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kiran goswami Dec 2018
And in this world full of
I am a Wonder Woman.
"follow the yellow brick road"
the witch didn't die
cinderella didn't go to the ball
sleeping beauty didn't wake up
belle escaped the beast
snow white was poisoned and killed
jasmine didn't go with aladin
moana stayed on the island
ariel sayed under water
tiana didn't kiss the prince
rapunzel stayed in the tower
pocahontas didn't save john smith
mulan stayed in the village
anna didn't go after elsa
elsa controlled her powers
anastasia/anya didn't care about her past

a world where evil wins
and there are no princesses
is a scary world.

be careful, princess.
Madam X Jan 2018
I have not yet pricked my finger upon the needle of a yarn spinning wheel
Nor have I bitten from a poisonous fruit
Midnight has passed and I am still in my clothes from last nights meal
And a sea witch has not made me mute.

I still have yet to kiss the lips
of a prince whose come to save me.
The last girl who did that, turned into
a frog  
But fell in love severely.  

I haven't had the chance to prove my bravery
with a sword or bow and arrow
For I am no princess, just patiently waiting,
For my one true kneeling pharaoh.
I tried to mention a majority of the Disney princess stories, though I realize I excluded quite a few. Please comment a fitting title. I'm having a bit of trouble.
Mary Frances Oct 2017
They all have happy endings.
Queens and Kings
Princes and Princesses,
brave Heroes and fulfilled dreams.

I wish I have one too
Someone of pure heart and so true
who will give me my happily-ever-after,
a life with less sadness and more laughter.

That's what I wished for when I was a child
when I still had a heart so mild
Then it changed when I started loving Princes and Kings
coz my heart became part of their other broken things.
sunprincess Jan 2017
An amazing and rare piece of antiquity
Secrets of the Voynich manuscript
I find So Mysterious yet so captivating 
A beautiful language not revealing
Uniquely expressive are the paintings
Somewhat exotic are the drawings
Leaves one with an astonished feeling
A  castle grand under a starry light
beyond  a dragon enjoying the night
And seven sisters soaking in a spring
As herbs and dainty flowers sing
Foliage green and blooms in blue
Stems standing tall, strong and true
Colors are vibrant bleeding through
Palms, and fronds and ferns, too
And inky blue with leaves of six
Roots partitioned into pieces and bits
Sunflowers and tiny red flowers
O' and a divine constellation shower
beauty imagined, beauty redefined
Oh this beauty I alone have found
amidst a poetic language unknown
penned with a quill by a poet of long ago
.....hopefully the poet would be honored with my tribute
Erin Suurkoivu Oct 2016
War paint I always found unnecessary:
Gloss for manicured lipstick commercial princesses
Not of my kind.

And though I walk with shield, I am without armour:
Ramparts mere cheekbones,
Bare skin impressionable as snow.

The mark I hated. My characters:
Frail tree rings, exposed to the chill night air.

Gold inlay frozen solid.
The fairly bound dream factory
Lies purple with melancholy.

It’s the world’s bruise. It colours sudden,
Shadowing the other side of the room
Where it paused, rare moth

Lighted upon my dark reflection,
A Mona Lisa dressed in black
And reminiscent of bobby sox.

Beauty without fanfare.
Stuff of woods: we do not glitter.
We don’t call out.

Our tongues are both dumbstruck bells.
Shy rabbits, we fold within ourselves
And sequester our secret pulp.
Dumbstruck is a poem featured in my first collection of poetry, "Blood for Honey", available at and Amazon.
Blonde, she is fair
Her thoughts flow like air
But no one loves a girl with brown hair
Copper, she rocks
Cannon balling off docks
But no one loves a girl with brown locks
Ginger, she looks best
In fiery red dresses
But no one loves a girl with brown tresses
Ebony, she has fangs
The most mysterious of dames
But no one loves a girl with brown bangs
All tales been shared
Of beauties been spared
But no one loves a girl with brown hair
Belle turned a beast into a man,
Ariel learned to walk on land,
Rapunzel was freed from her tower,
Elsa learned to use her powers.

Jasmine married who she pleased,
Snow White's stepmother became deceased,
Mulan saved her father's life,
Pocahontas found love through strife.

Aurora married the prince of her dreams,
With destiny tearing at the seams,
Cinderella found her other shoe,
And that is why dreams can come true.
glassea Apr 2015
the night they wed,
cinderella slits the prince’s throat.
she won’t trade her prison
for a pretty cage.

the beast conquers nations,
but beauty’s the one telling him how.

aurora wakes herself.
she’ll spend centuries guarding
a city that never stirs,
and she never questions
her duty to people long gone.

rapunzel burns the tower.
ariel rules the sea.
"we have never been good at waiting."
ineo Feb 2015
She is amiable,
i think she's not even a human
an angel, the baby ones
how can a person be an angel?
is that even possible
your pure soul,
kindness drowned me in appreciation
it reminds me of the pure princesses
in the fairytales
like the kids when they're happy
without any reason
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