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but mama,
i m all bruised
black and blue
not only from outside
but inside too.
Afiqah Oct 2018
are never
quite less than heroic
so, let love fall
and let courage
fearlessly drive,
quit hiding your magic

the universe is always ready for you

Afiqah Aug 2018
I still spend too many nights
dovetailing over
such willful war songs
we used to serenade
our hearts to

Afiqah Jul 2018
it hurts
but you’re still breathing
you’re still here
after all the endless trembler walks
baggaged full of heavy,
warring wears
for He trusts that inner gut of yours
that you’re still able to feed
your ******* soul with a much,
much brighter flame

Afiqah Mar 2018
some days
I console and settle my heart
along with the stars
just fine
other days,
we walk with such fire
and sulkily be out of sorts
trying to undo every last pulse

Afiqah Mar 2018
I never had it in me
I’m not always clever with the words I use
and I’d never thought
meeting his poetic heart
would make me finally settle
to write about beginnings
over and over again like this

Afiqah Feb 2018
and out of choice,
I chose to stay attracted
and **** my rebellious heart
to unforgettable, futile moments
all else will mysteriously
take its own flight eventually
I simply just want to always be unafraid
to play my role in life devotedly,
to be able to stay around
with the stars thereafter
when I’m finally settled and meant to go

Afiqah Feb 2018
the difficult
are those friendly forces
that provides us with
unseeable, teaching hands
for us to advance forward
hitting on to new discoveries
for a much, much
better you

Afiqah Jan 2018
know that
you’re not for everyone
and that is okay
every living thing may sound
like they’re always trying to say please
other times,
you’re simply left to watch yourself happen
and do the rest of the saving
but keep in mind
for this space on earth is yours
and you still matter as much

Afiqah Jan 2018
it is in the feeling of always
the feeling that’s quite inerasable
that I still see you
although many afters had come,
although the air has already
been mouthing the days
over and over
for its tomorrows,
still somehow finds you

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