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Abhi Mar 21
Oh dear clouds,
Please fly away to somewhere else
Hold on a while before you pour yourself in the earth
You can come to my place if you want
I will hear your words, but
Let her see the sky

The moon might be waiting to tell her
That she is the only one
That I ever think of
And when it show its scars
Let it reveal the wounds of my heart
How I feel when she is away
Let it show her my pain
Let her see the sky

The stars might be shining
For they know how much she likes them
perhaps they are shining their brightest today
Arranged different than the usual
In the shape of my love, maybe.

Oh dear clouds
Let her see the sky.
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Afia Jul 2018
There is no substitute for healing,
than to bloom in your own fire.
To climb wound by wound
on your bruised fervour,
is far better than growing wild.
Do not despise your reflection,
the shadows can lie.
You turn stones into petals,
this art is sublime.
Years of infight results into an exalted rank we are too blind to notice at times. Give yourself a chance.
Trixia Oct 2017
I thought I found love,
I thought permanent happiness came,
it was all rainbows
and the bright sun,
not noticing the blue skies,
the gray clouds,
the madness of this world,
I saw beauty in darkness,
I saw wars on light,
firing guns and stabbing knives,
life is like airplanes with bad engines,
even with all your efforts to be a good pilot,
it will all come crashing down,
love was like falling into a never ending cliff,
always falling,
never landing into something too great
but our dreams.
Our "almost" will always haunt me,
our memories will always be my favorite moment,
the looks we share
and feelings will never be forgotten,
for it is a wound,
that healed but scarred,
and left a marking that in this moment,
I became yours,
and you became mine.
Today was good,
but tomorrow is unexpected,
you'll never know what will happen,
sometimes what you expected,
isn't really going to happen.
When you look at me,
I can’t breathe,
the world stops,
and everything becames slow motion,
but is it right to love someone,
who doesn’t even know you,
for years I’ve been waiting for you,
all I ask is for you to be a part of
my life,
because you my love is my light,
that burns the bridges of my all mighty trust,
and now our story ends,
I have lost you,
The worst the of loving someone is the day you lose them.
Trixia Oct 2017
I fell into your black hole,
I fell into the beauty of your darkness,
I fell onto the cliff of your all mighty love,
but you didn't catch me,
no one did,
i picked myself up
all together,
with million years of standing up,
I became strong,
then you go back,
gave me signs of love,
and didn't even notice
I was holding on so tight,
I was a daydreamer,
a night thinker,
but you're a heartbreaker.
Trixia Oct 2017
i walked into your life,
and suddenly i was attached,
my love,
i had found you,
i have loved you
since i was in eighth grade.
roaring down every words,
on every nights i have cried,
it was sorrow i have met,
it was a chaotic journey
for both of us in this world,
full of unknown feelings,
denied emotions,
and dead souls,
looking from afar
i see beauty
at the end,
but how does
death conspire
and fell in love with life,
life asked,
"why does everyone hate death?"
death said,
"because you my love is a beauty in disguise,
while I was war in midst of destruction."
Our love is one sided, one is blinded by another and one is hurting from the chaos of longing.
Trixia Aug 2017
how to get over thee,
how do i stop from thinking of you,
how do i stop remembering our happy moments,
that i still can't get over,
of how you gave me butterflies in my stomach,
you talk like you're from another time,
and yet you're here staying on my present,
and hopefully on my future,
how do i get over my addiction of your
beautiful eyes,
or even your scent of perfume
how do i distance myself from what keeps me alive,
and also kills me twice,
truth is i still hide my pain,
in my empty smiles,
but the eyes show how i really am,
but no one sees,
you are the one who saw me,
in my darkest and brightest times,
you accepted me,
and told me you'll never leave,
but times after times,
i see you and you smile at me,
and your smiles are different,
they weren't as shiny as before,
they were faded,
they show me sorrow.
it feels like crashing,
crashing inside a volcano,
and burning, burning...
until i feel nothing,
i feel nothing,
i've died a million times,
from hell woken up to earth,
i do not know what to do,
or what to expect,
i still see you in my nightmares,
i call it nightmares because even if i saw happy moments it still gives me anxiety,
it still gives me so much phobia,
that the thought of being hurt,
and again,
and again,
and again,
gives me so much heartache,
but i still open my heart,
to you,
because how do i get over thee.
how do you get over to someone that picked up your shattered heart from a broken past.
Trixia Aug 2017
she was beauty in sorrow,
a lightning in the sky,
a rainbow after rain,
but a devil in disguise,
she wasn't given a chance to prove,
now she rules,
she is a devil queen,
that could freeze up hell in a second,
and shut down earth,
her looks are perfect,
raven haired,
browns eyes,
pink lips,
but either do we know,
there is a dark side of hers,
that we could not see,
and even the brightest light
could not light up,
she's a princess of chaos and danger,
she loves the smell of blood
and sad faces
with angry souls,
she could see right through you,
so never ever get her mad,
'cause any second she could freeze you up,
her specialty was never fire,
it was ice that ignites her.
Trixia Aug 2017
i hope the sun
would be more like the moon
like how it stands out
on the night
when the sun is tired
of us
i want the moon
the moon is a loyal companion
unlike the sun
that shines so bright
with blue sky
and white clouds,
but the moon
it looks beautiful
even with
a million stars
beside it
but without the sun
the moon
would be lifeless
and as they say
you complete me,
like the moon
with the sun.
Trixia Jul 2017
i hope every door that closes on you another one opens,
another opportunity shows,
another chance,
something to hold on,
something better that won't ever close.
i hope the white walls and ceilings you see,
are as clean as your intentions,
those dirts are just imperfections,
that makes up you
you deserve everything you gave away,
you deserve a love that shines everyday, and shows rainbows after the rain.
you deserve the best.
you don't have to be like them,
you don't have to walk, talk or dress like them,
be your own person,
be the one who differs from everyone, that wants to be like any other person.
most girls, are smart and strong and beautiful,
so are you,
the only thing that makes you **** is the fact that you don't want to embrace you difference.
you are beautiful,
maybe not in the looks but what's important is in the soul.
embracing yourself, is also accepting, if you're willing to accept then you could be free by their remarks to you 'cause i say "you're better than that in every ways."
She was a poet of words entwined,

A wild muse, in a tamed domain,

Eyes closed, she plunged into her world of words,

Floating through fantasy,

She wrote of a truth so loud, you cannot ignore,

Scratching the smooth white surface with her pen,

She scrawled memories that can never be erased,

Her lips mouthed the words she yearned to speak,

She wondered how it was to hear her voice recite,

Her pen spilled words of sorcery, like that of a serenade.

In a gloomy world, she painted in screaming colour,

She wove words like a cocoon that provided warmth,

The hidden side of her craved darkness, away from the light,

A home it was, where she conquered her inhibition,

She danced in an enchanted grove, away from the prying eyes,

Her ink ran effortlessly across the pages giving life to words,

They found solace on a book she refused to show,

Why? They wondered, she laughed,

It was an escape after all,

From the universe’s mad circus of life.
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