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Sweet vanilla kisses, amid an explosion of bubblegum sauce.
With lips now blue, we break and share a flake;
The chocolate melting in our mouths,
Like my heart, the first time I met you.
“You’ve got a bit on your nose," I say.
Laughing, you wipe it away elegantly.
Fresh strawberries planted in eager mouths,
Excited eyes blazing in the sun.
This love is intoxicating.
Sinking satisfyingly into a strawberry bliss,
Summer love is planted on the tongue.
Savouring: the taste, the moment,
savouring the one.
©️ Joshua Reece Wylie 2021
All rights reserved

A love poem with a summer-vibe.
Once it begins there’s no stopping it.
Like a train going full steam ahead,
Or a jet soaring through the air.
Despair, anger and fury; all packed into one box.
A time bomb ready to explode at any given moment.

Should I try to reason with it?
Probably not, so off I trot.
Up to my room, safest place, my saving grace.
A chance to cool off, whilst the storm rages on downstairs; its echoing boom pounding the walls.
The bed shakes and the light goes out.

It’ll be quiet again in the morning.
Back to normal, and the walls will bear no scars.
Evil glares and ruffled brows, replaced with sweet smiles and warming hugs.
And all will be forgotten.
anger emotions personality mood storm calm attitude perspective life
Aged, wrinkled and worn
Our Palms of fortune and destiny
Show tracks leading to new places
Playing out the timeline of our lives
Like a show - a Chorus Line
The queues will flock for the matinee
And so this poetical line ends.
A poem on the theme of 'Lines'
© Joshua Reece Wylie
So I went to get new glasses
Cos my eyes have felt real bad
I went there feeling cr*p
I left there feeling sad
I squinted and I squirmed
In that black opticians chair
"I'm afraid your vouchers expired sir"
"**** off that isn't fair!"
Well that's what I wanted to say
But I bit me lip and sighed
When she told me what I owed
I almost frickin died
"How much?! I blurted back
Wide eyed and unamused
I was fed up and so I nodded
**** me should have refused!
I hope these glasses see covid
It should for that friggin' sum
Stick your lenses and your voucher
Right up your b
I went to the opticians today. I almost fell off my chair at the price...
The corners singed
Smoke rising
It was on too long
So not surprising
Next time I won't read:
The email, the text, or the
Instagram message.
Tomorrow I'll forget
I'll flick the switch
And my mind will drift
Like a balloon sailing out to sea
And once again burnt toast
Will be waiting for me
©️ 2021 Joshua Reece Wylie. All rights reserved.

I burnt the toast again tonight. Good thing. A poem came of it.
her breath sweet and warm
eyes sultry blue half-opened
lips met and our hearts tingled
A wizard from Tunbridge Wells
made matzoh with his spells
but instead of water
he added his daughter
and couldn't get rid of the smells

so this wicked 'un from Tunbridge
Decided to take umbrage
at his lack of sense
at his daughter's expense
'N fell into an apoplectic rage

He ranted and raved with such yells
the snails took refuge in their shells
till he jumped in the bray
of his daughter's fray
that poor ol' wizard from Tunbridge Wells
written for a friend of mine from TW
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