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Asominate Jan 2020
A hue of three
We princes stand
A half, a child, and one a man

The prince of blue
Collected, calm and cold
Died to the red hue
So've we've been told

The citrian prince
Mind; heart of child
Pure innocence
Energies wild

Red prince, of passion and love
To self his own
A brethren fell at his shove
Thus becoming grown
The three known princes of the Isle of Calm Calamities
Mary Frances Oct 2017
They all have happy endings.
Queens and Kings
Princes and Princesses,
brave Heroes and fulfilled dreams.

I wish I have one too
Someone of pure heart and so true
who will give me my happily-ever-after,
a life with less sadness and more laughter.

That's what I wished for when I was a child
when I still had a heart so mild
Then it changed when I started loving Princes and Kings
coz my heart became part of their other broken things.
Timothy hill Mar 2017
Sands of you cast it's on ships.

Eyes and hair of a goddess where is your princes?

He rides threw a forest dense with huge frogs jumping from trees.

Amazed you will not leave the tower your step dad placed you at.

He arrives at bottom of height looking upwards saying wow.

He gets his bag from his horse with rope and in cage is a hawk he ties the rope too.

Sending the bird to the top.
A steamy girl.
Serafeim Blazej Sep 2016
they were little princes
tied with ropes
suspended like marionettes
linked to the will of the sorcerer
they were birds with clipped wings
so they could not fly
never go back to home
Inspired by "Ribbon" and "Butterfly" of BEAST (korean group).

Edited on 28/12/17.
("ils étaient petits princes marionnettes")
Serafeim Blazej Sep 2016
ils étaient petits princes
attaché par des cordes
suspendus comme des marionnettes
lié à la volonté des sorcier
ils étaient des oiseaux avec des ailes rognées
de sorte qu'ils ne pouvaient pas voler
de ne jamais rentrer chez eux
Inspired by "Ribbon" and "Butterfly" of BEAST (korean group).

("They were little princes marionettes")
Lisa Lesetedi May 2016
I met a Prince
He taught me that princes don't alway charm
No fairytales...he was as real as the sound of my alarm
I woke up
Realized that sometimes a Kiss from a Princess isn't enough
To break the walls of insecurity the world built so tough

I met a Prince...
He taught me that princes don't always charm ...
He ,like the rest of us had the world do him harm...
Crowned by thorns
Monsters are made
Not born ...

I met a prince
He taught me that princes don't always charm
The world isn't conducive for charm to bloom in...
He wore a crown of imperfections but that made him human.
He proved that fairytales don't exist
But I learned to see beauty in the beast.
Darius M Buckley Aug 2015
If I was never perfect, then why did you tempt me,

If I wasn't what you wanted, why did I fall,  

I smashed through clouds, round and round,

Now I feel like I hit the solid ground.

Pretty boys with pretty faces,

Princes in the sky have got you on tight laces,

Castles high up with charming smiles,

Perfect sunsets with kisses laid on the isles.

I stand in the distance wondering why?

Why I let my heart fall, and break,

For heaven's sake why wasn't I awake to see,

It was never me, but the boy in the distance you ran to see.

Prince Charming with his perfect glimmer,

I myself a slight bit dimmer, maybe slimmer,

Broad and proud of his stature,

Tossing her up with a smile to catch her.

He glances over at me and I meet his eye,

He smiles and says hello, and I wonder why,

He comes up to me and says hello,

My name he wants to know?

He says what a nice title for a prince,

I should smile, stand up straight, be more like him.

Maybe I'll catch her eye if I pout my lips,

Or curl my hair just like this.

He takes my chin and lifts it up,

He opens my shirt to show some blow,

He runs his hand into my hair to curl it just right,

One hair dips down, with a slight breeze to the right.

He takes off my reading glasses,

Tosses my book to the waters,

Looks at my shoes and doesn't even bother,

But my face he sees and steps back.

"I know I'm hideous, that's all you can see"

"Please, you're a...."

"My friend, you're a prince indeed."

She glances back toward me, a smile this time I see.

He leans toward my ear from behind,

Whispers in the slightest tone,

"Prince Charming, she's looking for you..."

"You can have my throne"

I turn to him and I say "no".

"She was not interested in me but my face."

"In that case, why waste."

My love is no woman, but my beautiful book.

And so the boy walked along with his new look,

Charming girls from here to there,

His charm was dear and fair,

But for his stories he read with care.

He stumbled upon a ******* the way,

She was pretty and blessed with good looks,

But he saw not her look but her book,

They shared a glances and laughed in delight.

