

and how the poetry spins like a top, full
of the dark sky, the sad farewell,

the pretty ghost.
Jaicob Jul 2021
Love is a word
Love is an emotion
Love is a noun
Love is a feeling
Love is an adjective
Love is visible
Love is a verb
Love is a word

Look to the hills-
Ocean waves float by
Veering to the right
Ever so slightly.

Listen! There it is!
Oh, how the waves turn,
Visiting one another
Evacuating below the tide.

Love is a word.
Love isn't something you feel, it's a connection with somebody. An intense yearning to be with them whenever you're apart. You'd do anything to be with this person and are willing to give up everything for their happiness.
LOVE is real, love is fake
LOVE can heal, love can hate
LOVE can hurt, love can peace
LOVE is deep, love is sweet
Love is lost, LOVE is found
Love is here, LOVE is around
Love is up & LOVE is down
Love is me & LOVE is proud
Love is self cause LOVE is true
With freedom of speech I LOVE YOU TOO!!.
I wrote this as my first day back on (Hello Poetry) inspired by a co-worker & I remembered my account & went from there. Hope you enjoy & if you don't let me know too. #PEACE #GuardYourLight
they took her to the doleful traitor’s gate,
where none could save her life or bring release,
along the river to a heavy fate,
no harp or dulcimer to give her peace.
the world had turned away, the tudor rose
in ruins at her feet, the fickle king,
inconstant, needing sons, the river flows
with royal blood where sorrow’s angels sing.
“to jesus i commend my soul,” she cried,
she wore damask, her mantle was ermine,  
poor cramer heard the cannon as she died,
he fell and wept, forgave her every sin.
  the strings were broken on the violin,
  that sang no more for laughing anne boleyn.
Geary evans Dec 2019
what must I do
what can I say
how should I approach you
what would be the outcome
for I desire you in my life
I want to you I want you
but I cant have you
for the one which I seek may my words get to you
13-17 Jun 2019
The love is supposed to be sweet
With the roots in your soul and your mind
But everything dances in rhythm
Of infidel
Her Mar 2019
Love isn’t ***
But is love passion
Love isn’t what you imagine
But what is love
Love isn’t something I do well
But is love something I do right
I hate love
But would I be better alone
I hate how I love you
You make me hate myself
Love is.
Love is always.

Love lasts.
Love is always.

Love lives.
Love is always.
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