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My old man used to laugh at me
As I lifted the lid to check
For spiders in the kettle.
I was always a nervous wreck.

I told him, “one day when I was eighteen
A huntsman flowed into my coffee”.
And I could never let it happen again.
It’s enough to put you off.

See, he couldn’t understand my fears.
He thought my story was a joke.
Until one day when I was twenty-five,
He learned I’m quite an honest bloke.

We woke at dawn for an early start
Before a day out on the sea.
I lifted the lid of his kettle that morning
And showed him a spider destined for his tea.
FunSlower Oct 8
Five seconds of illumination
Is all the time I need
To pace the halls inside new walls.
I’ve found my place indeed.
You spring to life in dreams.

Four months of new sensations,
Planting pretty seeds.
Like a basket in the bulrush,
You nest in my mind’s reeds.

Three minutes of tantalisation
Danced a year in my eyes to the nth degree.
And now somehow you’ve found a home in me.

Two weeks with a shared sixth sense,
As patience made way for our wishful wings.

One life to live & learn. I love the way she sings.
Halfway to Halifax,
Over hills of gloom.
Pools under cataracts,
Encasing two in bloom.
FunSlower Oct 1
By the time hard candy
Flashes in front of soft eyes,
Two hazel halos have
hallucinated to sweet infinity.

Reciprocated intimacy, repeatedly
Fitting and splitting our favourite trinity.

Brace to brave another winter with me.
Only this time let’s do it better.

Just in time to chase our fate.

Replace that precious cycle.
Like skewed binary,
Where one and one make zero.
Embrace the perfect circle of us.
Everything and nothing all at once.
Always have been, always will be; my hero.
How did we do it?
Only you knew it.
My life is your love.
Elate me. Pursue it.
FunSlower Sep 22
Wishing a very Happy Birthday
To the sweetest girl I’ve ever known.
My muse, my soulmate, my best friend.
Just for a moment would you loan me
An ear to show you I’m glad you know me.

I could give you every gift under the sun
And remind you every minute of every day,
You’re The One!

But nothing I say or do will ever be enough
To share my gratitude for your love.
To show you, no stars burn so brightly
As your eyes in mine, Dearest Dove.

The first time I saw you, stunned as you twirled,
It was plain to see, You’re The Gift To The World!

Kristin Bianca Garcia - I Love You ❤️💙💛
For my favourite teacher
And most beautiful friend.
Thank you for bringing me
Excitement without end.
FunSlower Sep 15
“Who kicks a friend when they’re down?”
Not all queens can be found in a crown.
Not all kings will watch their men drown.

“Your mind is so strong.”
Your serenity serenades me.
The sweetest siren I’ve ever known.

“Look how much you’ve grown.”
At least once a day my mind is blown,
By the wise words that flow
through the kindness you’ve shown.

“Look how far you’ve come.”
Thank you for being my compass to reality.
Thank you for our parallelism in duality.
If he someday slips away
To the darkest night beyond the lightest day,
Remember he was always happiest this way
And if the choice was his, well, here he’d stay.
FunSlower Sep 2
I was riled as I learned an unknown burn.
You smiled as I unturned a new-found yearn.
There’s something so succinct in earning truth,
After what felt like an eternity learning.
Proof that a familiar swirl in an unfamiliar scene
Can bring a million new ways to view your days.

It’s serene, this feeling. Really!
And with it, a chance to lift.
The choice to change one life.
An invitation to chime in time with another.
Perfect imperfection. Resolved discordance.
Binding impermanent reflections in permanence.
An end to what felt like an endless race.
A new beginning; your rawest reckoning.
The featherweight phoenix ever beckoning.
Don’t hide your face. Don’t chase your ghost.
For betterment, you meant it.
In innocence, you sent it.
Feel comfort in knowing
Your rivers are flowing.
The barest bones
Bear the warmest tones.
FunSlower Aug 26
We laughed aloud through the longest winter.
Simultaneously signing a solstice of solitude.
1 love allowed kindling to form from 2 splinters.
So we’ll set life alight, away from the multitude.

Through you, a new divinity enters me.
An entity of empathy left no room for entropy.
You know, the shower drips for me now too.
And it’s always when I think of you!

Atypical accolade attends a familiar cascade.
But it wont always be that way.
As sure as the sun will set tonight,
My bright light will shine for you tomorrow.

Retract with me. Refract with me.
Her fluorescence attracted me.
Illuminating the only pathway
I’ve ever hoped to see.
An overflowing heart
Sowing seeds and sewing stitches.
Flowing lightning through my dark,
Showing all of life’s riches.
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