She said to his surprise,

"A prince has a knowledge of the books not his looks,"

"Indeed I may agree", he said to she,

As they walked hand in hand, book to knee.
Megan Kendall Jun 2015
Well, it turns out the prince was a huge *******. Our happily ever after was short-ended by Prince Charming dumping me and leaving me on the streets. You’ve all heard the story with our “happily ever after,” but it wasn’t forever. This not-so-happy ending just proves that you shouldn’t marry someone you just met. Our “forever” was for like a month. The story everyone has heard is true, they just left out the ending. Here is the real ending.
“Listen here Cindy, you’re great and all, but I don’t love you. You’re not as beautiful as the night we met and I don’t think I can handle that betrayal.”
“Are you ******* kidding me?!” I’m so angry right now I can’t even wrap my mind around what happened. He looks at me with stern, serious eyes and a smirk that makes me want to punch him into another dimension. How can he do this to me? Everything was going perfectly, until this moment. I’m appalled at the sight of him.
“Also, I’m leaving you for your step sister, Drizella.” What the hell? He had to choose the ugliest one too. I cant even to respond to that. I take all the money I can find and walk out the door without even looking back.
I probably should have thought this through, since I have nowhere to go. I have no friends, no family, and my fairy godmother left me as soon as I married Prince *******. I did take most of his money, but I’m not sure what to do with it. I’ve never been on my own. As I’m walking far, far away from the prince’s castle, I find a park that is calling for me to rest. I lost track of how many days I’ve been walking and I feel like how my stepsisters look. I got some much needed sleep on an unnecessarily hard bench and woke up ready to carry on with my journey. I woke with a fright when I saw two stunningly dashing eyes peering over me. Those eyes belonged to a beautiful man who dressed like a prince, but smelled oddly like the sea. I did not want to break his gaze.
After a few seconds of slightly awkward eye contact, the man finally spoke,”Excuse me miss, you looked cold and uncomfortable so I wanted to offer you a place to stay. You look very smart so I’m sure you’re very reluctant and confused. My name is Eric. My wife and I have a huuuuuge house with more rooms than we need and we’d love to have you, Cinderella.”
“H-how do you know my name?”
“Um, everyone in every realm knows who you are and what you look like.” Oh yeah, I forgot that I didn’t exist to anybody until I married a prince and I was somebody to everybody. I hesitantly agreed and we rode on his horse to his castle which overlooked the sea. That must be why he smelled like it. This man has to be a prince. There is no way that even the richest people in this kingdom together could afford this castle. The inside was more magnificent than the outside. It had huge, open rooms with intricate windows so that you could see almost completely around the castle. I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life here. My thought is interrupted by Eric’s wife walking in and internally murdering me as soon as she lays her eyes on me.
“So I tell you I’m leaving you and not even a day later, you already have another girl here? What is wrong with you?”
“What’s wrong with me?! You’re the one with *****!”
She begins to shout “His name is Sebastian and he’s more of a man than you’ll ever be!” She storms out of the castle, leaving only an echoing boom from the slammed door.
This is almost my exact situation except reversed. I see him try to shrug it off, but I can see the hurt in his eyes. As he gives me a tour, the hurt in his eyes slowly begins to fade.
“Hey, I’m sorry that you had to see that earlier.”
“You don’t have to be sorry, Eric. It wasn’t your fault. My husband just left me so I understand how bad it hurts.” He just nods his head and continues showing me around. The tour ends at Erics bedroom. I don’t know what comes over me, but I kiss him. It was awkward, but then it didn’t stop and it became very heated. This was a passion I never got to experience with Charming. I woke up with the cool blanket clinging to my naked body. I felt something warm behind me and slowly rolled over to see Eric. I screamed and stumbled off the bed. I thought yesterday was just a dream! My scream woke Eric and his eyes widened as they found me.
“Can we uhhh… pretend like nothing happened?” he hesitantly asked. I nod my head and rush to the guest bedroom to wash away the memories from last night’s rendezvous.

Things were awkward for a long time, but we tried to pretend as if nothing happened. Eventually we started to build a friendship! We’ve actually even been on a couple dates. I can’t believe I didn’t do this with Charming. No wonder our marriage fell apart. I practically know everything about Eric, and he knows almost everything about me. This is the happiest I’ve been in a looong time. We’re only about a month into the relationship and we’re already talking about marriage. I know it is very soon but it’s a step up from only knowing him a day. It only took an unexpected encounter to bring us together. This may or may not be my real happily ever after but I’ll just have to wait and hope and see. For now, I am just happy.
Martin Narrod Apr 2014
When my heart beats black inside my chest, and the days I have are filled with death, and the girls I know won't walk with me, then I have my choice in misery. All the birds have died, and the plains are dry, the skyscrapers aren't lit up at night, and the city's sound sounds like nothing, then I have my choice in suffering. People talk a lot, but they hardly speak, all their voices creak in the summer streets, everybody walks but they're not moving, I try to only observe but then I start screaming.

I ******* hate the way that you look at me, your skin's so ******* clean that it feels *****, your eyes move around but you're not seeing, the way I hurt each day but you say nothing. If I tried to leave you might be happy, so I sit and be and go out at night and cheat. I would break your heart, but it hardly beats. You're my walking dead, my darling zombie.

Each day is second rate, I bore so easily. It's like the day we met ended your pleasantry. I startle all the time, you seem so unaware. I chose you number one, you chose to not even care.

I caressed you once, and undressed you thrice, you abandoned me in the middle of the night. All the time I halved, you had your own account, of every thing we did, it wasn't the right amount. Now I hardly care about the drugs you're on. I'm quoting blasphemy out of every psalm. Even the words I write don't tell half of the truth, about the way I felt chasing after you.
Written for Britni West

— The End —