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Jan 2021
I can no longer relate to the vengeful breakup songs on the radio.
But I can’t relate to the ones about love.
So what am I related to?
In the movies, when two people go spinning apart,
they always come back together in a crescendo
and a last kiss,
before the screen goes black.
But we didn’t get that.
I didn’t run in a baby blue dress to your door
at the same time that you opened it
and immediately everything was better.
We just continued to break,
and break,
and break.
Now we are ash and dust,
remnants of a lost love scattered to the wind.
We do not get a sparkling, happy ending.
Instead, you won’t accept the blame
and I’m trying my best to move on.
I guess it just wasn’t us.
You were not the answer to my question
and I did not belong in your melody.
I know there will never be a day that I can fit into your song.
I can live with that,
but can you?
Hi! This is the first poem I've published in my life. It doesn't rhyme and my grammar is horrible so to call it a "poem" is shaky at best. Nonetheless, I hope at least one person out there finds something in this to take away.
Written by
Rea  19/F
     Kalliope, Benzene, Evan Stephens, kb, Mel and 5 others
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