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Poetic T Oct 2019
Claustrophobic in this vessel
                 that I'm
contained within.  
I'm floating on a sea of waves
                                 that never settle,
but slam upon my
                     subconscious membrane.

Stimulating my pools to never close,
                              but stare into the vastness
          of unfulfilled gazes.
The charcoal stain within the white cleaner
                       than the pool it resides within.

I feel like I'm a victim of non-consensual birth,
            never wanting to be in this void less

Could I delete this construct, make it static.
                  Yes, but my breath is continual,

and my morality keeps me tied to this frame.

              I'll have to live, even though i didn't
agree to this sting tying me to this existence.
Poetic T Aug 2019
Your eyes

      We're the pools

     I swam in
every morning.
keneth May 2019
if your eyes are no ocean
why do they look blue
and i'm willing to dive in
to grasp what's inside you

a treasure buried in your mind;
ten thousand emerald pools
hundreds of castles standing tall
a kingdom in your soul

i'll drown if i have to
to sink into your heart
if i die then i'll tell you
dying's never been more fun
all i need is you, you're all i need to breathe / 2
Poetic T Feb 2019
I couldn't venture upon the words that
flowed from your voice...
                  dancing on every pebble.

But sometimes we miss-stepped,

                       getting sullen in the
waters that we found ourselves,

                   delving in deeper than
                                            we wanted.

You & I where,  
                  me and you where that

Dro­wning within the pools of our eyes..

          We held on to another,
                  suffocating in
the love of each others vision.

And I drowned deeply within you..
                    knowing that Id be free on
                           the other side of your gazing eyes..
Glenn Currier Jan 2019
I’ve always had a fear of water that’s deep
I remember my fright in the city pool
how I made friends with the shallow end
how close to the sides I’d keep.
I still recall that curved stone edge
how my fingers held on and I felt a fool
being so scared when the other kids
would jump in the deep end with joy
how I felt like such a silly scardy boy
and I envied their abandon and grit
the big splash when their cannonball hit.

But it’s true my daddy was never there
to teach me to swim
to help when I came up coughing for air.
Oh man, how I could have used him
and his strong arms to hold me
and show me the breast stroke
slap my back when I choked.

Now I still thirst for a father
when I get afraid of the deep water.
The difference is now I’ve got a dad
who’s always there when I’m afraid or sad.
In fact I look forward to the dive
into the deep where I’m so alive
centered and at peace.
But I’m still learning to let go and release
the edge of that deep pool
and breathe in the depths… of spirit fuel.
K Balachandran Aug 2018
Rain poured its *** off,
And see now: pools big and small;
More than can handle!
I am meditatively sitting at the edge
Of the Saturn rings
High in the sky, looking down
Into an Earth-pool of reflections
I can see it, concentric rings
Moving like shadowy things.
In that space between you and me
is a pain, like a sheet of glass
My stretches through and
Into the water of the pool
And as I pull out the watery rings
I feel alchemic longing swirling inside of me
To have and to hold you
To pour you inside me
A soul-jug and its chalice companion
Its in your face I see
But it's reflection only
Touch and you are gone in concentric rings
And I return to the edge of things.
Poetic T Jan 2018
Those who pass us on,
       are but shallow pools of self-worth.
For when we look upon ourselves
                             we see a depth
that only gets deeper
the more we look into
               the pools of our own perception.
sweet ridicule Dec 2017
I ask her if she saw your eyes
She said she did that they are the
“boy eyes” but tripled and then
says but “have you seen your own eyes”
I said I hadn’t so I ran to the mirror
to see and started crying
at the way my dark eyes are full of peace
(giant wet pools of love) melting against my skin
through my pores
all because of
Poetic T Nov 2017
He wasn't looking at my eyes ,
              so I took his.

Pretty little pools...
       marbles of sight.

I threw them in the trash,
        his life dirt trodden looks...
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