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  Mar 2023 Wick
Unpolished Ink
It's hard to chase the shapes of sleep
those grey elusive foggy sheep
who graze upon the fields of night
they wrap themselves in dreams to hide
while tired eyes stay open wide
Wick Mar 2023
If the moon and stars ever had eyes they too would melt looking at your smile shine.
If the trees ever bothered to look down as we talked throughout the night it would feel a sense of camaraderie,
seeing me yearn for you as it too yearn for the sunlight.
If the sand ever cared to listen they too would swoon and be swayed by your mirth-filled laughter
that dances in cadence with the waves hitting the shorelines.
If the wind could talk it would whisper to you that it felt my heart wishing for you
to be mine.
Wick Jan 2023
dear thoughts,

let me sleep
give me reprieve from your queries
about tomorrow and of the present
of what I have done
and on what I have planned
grant me rest from such importune
please plague me not
rather sway me with a soothing tune
let me rest
even for a minute or two
yours for as long as I breathe,
Wick Jan 2023
the hours slept matters not
body and mind is tired no matter what
a cup of coffee gone cold
spark is gone, warmth the hearth cant hold
the only thing constant is doubt
what is life really about?
existing in a place
a house, but not a home
life as cluttered as this poem
meaning as clouded as in a storm
how low can i go?
only after this downward spiral will i know.
Wick Jan 2023
Wag piliting magmahal ng iba
Pag sarili ay di pa kayang mahalin
Bigyang kahulugan ang sariling talata
Ito’y sa iba huwag hanapin
Pagkat ang malabong imahe
pag binigyan **** kulay,
sadyang malabo parin.

Wick Jan 2023
I revisited this site and saw
How much I've written, how much I've grown.
Saw poems I cant believe I wrote
Words uttered, rhymes of note,
Emotions shared and shown,
Lines made repository of happiness and woes.

Some things have changed
While other remained the same.
I still write about love
Yet love eludes me all the same.
I cant write as actively as I want to be
Inspiration doesn't come in troves anymore, you see.

With age comes responsibilities,
Opened eyes requires facing life's realities.
But I'll continue living, maybe write a line or two
Maybe post it here, just like you do.
Life is hard, that much is true
But I'll still strive to thrive and I hope you do too.

Live, find the beauty in things,
Wonderful sceneries, family gatherings,
special people or precious pets,
in choices you've made, with or without regrets,
I hope even in love lost or memories that stings
You'll find the sliver of good that hopefully it brings

Live through books, music, or through poems
If there is not a person or a place,
may words be your home.
may you always have a home.
Wick Jan 2023
it was real
but it was not love
it was cleanly folded paper forming origami doves
but its not doves
nor was it love.

it demanded to be felt
to have a deeper meaning in the proximity
like constellations up above
but it was not love
misread by the heart
like stars seemingly aligned to one another but lightyears apart
it was not love.

i wish to stay,
fight for it to be what we want it to be,
but its not enough,
not if its not love.
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