Reg Jan 3

Here's to the worst year of our lives
Here's to years gone by, I despise
So much for sweet sixteens
Time was better in between

I bid farewell,
Two thousand and Memory

Chirayu Writer Jan 2016

Life began to change
Days to delight
I am almost here
Bringing the light to change..
Life began to change
Nights to the star
walking with star a
Eternal feelings, bless, now,
Lift me higher and higher,
From all star being
Underneath the whisper of glorious wind..
       This lines for the Poetry ....
The words can't stop talking inside you
When you are falling
Feeling the growth of  the strength
Feel indecently clear
Coz you keep Rising
Like the day ends
and night rise...
Back through the years
Back to the star.....                
Thank you...
May Every years Shine up with a beautiful smile be the reason for others happiness & Spread your joy and happiness around. Happy New Year.

Kendra Mack Jan 2016

There's a year to be still
And a year to be bold
A year to act young
A year to grow old

There's a year to fight back
And a year to play nice
A year to think once
A year to think twice

A year to get lost
And a year to be skilled
There's a year to explode
And a year to rebuild

What will your year be?
WistfulHope Aug 2014

here’s to new beginnings
to old endings
to quiet whispers

here’s to being happy
to tears of joy
to crazy laughter

here’s to today
to days past
to days to come

here’s to you
to me
to us

precious joy Jan 2016

isn't it thrilling to wonder what would happen
to you in the next few days? thinking who would make you laugh, how many hearts would be broken, where will your wandering feet would take you, who are you going to meet that would make you write midnight poems about.

like this one
Shazia ullah Dec 2015


Each new year
A new resolution is made
I will loose weight
I will be nice
No more drinking
No more anger
No more war
Yet here we are
Year 2016....
How many of us
Made these resolutions
Last year
The year before that
Or even before that?
Look, even now
Theres so much evil
So much anger
So much war
Noone sticks to their resolutions
They break just like empty promises
Made by every other man
To every other woman
Made to be broken
Just abit of fun
Resolutions are a way of saying
"Yes we are wrong"
"Yes we do wrong"
"We will not change"
Happy new year
The number has changed
But expect no more
Happy New Year

Steve Dec 2015

Here's to Yours
And Here's to Mine.
Here's to Those
Time's Left Behind.
Here's to the Noo
And Here's to the Morrow.
Here's to Joy
To Hell with Sorrow.

My toast to the New Year, raise your glasses and drink to us all.
adhi das Dec 2015

Life has sweet dreams and nightmares
When the heart is full of hope
Life is more beautiful
When heart is full of love
Life is the most beautiful dream
When heart is full of desire
Life is more fearful
When heart is full of hate
Life is the most fearful nightmare
Life has tragedy and comedy
Every one’s life ends in tragedy as death is inevitable
If that death takes you to heaven it’s a happy ending
But sad no man knows the end
So best to cheer up now at hand

♥ With a loving Heart I wish all my Dear ones and hp friends a beautiful Merry X mas & HAPPY NEW YEAR  2016♥

Life is short Time is fast NO replay NO rewind so Enjoy every moment as it comes and never forget to Love your Loved ones Live your life to the fullest potential and fight for your Dreams :))
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