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A plate of cookies, A glass of milk. On the table next to the tree, With nothing to see.​

We went to sleep. Without a sound, Santa came with a bound​

He went through his bundle As we are asleep ​

He went up the chimney, without making a sound.​

As the morning sunrises, We jumped out of bed. Still in our jammies.​

Ran to our stocking to see what Santa has given us.​

Under the Christmas tree, Some presents for us.​

We all went out on a Christmassy Party, It was a blast​

As the night drawn by, We had goodies to take home.​

As soon as we're home, We were all tired and a little cold.​

We took a warm cozy blanket and warm ourselves, We ended our night with a cup of hot chocolate in our hands.​

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ​

Welcome 2021​
Cookies For Santa
Lu Wilson Jan 2021
In the final countdown I craved to let it all go
Setting intentions for what the New year would bestow

So hopeful and yet naïve still like a child
Sure that which is coming is calm and mild

Midnight struck to bring in a New Year
Yet the old world came the pain didn't disappear
#Happynewyear #2021
Lyn-Purcell Jan 2021

     with  my hope
and     optimism
for the year,     2021         
    but   even so,  I keep the  
   flame   of this  candle
well  -  fed

I    light this candle
in  memory of those
who   have lost their
lives in the previous
year    as   well as to
honour             every
hardworking      soul
in      the      frontlines
In such dark times,  it
is hard    to remember
the   light I implore us
all to keep it all ignited
I   speak   to   us as one
race and one race alone
To all my fellow people
my   brothers and sisters
all      over        the  world
please   keep your candle
lit, never forget what has
been lost. Stay safe    and
well all of you May 2021
be    a    year of blessings
and              successes
The days seem to be blurring more and more.
With all that's happened in 2020, it didn't really feel like a new year and in a way, it still doesn't for me. So much has really dawned on me and Ive spent so much time brooding and just lost in my own head.
Even so, I just wanted to keep hope alive for this year.
So many lives have been lost in 2020.
I pray for all of my fellow poets.
May you and your loved ones be in great health and happiness and if you have lost someone you love, to the virus or not, I pray they rest in peace.
I'm cautiously optimistic so officially [though it's a day late], I wish you all a happy new year.
Keep hope alive in your hearts.
We shall get through this storm together for we are one.
Stay safe out there everyone.
Leave a candle in the comments to show your hope for this year.
🕯️ 🕯️ 🕯️
Much love and blessings,
Lyn ***
arCamm Jan 2021
I hope he knows that I feel the stress
vortex banging against his cranium.
even with my welcoming surface,
he struggles to let go.

I hope he knows that it is not I that
needs replacing,
but simply his way of thinking that
needs readjusting.

A new year
A mindset anew

Hello 2021

- a.r. Camm
Hello 2021,

I know that you’re going to bring some more bullsh** my way. Just to let you know now, I’m mentally preparing myself for you. You won’t catch me off guard like 2020 did. I’m ready for you. Bring it on.
andTilly Jan 2021
the happiest step into your New Year
and each and every fear that feels near
let it just step into the light and disappear

happy New Year’s
HOPE Jan 2021
Contemplation always lies
Between I do and I don't
Primarily on yes or no
Definitely not in-between
That is not a counterclaim
Of whether you accredit prodigy or misfortune
Either Signs and wonders
But to her lies a sacred divination
Which permit her to wish you
a phenomena new year
अंधकार  का  जो साया था, 
तिमिर घनेरा जो छाया था,
निज निलयों में बंद पड़े  थे,
रोशन दीपक  मंद पड़े थे।

निज  श्वांस   पे पहरा  जारी,  
अंदर   हीं   रहना  लाचारी ,
साल  विगत था अत्याचारी,
दुख के हीं तो थे अधिकारी।

निराशा के बादल फल कर,
रखते  सबको घर के अंदर,
जाने  कौन लोक  से  आए,
घन घोर घटा अंधियारे साए।

कहते   राह  जरुरी  चलना ,
पर नर  हौले  हौले  चलना ,
वृथा नहीं हो जाए वसुधा  ,
अवनि पे हीं तुझको फलना।

जीवन की नूतन परिभाषा ,
जग  जीवन की नूतन भाषा  ,
नर में जग में पूर्ण समन्वय ,
पूर्ण जगत हो ये अभिलाषा।    

नए  साल  का नए  जोश से,
स्वागत करता नए होश से,
हौले  मानव  बदल  रहा है,
विश्व  हमारा संभल  रहा है।

अजय अमिताभ सुमन
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