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FunSlower Sep 22
I’m sure you’ve noticed, lately I’ve spent much
More time righting wrongs than writing songs.
Please know, I never intend to ignore you.
Ring the bellow of a Shark; I adore you.
Eat my heart out.
Sing your soul song.
September nights last all year long.
Take me home to your safest place.
Hold me as I kiss your face.
Endless flights through a sea of stars in space.
Etch your life’s sketch into mine.
Melting in the ebb and flow of love.
Possess this messy mind of mine,
Recessed in time-incarnadine.
Expel nostalgia’s analgesia.
Snuffed out candles burned to reminisce.
Sequestered no more. We’re bathed in bliss.
FunSlower Jul 10
How can I ever thank you for
All the ways you help me grow?
Putting up with my dorky ways,
Pretending I don’t make your eyes glaze over.
Yours is the only gaze I’ll ever want to explore.

1 year would never be enough to learn all of
Your likes and dislikes. Your yums and yucks.
Even last night as you studied your socks
And told me I was handsome, like Johnny Depp;
Relaying words back to me, ever attracting me.

Kind heart of yours, accept my words today.
Remember, I can never do you any justice. True,
I’d love to be able to, even just once. But
Seventy years wouldn’t be enough for me to find
The words for your place in this heart of mine.
I’d be silly to think I’d make them whole in one.
Now & forever, you’re my only one! ❤️💙💛
It’s easy to see if you close your eyes.
Look for wisdom in the heart of the wise.
Your eyes open up, you begin to forget.
So close them; freeze a moment in time.
Muse with me. We’re saturated in love.
FunSlower Apr 3
On the finest day we found our way,
Cutting a new path from bracken stricken pasts.
Everyone said we’d manage someday.
Anaesthesia for the antithetical. Allegorical.
Now waves we’ve never known before are
Swelling; Aloha & Aroha flow in a shared breath.

Ask me again at my last.
Nothing will have changed.
Declared at once, and always will be, yours.

Entering your mystery. Venturing through history.
Make this memory with me, ever after, our story.
Oath to you. Ode to us.
Tumultuousness fades to dust.
In you, there is eternal trust.
Open us up. We surrender. Innately intimate!
No beginning. Never ending. Innocently Infinite!
She transcends in all worlds any words I’ll write.
FunSlower Feb 14
Time blessed me yesterday. I saw you
Open up your eyes under shutters at the rise.

Don’t let me forget to fall
Each and every day;
Say truly what it means for two to stay.
Even on our days of Blue,
Roses of Red surround you.
Voices so soft can sound a song so loud. Yet
Evanescent are the slips that separate true lips.

Today I see you gleaming.
Happy! Two and one.
Every moment here is so much fun.

Before I let new moons make a memory,
Emboss me one more time, ever mannerly.
Slide down beside me, enticed by niceties.
There’s nowhere else I’d ever rather be.
Gifted with new moments.
Lifted up by true romance.
Enclasping two monuments.
Eclipsing blue in red reverence.
FunSlower Feb 3
Take a moment to think about it.
Underneath hell’s teeth sits a sorry soldier,
Rocking back and forth.
Nearer now than ever to forgetting true north.

******-suicide in Sunshine, glittering in Gold.
Every moment, dwelling on getting older.

Ugly ducklings everywhere,
Pulling out their teeth.
Slip away. Fall south. Ever cease to speak.
It’s not humble. It’s not meek;
Darker days consume the weak.
Endless weeks forgoing heaven’s lips.

Don’t eclipse the real reason for it.
Oath-breaker! You and I both saw it.
When will they forgive themselves?
Note to self: broken elves never strike twelve.
FunSlower Jan 25
Watch them as they float on by,
Ensnaring minds in magic.

Draw me out and fill me in.
Rejecting all that’s tragic.
I’ve had enough of old tricks.
For two, I’ll start anew;
To find the home I’ve always seen in you.

Drag us down and push us out.
Our wisest words weren’t wasted.
We had our fill of hard lines.
Now work out where your heart lies.
Shake off every hard lie
To make a brand new heart line.
Resist that old urge to constrict.
Edge nearer to a new construct.
A life wherein we’re extricated from the
Mood to self-destruct. Instead we self-instruct.
FunSlower Jan 17
Ignorance was bliss, but then

An angel took my hand.
Maybe one day you will understand.

Sometimes we need to pinch ourselves.
Our punishment often comes from within.

Don’t give up. Remember how to stand.
A lie misgiving a life worth living.
Move through it. You know you can do it.
Nobody but you can hold you to it.

Stop singing along to the saddest song
We never needed to write.
Exhume yourself from your
Antiquated night.
These are the days of light.
You can shimmer just as bright.
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