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Ron Conway Jan 1
a happy new year
best wishes to all of you
no resolutions
Happy New Year
harley jane Jan 1
Happy New Year!

I glance over at him
And he stares back at me
In the moment
We realize that

Seven years of loving each other
Was worth everything
Pain and patience
Happiness and sadness

We believe in each other
We know that what we have
Is truly extraordinary
And that we are in it for the long run

I look into those emerald eyes
He looks into my doe-brown eyes
The entire world comes to a stop
And our lips lock to our new year.
Just a little poem for my boyfriend. Hes been by my side for a long time even through my darkest times. And yes, we were 12 when we started dating. I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year :)
Anagha Dec 2019
Sitting in the night filled with snow...
she allowed the thoughts to flow.

She reminsced her gains....
and looked backed on to her pains.

Thought of the things she has done...
but  she regretted none.

She sat down to take a resolution...
said a big no to anymore pollution..
to her mind and heart.

Decided to love herself a little more...
determined to stand firmly for herself.
planned to shed off her useless layers

She is waiting zealously to renew herself in this new year and
to fly off with her beautiful dreams
TS Ray Dec 2019
It’s a New Year and a New Decade,
nature, love and much more to be praised,
fresh canvas and new colors it’s going to be framed,
surely, belief in us will paint the way we want it shaped.
TS. 2019.  Happy 2020 - Hello Poetry, family and friends.
undermyfeet Dec 2019
You don't have to do anything special for special occasions,
because normal is the most precious kind of special.
Sunny Jan 2019
I awake to a new day
Yet feel unenthusiastic.
Unlike most others, I don't really care
That the new day brings upon a new year.

It just means milestones occur.
Important events. Changes.
My birthday's in 16 days.
Adulthood approaches rapidly, and I'm unprepared.

Am I immature? Am I not ready?
I'm unsure. Yet I remain steadfast.
I'm not ready for this change.
That day will only add pressure on me.

Their expectations are high, I suppose.
"You're going to be a computer engineer." Or something like that.
But I'm…confused. Parts of it I'm not good at.
And I'm left wondering if I even care about that class anymore.

What if I don't want to pursue that?
Will it be a waste of my "talent" or is it just a fleeting interest?
I suppose I could take up writing but…
We all know that's just wishful thinking.

My mind's clouded, uncertainty filling it to the brim.
And as each minute passes, I just count down the days
Until I can talk to her again.
Even if we're far from each other, we'll still be connected.

Just like the days before.
And then, I'll make her smile.
In that moment, I'll forget about my own troubles.
And focus on hers.

Is this a bad thing to do? Probably.
Do I care too much? Perhaps.
Will this help me forget about everything though?
No. It won't. But at least I can be happy.

Even if that's for a few hours a week.
I guess there's a lot going on with me that I refuse to acknowledge.

I'm a fool.
Broadsky Jan 2019
It's the first hour of the new year and I feel whole.
It could be because of all the champagne
Or the fact I realized that **** happens and you can't control it, so you might as well just smile
I'm pushing the thought of you away
I'm smiling and laughing with my mom and sister
I feel happy
I'm a tad drunk but you guys dont mind right?
'Happy New Year. . .'*

Happy new year.
I wish you the best for the year ahead.
I hope the year is full of bliss,
Full of joy .
I hope you find love,
I hope you find the one.
No matter the challenges,
Whatever the new year brings forth,
Don't worry, fear not.
I know you'll come out on top.


Fọlábòmí Àmọ̀ó
Wishes for the new year.
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