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FunSlower Dec 2023
I saw something I shouldn’t have.

I felt something you wouldn’t have.

I longed for something we couldn’t have.

They say build a bridge and get over it,
But I’m no engineer. I can barely stack kindling,
Let alone light a fire to warm your world.
How do we explore a heart’s greatest desires when
The one it beats for doesn’t share them?
After all, space’s rainbow rapture forms
A membrane set to rupture. It’s the only way to be.

We said some things we shouldn’t have.

I asked something you wouldn’t have.

You said, it’s something we couldn’t have.
FunSlower Dec 2023
You unreservedly trace the breadth of her nape.

Lightly running fingers along the softest hairline.

Easing pressure from ears unable to hear you.

Palms rolling cotton at the small of her back.

A spine you’d send shivers down, but only once.

Relieving tension in shoulders guarding a heart.

Hands Hurt from hard work. Feet unswept off.

A mind to release pressure from for an eternity.

A life you’re unworthy of living beside her.

A love you’re so willing, but ever unfitting.
FunSlower Nov 2023
Nothing ever felt so full
As our universes colliding in the void.
Nothing ever felt softer
Than your voice gliding through me.

So you’re off to find your guiding light.
Yours imbued me with love like gravity.
Oh lighthouse burning out, wherever shall I go?
Whoever shines for you; luckier than charm!

Know this:
Nowhere ever felt like home
Until I was invited into yours.
No one ever delighted as I did,
In searching the depths of your heart.
The death of mine in turn. Imagine it as I cannot.
No soul ever yearned for yours more than mine.
My eyes for yours full of life, now forlorn.
I can never picture this again if they don’t return.
United In Death
FunSlower Oct 2023
Worrying about you in a dusty car,
Headed in a new direction.
Saw you under city lights on your darkest night. Didn’t know I could be the one
To pull you up out of that mess she made.
Pretty soon I will see you again.
You’ll be on my mind until then.
You’ve got a grin like the sun
And I’m proud of this mess we’re making.

Can you hear that little whisper,
Singing safer songs?
We’re the ones writing music
To mend melancholy, lifelong.

The sort of lines that withstand time;
Lullabies for a lifetime.
I just want you to know,
You’re not the only one being offered a lifeline.
FunSlower Oct 2023
Bury your halo
In the light of silver snow.
There is an overpass
Where people stare as we go.

How can I lay low
When you look at me like that?
There is silence in you,
I can’t seem to hold back.

I’m under your spell now.
You know me too well now.
I can see you make me weak.

There’s a line of gold
From your eyelids to my soul.
All this time I’ve known; I can’t just lay low.
I will miss you when you go!
Will you kiss me in the snow?
Kiss Me
Miss Me
FunSlower Oct 2023
Old ghosts are chasing me through the dark.
I thought eighteen years was enough.

I need to be free.

There is an old ghost
In the back of your mouth.
The death rattle of silver, screaming
Let me out!

There is a darkness
Deep in the ground.
An old town with a
Sad new secret now.

I know we’ll never have it all,
But it’s enough for me.
And I know we’ll never have it all worked out,
But we’ll figure it out as we go.
FunSlower Oct 2023
A dark ocean met us in the morning, aloof.
The familiar rattle and hum drowned out.
In love with a ten-track on the train tracks.

Never was a single word spoken
Between the three. Never was it necessary.
For the glimmer grin found comfort; two as one.

A long pause for a short opportunity missed.
It doesn’t matter.
Synthetic seas will shatter, while a kiss of the sun Blesses each one for life.

As two floodgates open, most find their way through. Yet I’m in luck with you, half-passed.

We’ve met before in the past.
We’ll meet again in the future.
This present binds us together in time.
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