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Lucia Airo Jan 2021
The dim wind whispered in my ear why are you here
For wind I do not know as I could ask you an unexplainable question like why do you blow.
For I do not know
Lucia Airo Oct 2019
Our love is a story with a semicolon. We might have stopped writing it, but that doesn’t mean it’s done.-Lucia Airo
Lucia Airo Oct 2019
Does our love hurt you like it hurts me? Do you get terrible aches from your heart strings being pulled? Because I do,I always feel this infamous sadness from our love.
Do you?- Lucia Airo
Lucia Airo Oct 2019
Their relationship was like broken glass, shattered and sharp,there was no salivation of it.-Lucia Airo
Lucia Airo Oct 2019
She is like the sun,
She brightens up the room wherever she is, and like the sun, even though she is far away I can still feel her warmth- Lucia Airo
Lucia Airo Oct 2019
The sun loves the moon and they talk everyday. Their love flourish even though they are miles away-Lucia Airo
Lucia Airo Oct 2019
She is like summer,
And like summer she is gone,
Here for a short time-Lucia Airo
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