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Little Peony Jan 2
so here's to the step i take
to the path i chose
i hope you're going well
hoping for you to be good
and your path may become
clearer than before
so you could see
how wonderful it was
to be broken
pieces to pieces
to be wounded and healed
over and over again


here are the pieces of life
that i chose to bring with
the remaining half of me
which i don't even remember

the pieces that've been glued in tears,
fake laughter,
and loneliness

in hoping that it could grow
into something new
once again
and again.
Lyn-Purcell Jan 1
This poem marks my wishes that
I want in this New Year.
2017 is now a closed chapter,
and I hope to leave all the misfortune behind.
So I pray

That this year, I will be blessed with happiness
and stability for everyone; my three families.
My friends, my blood, and HelloPoetry...

This year, I will be able to hone my craft
and have to confidence to go
after my dreams.

And finally,
I pray that my mother remains in good health.
Let me not worry about her all the time.

2017 has been a year of heavy burdens.
Where I felt like I couldn't handle anything.
I know there is no end to our burdens, so
I ask for you to broaden my shoulders
So I can bear the burdens
and grasp my blessings.
2017 was messed up. I swear alot of things happened where I felt so overwhelmed that there were times where I cried so hard and I wanted to fade away.
I hope that 2018 will be a better year, for me and for everyone else.
Happy New Year, HelloPoetry!
Mateen Manek Dec 2017
There are those who only believe in one beginning, writing their story as a continuous sentence.

I choose to believe that I can have many beginnings, some that overlap. Every adventure is a short story, every relationship scripted by the playwright and every tragedy dripping with noir. And I am the one who chooses when they all begin and when they should all end.
Abhijit Dec 2017
I have left behind many things
for '17 to take with it.
I'm already. Packed all my belongings!
All? Oh wait! A heart-shaped box.
"Memories of her" it talks.
"Won't you take me with you?
I'll help you be happy
be kind and control yourself. "
I blamed myself for forgetting
such a wonderful possession.
"Why did you forget
Your favorite obsession?
Take me with you.
I will melt your heart
Reshape it
Cast it
And then break it again."
I dropped it at once!
"You don't stand a chance!
I'll make you confident
Motivated and adamant.
But I'll bug you too
Make you lose your focus."
I threw it a corner, ran from it.
And then I stopped.
What was there in that box?
I ran back for it.
Found it lying there.
Opened it.
Maybe that's the reason I forgot it in the first place.
"You came back, see?
You can't live without me.
Will you or Shall I
say Happy New Year to your Queen?"
I know it's not poetry.  Just a wish and a 'reminder' to myself that I can't forget her.
Title inspired by that Nirvana song.
Pei Yi Dec 2017
hello you.
how have you been?
it's been a good year, even if you think it hasn't
well, it has.
you are the best version of me yet, i'm proud
to say.
i'm proud.

you're doing good. keep doing that.
what am i doing? you're doing fine
keep doing that. but learn more of it
it's about the process and the details
it'll take time, but hey you're here
keep doing that.

hello you.
it's time to say goodbye
"to the things we loved and the innocence of youth"
it's okay, i'm proud of you
so, hello you again.
Rohit Goyal Dec 2017
Another year gone past,
another year about to start.
Do we still welcome the sun?

No matter how far we run
or how fast,
it just won't last.
What it is to perish in the face of spring?

Of all the gifts that misery can bring,
would there be enough rain
to empty my veins?
Can we still make it to the next war?

The angels looking down at the creatures *** abhors,
Lucifer looking up from his hide,
smiling eyes filled with pride
at his brothers, in disguise of anger and hate.

At the dead-end, when happiness is the bait,
a petty choice between a truth and a lie,
let me choose to neither live nor die
Reg Jan 2017
Here's to the worst year of our lives
Here's to years gone by, I despise
So much for sweet sixteens
Time was better in between

I bid farewell,
Two thousand and Memory
Chirayu Writer Jan 2016
Life began to change
Days to delight
I am almost here
Bringing the light to change..
Life began to change
Nights to the star
walking with star a
Eternal feelings, bless, now,
Lift me higher and higher,
From all star being
Underneath the whisper of glorious wind..
       This lines for the Poetry ....
The words can't stop talking inside you
When you are falling
Feeling the growth of  the strength
Feel indecently clear
Coz you keep Rising
Like the day ends
and night rise...
Back through the years
Back to the star.....                
Thank you...
May Every years Shine up with a beautiful smile be the reason for others happiness & Spread your joy and happiness around. Happy New Year.
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